Pubic Lift

Pubic Lift

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What is a Pubic Lift Surgery?

It's possible for pregnant women to have an increase in their pubic areas after losing and gaining weight. A delicate, spherical mound of soft tissue called the mons pubis is found right over the female genitalia. Aging, having children, and weight loss can all change how this location appears, leading to an enlarged mound. For some women, this augmentation can cause issues, causing them to extend their clothing and limit their sexual activity. The condition of fat tissue and changes in hormone levels in the body determine the shape and structure of the pubis.Therefore, the only remedy in this case is surgical correction. Currently, both men and women use pubic lift surgery, which is a very well-known procedure.

pubic lift how it work

How Does it

How does it

This procedure is a desirable choice for people who have excess tissue in the pubis. Sagging tissue in the pubic region can be caused by aging, pregnancy, and significant weight reduction. A Pubic Contour aims to cosmetically contour the pubic area by removing excess skin and fat. For a more equal outcome, stretch marks, cellulite, and defects in the epidermis can also be corrected during the procedure. This procedure will help maintain hygiene in hard-to-reach areas while also enhancing the definition of your pubis. In the event that there are significant fat deposits in other areas of the body, this surgery may be carried out either alone or in conjunction with an abdominoplasty.



The process is incredibly practical and efficient. The C-section-like incisions are meant to be completely concealed by a bikini bottom. The pubic skin is elevated to enable the surgical wound to effectively close after the targeted skin and fat tissue are removed. Your pubis will look more defined as a result. Your surgical incisions will be closed using melting stitches. By examining the patient’s condition, it is separated into the following steps and carried out under anesthesia:


The initial stage of the operation involves the physician removing fat deposits from the pubic region. If liposuction is combined with a lift, the lift is removed through a little groin puncture, so there are no visible signs of the treatment.


Sexologists will trim any excess skin from the pubic area during the lift procedure. When a Cesarean section has previously been done, the old scar is removed and an intradermal aesthetic suture is implanted to reshape the target location.


In a lipofilling procedure, the patient’s own adipose tissue or hyaluronic preparations are injected into the pubic region. The intended area is injected with this combination.

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The drooping and bloated pubis is restored to proper anatomical proportions, and the procedure’s results are long-lasting and permanent without any side effects. Aesthetic appeal is achieved by avoiding all forms of disproportion and distortion. Abdominoplasty results are immediately noticeable, but they will get better as the body recovers from the procedure. As long as patients maintain a healthy weight following the treatment, combining this procedure with a pubic lift is regarded as an effective remedy for the elimination of superfluous fat, tissue, and epidermis in the stomach.


treatment pricing

The cost of Pubic Lift Surgery in Enfield Royal Saudia can vary from case to case and for different treatment procedures. Fill in the form to book a FREE consultation and know the right price for you!


What are the pros of pubic lift surgery?

Receiving this treatment entitles patients to a variety of advantages. Below are a few of these advantages:


  • It produces a smoother, firmer pubis that is unbowed and upright.
  • The degree of satisfaction is high.
  • All patients who have had the operation concur that it was well worth it.
  • Some patients claim to have more enhanced sexual satisfaction after surgery.