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What Is Calf Reduction?

A calf reduction surgery cosmetic treatment is to decrease calf size and enhance the appearance of the calves. It is done to minimize the gastrocnemius muscle size. Calves are treated by surgical as well as non-surgical methods. Enfield Royal clinic offers calf reduction surgery and other cosmetic surgeries in Riyadh.

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who can get Calf Reduction?

WHo can get Calf Reduction?

The good candidates for calf fat reduction surgeries are people who have extra fat in their calves but seek more symmetrical or thinner calves as they are unhappy with the look of their calves. Specifically, people who have thick or tubular legs or calf hypertrophy.




  • Muscle resection is a plastic surgery treatment used to alter the appearance of the lower leg.
  • Behind the knee, a cut is made and the calf’s gastrocnemius muscle is removed during this treatment.
  • This procedure gives long-lasting results.


  • In this procedure, the specific region is cut, after which a cannula gets inserted and moved back and forth to liquefy fat cells.
  • A liquefied cell is removed via suction, and incisions are stitched up.


  • A cold fat freezing sculpting device is used to remove the stubborn fat on the inner calf.
  • Calf subcutaneous fat is targeted by freezing energy, which damages cells permanently.
  • The immune system of the body removes these injured fat cells over weeks, resulting in a permanent reduction of fat in those areas.


  • This method only eliminates extra fat, and it works best when contouring the calves around the knees and ankles.
  • In this procedure, laser therapy is used to reduce the shape of large, bulky lower legs. It contours legs and makes them more elegant.


  • Fillers can be used to reduce calves.
  • Injections are directly infused into the gastrocnemius muscle for calf muscle reduction with no adverse effects.
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Calf Reduction


Calf Reduction results

Results are different from person to person. You can expect long-lasting and permanent results from calf reduction surgeries. Depending on the type of treatment used, calf reduction surgery recovery time is up to 3 months to recover and get thinner calves.

Calf Reduction 
Surgery Cost

Calf Reduction 
Surgery Cost

The price of Calf Reduction in Riyadh, Enfield Royal Clinic Saudi is determined after an initial consultation and checkup with the surgeon.

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Is calf reduction permanent?

Yes, it permanently decreases the appearance of muscular, thick, and bulky calves into a more skinny and toned shape.

Is calf reduction surgery safe?

This is a safe and secure procedure performed by professional and experienced surgeons.

Calf reduction surgery time?

Calf reduction surgery time?