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Are you tired of the stubborn tummy fat? Does this come in your way to achieve your goals? Are you done with the strict diets and non-stop workouts that are not paying off? If yes, then tummy tuck is the solution for you.

By removing the fat from a specific part of the tummy, you will achieve your desired body shape, which will make you feel confident and help achieve your goals. Choosing the right surgeon, and living your life right, the results can be long-lasting.

So if you’re ready to take the step towards a better you, continue reading about the benefits of tummy tuck in Riyadh and how it can help you feel confident and achieve your ambitions.

Procedure Time

02 - 03 Hours


02 - 03 Weeks

Back to Work

Two Weeks


02 - 03 Months

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What is a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck, also known as lipo abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure of reducing or removing extra fat or skin from the selected area and tightening the abdominal muscles as well. This type of surgery is mostly performed on the people who have saggy skin or extra fat in their abdominal area due to aging, pregnancy or excessive weight loss.

At Enfield Royal Saudia, we are committed to provide the highest quality of care and support to our patients to assure them that they are in safe hands.

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Different Types of Tummy Tuck

There are different types of tummy tuck surgeries that a plastic surgeon may recommend, and it varies from person to person depending on their needs and goals. The types of tummy tuck include:

Traditional or Full Tummy Tuck

tummy tuck how it works

This type of surgery is performed on the patients who need to remove excessive fats from the abdominal area. It helps remove the extra fat and tighten the muscles.

The procedure involves making a large incision from hip bone to the belly button removing excessive fat and skin from the desired area.

Mini Tummy Tuck

This type of surgery involves minor invasion by making a small incision below the belly button under lower abdomen. It is performed to remove small amounts of fat from the particular area. It does not involve any muscle tightening.

This is recommended to the patients who have minor fat problems or want slight changes.

Extended Tummy Tuck

Extended tummy tuck is similar to the traditional tummy tuck. This type of surgery procedure is needed for the patients who have excessive skin and large amounts of fat in the flank and abdominal areas.

Circumferential Tummy Tuck

Circumferential tummy tuck also known as Body Lift, is performed on the patients who have recently lost a lot of weight and have excessive amounts of fat and skin in multiple sections of midsection.

This surgical procedure involves fat and skin removal from hips to back, and abdomen.

It is essential to consult a plastic surgeon before undergoing any surgery. It is important to know your body type to get satisfactory results.

Ideal Candidates for Tummy Tuck

The ideal candidate for tummy tuck is someone who is overall healthy and has realistic approaches.

Following are the ideal candidates for tummy tuck:

  • People with excessive skin and fat in the abdominal area who have not responded to the strict diets and exercises.
  • Women with multiple pregnancies who have stretched abdominal skin and muscles.
  • People who lost a lot of weight and have saggy abdominal skin.
  • People who have a stick out abdominal area due to weak or scattered muscles.
  • People who are perfectly healthy and have no medical condition.
  • Non-smokers are more eligible than smokers as their healing process is faster.

Preparing for the Procedure

Consultation with a Surgeon

It is very important to consult with an expert before undergoing any surgical process. It is important to tell your surgeon about every minor detail related to your health, and do as he/she recommends.

A surgeon will suggest the treatment according to your body type. Always follow the guidelines provided by the surgeon, and go for the surgical procedure he recommends.

Pre-Operative Instructions

Follow all the pre-operative instructions given by your surgeon. It is important to follow all the instructions in order to avoid any mishap during surgery. Some of the instructions are as follows:

  • Avoid taking any kind of medications for hypertension and do not use anti-inflammatory drugs. Such kinds of drugs can increase the risk of bleeding causing bad effects.
  •  Stop smoking. It slows down healing and increases the risk of complications. Your surgeon may advise you to stop smoking a few weeks before surgery.
  • Your surgeon will provide you fasting instructions before surgery. Make sure to follow those instructions completely in order to avoid any complications.
  • If you feel any physical change in your body or face cold or fever, it is important to inform your surgeon.

Remember to follow all the pre-operative instructions in order to make the process smooth. It will help make the surgery successful and a speedy recovery. If you have any surgery related question, don’t be hesitant, ask any type of question freely.

Anesthesia Used for Abdominoplasty

The anesthesia used for tummy tuck is general anesthesia. It puts down the patient to sleep so it is easier to perform surgery and it makes the process pain free. It is important for you to discuss the type of anesthesia with your surgeon.

Different types of anesthesia are given to different people keeping in view their age and medical health.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

The tummy tuck recovery varies from person to person and it also depends on the type of procedure. Following are the guidelines for recovery:

  • The most important thing is to take your medications on time. There are some post-surgery drugs that help reduce pain and heal the wounds. It is essential to take medicines as prescribed. In case of any inconvenience, go to your surgeon without delay.
  •  It is important to rest. Some patients do not take proper rest after surgery which delays the recovery process. It is important to take care of yourself, and sleep in the posture as told by your doctor.
  • Do not miss any follow up after surgery. Those appointments are made if you are facing any issue.it is important to regularly go to your doctor and tell him/her everything you have been experiencing.
  • Tummy tuck surgery does not leave any scars. It is just a temporary redness due to the surgery which will fade with the help of medicines and time.

Risks and Complications

Potential risks of Abdominoplasty

As with any surgery, there are some potential risks of abdominoplasty as well. These risks as follows:

  • Excessive bleeding during or after surgery can occur.
  •  Infections can be caused due to incision which can be cured by taking antibiotics.
  •  Poor wound healing can be caused due to excessive smoking as it slows down the healing process. Another cause can be diabetes or poor nutrition.
  • Tummy tuck surgery does not lead to permanent scarring. It is temporary which can fade away after some time.
  •  General anesthesia can cause some effects like breathing problems, allergic reactions or heart complications.
  •  Blood clots can be formed in the lungs.

It is important to follow all the instructions provided by your surgeon in order to avoid such inconvenience in the healing process.

Steps to Minimize Risks

Following are the steps to minimize the risks after tummy tuck surgery:

  • It is important to take care of incisions. Keep them clean and dry. Keep changing dressings after some time in order to avoid any bacterial infections.
  • It is essential to eat healthy. It will help in the speedy recovery. If you are not taking nutritious food, it can cause weakness and may lead to several problems.
  • Wear comfortable garments in order to avoid any kind of discomfort.
  • Pain after surgery is normal. It takes a few days to recover properly. Do not let the pain cause discomfort to you. Take painkillers prescribed by the doctor.
  • Do not perform any activity which delays the healing process. Avoid heavy lifting and running until your wounds are fully recovered.
  • Attend all the follow-ups. Do not miss any appointments. It is important to keep being monitored after some time of the surgery.

It is important to follow all the instructions in order to avoid any major issue.

Tummy Tuck vs Liposuction

Tummy tuck and liposuction are both cosmetic surgery procedures that remove excessive fats from the body, but both of them have different approaches.

Tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure of reducing or removing extra fat or skin from the selected area and tightening the abdominal muscles as well.This type of surgery is mostly performed on the people who have saggy skin or extra fat in their abdominal area due to aging, pregnancy or excessive weight loss.

Liposuction on the other hand, involves less incision and removes the stubborn fat from different body parts. It can be performed on the areas of arms, legs, hips, abdomen and thighs. They make small incisions in the body, and suction out the fat through cannulas. It is significant for the people who are healthy and do not have loose skin. Liposuctions take a short period of time to recover.

Which Procedure is Best for You?

There is no specific reason for relating one of the treatments for a particular person. It depends from person to person. It is important to consult a surgeon and know your body type before undergoing any further treatment.

Tummy tuck is usually for the people who have stubborn fat around their abdominal area, or the people who have loose or saggy skin.

Liposuction is more of a whole body surgery depending on the amount of fat your body has.

It is important to get a proper checkup before making any rapid decisions.

Tummy Tuck Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Tummy Tuck

Starting From

Tummy Tuck


As a surgeon, we can understand the cost can be a significant consideration for patients, looking for cosmetic surgery procedures.

We are pleased to inform you that the cost of tummy tuck in Riyadh starts from 30,000 SAR.

However, the final costs may vary as per your treatment.

Tummy Tuck Before and After Results

tummy tuck before and after

Choosing the Right Surgeon

When considering a tummy tuck in Riyadh, it is important to go to the best surgeon who can guide you right about your body and what kind of treatment it needs.

At Enfield Royal Saudia, you will find the best surgeons who will guide you throughout the process and will always suggest the best for you. Doctors are dedicated here who are there to help their patients in every possible way.

To find out more, fill the consultation form to get free consultation from our experts.


What BMI do you need for tummy tuck?

A BMI of 30 or below is considered well for a tummy tuck. Patients with higher BMI are advised to lose some weight in order to get this treatment done, otherwise it can cause a lot of complications during the surgery.

It is important to take proper consultation without undergoing any surgical process.

Does a tummy tuck hurt?

It is normal to experience some pain and discomfort in the early days of surgery. It is essential to take proper rest and medications. Follow the guidelines provided by your surgeon in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Does a tummy tuck reduce weight?

Tummy tuck does result in some weight loss, but it is not for the people who opt to lose weight. Tummy tuck only helps in reshaping the abdominal area, tightening the muscles and providing it more flatter shape. Tummy tuck cannot be substituted with healthy diets and exercises, and it is not for the people who are overweight.

How long is bed rest after tummy tuck?

The bed rest after tummy tuck depends on an individual’s health and recovery time. Some patients take a week or more to recover, and doctors advise them not to lift heavy objects. Surgeons will give you post-operative instructions according to your body type.

Can your stomach get big again after a tummy tuck?

Yes, it is possible to get your stomach fat again after a tummy tuck if you gain weight or get pregnant after the procedure. Although, tummy tuck reduces extra fat and skin from your abdominal area and tightens the muscles, it cannot save future weight gain or body changes. It is important to take care of your diet after surgery in order to stay in shape.

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