Chin Reduction in Riyadh

Do you wish to enhance your chin size? Are you desiring to have a more unique facial profile? Chin reduction surgery is the solution to your problem. In this article, you will get to know about the surgery, who is an ideal candidate and what is the time of recovery.

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1 - 2 Hours


1 - 2 Weeks

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Chin reduction surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is done to reduce or reshape the size of your chin. It is also known as genioplasty. This procedure is done when the chin is not in shape from other facial features. With the help of this technique, you will get a more balanced look. A piece of the chin will be removed during this surgery to provide optimal results.

Who needs this surgery?

Not everyone is suitable for this surgery it is ideal for those who are unhappy with the shape or the look of their chin. Some of the people who can get this surgery are as follow

  • Those people who have unbalanced facial profiles due to protruding chin
  • Candidates who are unhappy with the shape of their chin
  • Individuals who have excess fat under the chin
  • Those who have a misaligned chin due to any injury in the past
  • People who are physically healthy
  • Those who have perfect alignment of teeth
  • People who have congenital deformities at birth

Before After Results

chin reduction before after results in ryadh
chin reduction before after in riyadh

Benefits of surgery

There are a lot of benefits to chin reduction surgery some of them are as follows

With chin reduction surgery you will have a more enhanced and balanced facial profile

  • This surgery can help people increase their self-confidence as this will improve their appearance.
  • It will help to overcome the overbite
  • A more attractive jawline will enhance the appearance
  • With this surgery, the face will look more symmetrical

Difference between chin reduction and chin augmentation

Both the chin reduction and chin augmentation are similar but they both have opposite goals.

In reduction surgery, to reduce the size of the chin and give a more balanced facial profile a small quantity of skin is removed. It is recommended for those people who have very protruding chins or have unbalanced facial profiles.

While on the other hand, chin augmentation includes increasing chin size. During this surgery, repositioning of the chin is done or an implant is done. It is recommended for those candidates who have a very relapsing chin.

The final decision on whether to have chin augmentation or chin reduction should be made at the time of consultation.

Pre-care instructions

Before undergoing the surgery to avoid any mishaps in the procedure and to have a successful surgery your practitioner will provide you with some instructions regarding the preparation for the technique. Some of them are as follows

Medical checkup

In order to make sure you’re healthy and perfect for the procedure you will have to undergo a checkup which includes blood tests etc.

Reviewing certain medications

Your surgeon will ask you about all the medicines you’re taking in order to check if they should be stopped taking before the procedure or not.

Quit smoking

To make sure the healing process is smooth and there are no complications during the surgery your surgeon will advise you to quit smoking several weeks before the surgery.

Avoid anti-inflammatory medicines

It will be advised to you to stop taking medicines that cause thinning of blood for a certain period of time.


chin reduction procedure

This reduction technique will take several hours to finish and will be performed under anesthesia to avoid any discomfort during the surgery

Incisions inside the mouth

To get some way to the chin bone minor incisions will be made inside of the mouth or beneath the chin.

Bone reshaping

To get the optimal results your surgeon will reposition the chin bone in order to provide the desired shape or if possible excessive fat will also be removed.

Incisions closure

At the end of the procedure, the incisions will be closed with stitches or glue.

Follow up appointments

To ensure healing follow-up appointments with the surgeon will be made important following the surgery.

In last it is very important to keep in mind that chin reduction surgery is very complex and it should only be done by a skillful practitioner.


After having the surgery it is very important to follow the aftercare guidelines provided by the surgeon it will help in healing. Here are some of the steps

Ice packs

it is very important to apply ice packs for a few weeks after the surgery many times a day in order to reduce swelling and bruising.

Chin support

Following the surgery to give support to the chin, it is advised to wear support for 2 to 3 weeks

Keeping head elevated

Your surgeon will advise you to keep your head at a level after the surgery to help reduce the swelling

Medicines for pain

To help reduce any discomfort or pain after the surgery your surgeon will provide some medicines

Avoiding physical activities

It is important to avoid any vigorous exercises or physical activities for the first 6 weeks following the surgery

Eating soft foods

To promote healing eating healthy and soft food is very essential

By following these steps a smooth recovery will be seen.

Potentials risks/problems

Like with any surgery, there are some of risks associated with chin reduction surgery

  • During chin reduction surgery antibiotics are given to patients which sometimes causes infections but this is very rare
  • Some people may face allergic reactions due to anesthesia
  • After chin reduction surgery some people may not be happy with their results
  • In some cases, numbness is reported which will take several weeks to go down
  • Bruising which will take 2 to 3 weeks to settle down

What is the recovery period of chin reduction surgery?

For every individual the recovery time is different and it depends on the nature of the surgery.
But for the first three days after the procedure, there will be some pain and swelling which will take some time to go down. patients will b allowed to resume their normal activities after 1 week Full recovery will take many months after which the proper results will be seen. To ensure healing follow-up appointment will be scheduled by the surgeon. But it is very important for a smooth recovery to follow the aftercare guidelines provided by the surgeon.

Cost of surgery

In Riyadh, the cost of chin reduction surgery is affected by a number of factors including the location of the clinic, the surgeons’ experience , and the extent of the procedure. But on average the cost of surgery ranges from SAR 10,000 to SAR 50,000.
Generally, the cost of chin reduction involves the cost of the anesthesia and the facility fees.
It is very important to discuss the cost before undergoing the surgery with your surgeon.
During the initial meeting, the final cost of the procedure will be discussed.

Chin Reduction

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How long do the results last?

The results of this surgery are permanent but they will not last a lifetime because as we age we do see changes in our body and skin so when we will age the skin of the chin will also be affected.

Is chin reduction surgery painful?

Yes, some patients will face minor pain during the surgery which will go down with medicines. The pain and discomfort depend on the individuals.

When will visible results be seen?

The results will be seen immediately after the surgery but the swelling and bruising will take many months to go down and after that full results will be seen.

Will the surgery leave a scar?

Yes the surgery will leave a scar but it will vanished after some time

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