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Revision Bariatric Surgery

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What is a Revision Bariatric Surgery?

Another name for secondary bariatric surgery is revision bariatric surgery. Less recovery time is needed, and it is simpler to conduct. Revision surgery can correct everything, from the issue of weight gain after the initial procedure to the undoing of the undesirable cosmetic outcomes.
Enfield Royal Saudia offers revision Bariatric Surgery in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia and other cosmetic surgeries

RevisionBariatric Surgery

How does it Work?

How does it

Revisional weight-loss surgery is a method used on patients who have had previous bariatric operations but who experienced some type of difficulty or who did not significantly reduce their weight. Corrections to the approach used should be made in order to lessen the inconveniences and restore patient confidence.




The procedure will be determined by the problem that needs to be solved and the type of bariatric surgery done in the past.

For instance, the surgeon will either conduct a transoral outlet reduction, lengthen Theroux limbs, or implant a lap band to address weight gain following lap band surgery.
Re-sleeving is sometimes the best solution, and it works for patients who gained weight after having a sleeve gastrectomy.

The surgeon in Enfield Royal Saudia might be able to treat the patient’s weight gain if it occurs following gastric bypass surgery with a few straightforward revisional procedures. It is crucial to speak with your surgeon to determine the best course of action for the desired outcomes.

Bariatric Surgery how it works



Following revision, the outcomes meet the client’s expectations. The result is a decrease in appetite, increased fat burning, and ultimately weight loss over time. The best outcomes are delivered.

Cost of Bariatric surgery in riyadh

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Bariatric Surgery

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Bariatric Surgery


Price of Bariatric Surgery in Riyadh Jeddah & Saudi Arabia starts from 10,000 SAR (+5% VAT) and goes up to 20,000 SAR depending on various factors. Fill in the form to book a FREE consultation and know the right price for you!


How many types of bariatric surgeries are there?

Here are three methods people select to enhance the outcomes of their initial weight-loss surgery:

  • Gastric bypass reoperation
  • Revision surgery with a lap band and a sleeve gastrectomy
  • Miniature gastric bypass resection

What are the pros and cons?



  • Fewer intrusions
  • Involves faster recovery than standard surgery
  • High rates of success
  • provides people with the primary result they were aiming for




Infection, blood clots, anesthesia responses, and bleeding can all happen.

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