Fine Lines and Wrinkles Removal in Riyadh

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The allure of a flawless complexion isn’t just a dream; it’s an achievable reality. If you’ve been searching for a solution to achieve youthful and radiant skin, then you’ve arrived at the right destination. The treatment of fine lines and wrinkles removal offers an array of options tailored to suit your skin. From cutting-edge non-invasive techniques to time-honored methods, these treatments are the keys to unlocking the door to revitalization, allowing your true beauty to flourish. Read below and learn about Fine Lines and Wrinkles Removal in Riyadh and book us.

Procedure Time

15 - 30 Mins



Back to Work



3 - 7 Days

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Quick Facts

  • Cost: Depends on treatment

  • Results: Enduring and lasting

  • Back to work: After a few hours

  • Duration of Treatment: 15 to 40 minutes

  • Type of Procedure: Painless and Non-invasive


Fine lines, those delicate creases that appear as a result of everyday expressions and the effects of the environment, and wrinkles, the more pronounced folds that develop over time due to the loss of skin elasticity and collagen, are common concerns that many individuals seek to address. Fine Lines and Wrinkles Removal Treatment encompasses a range of procedures and techniques designed to skin rejuvenate and refresh the skin, diminishing the appearance of these telltale signs of aging. These treatments are not about erasing the past, but about enhancing your natural beauty and restoring your skin’s luminosity.


Incorporating both non-invasive and minimally invasive approaches, Fine Lines and Wrinkles Removal in Riyadh at our clinic may include:

Laser TherapyHigh-energy light pulsesStimulates collagen resurfaces skinA single treatment with optimal results.
Dermal FillersInjectables to restore volumeAdds volume, and stimulates collagenLasts for several months to a year.
Botox InjectionsInjectable botulinum toxinTargets dynamic wrinklesLasts for several months.
Chemical PeelsApplication of chemical solutionExfoliates promote skin renewalSingle treatment, but multiple treatments may be necessary for optimal results.
RadiofrequencyHeat-based treatmentBoosts collagen production, tightens skinA single treatment with long-term effects.

Before After Results

Fine Lines and Wrinkles Removal before after in Riyadh
Fine Lines and Wrinkles Removal before after results in Riyadh saudi


Here are some benefits of skin care treatments:

  • A significant boost in self-esteem and confidence.
  • Treatments Lead to an improved skin texture.
  • Overall softens the lines caused by repetitive facial movements
  • Different techniques provide a subtle lift and youthful plumpness to the skin.
  • A more youthful and refreshed look appears after the treatment.
  • Overall skin elasticity and firmness are improved for long-lasting benefits.
  • Each treatment approach can be customized to your unique needs.


Here is the procedure that is followed by our clinic and our clients are also recommended this procedure:

Pre-treatment Guidelines

  1. Initial Meeting: Arrange a meeting with our specialists to converse about your objectives, apprehensions, and medical history. This will facilitate the customization of the treatment according to your distinct requirements.
  2. Sun Exposure Minimization: Diminish sun exposure and don appropriate sun shielding during the weeks leading up to the procedure. Skin that has been impacted by the sun might exhibit heightened sensitivity, necessitating supplementary precautions.
  3. Adjustments to Skincare Routine: Depending on the specific treatment, the expert might propose altering your skincare regimen to heighten the procedure’s efficacy.

Procedure Execution

  1. Cleansing and Anesthesia: To initiate, your skin will undergo a mild cleansing to ensure an immaculate foundation. If deemed necessary, a numbing cream may be administered topically to amplify your comfort throughout the process.
  2. Application of Treatment: The chosen methodology for treatment will be expertly employed, whether through injections, laser therapy, or an alternative technique. Each approach is meticulously tailored to your specific requisites, targeting fine lines and wrinkles with precision.
  3. Stimulation and Relaxation: Depending on the treatment, diverse mechanisms will stimulate the generation of collagen, smoothing wrinkles and enhancing skin texture. Dynamic wrinkles that stem from muscle movement might be alleviated using Botox injections.
  4. Cooling and Pacification: Cooling methodologies might be adopted to pacify the skin and minimize any post-treatment discomfort.

Post-treatment Care

  1. Gentle Purification: Employ a mild cleanser to delicately cleanse your skin for the initial days following the procedure. Evade abrasive scrubs or aggressive products.
  2. Moisturization and Solar Shielding: Ensure your skin remains adequately hydrated with a suitable moisturizer and diligently apply broad-spectrum sunscreen to safeguard your skin against UV radiation.
  3. Subsequent Evaluation: Organize a follow-up appointment with our specialists to evaluate your progress and address any queries or concerns you may have.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles Removal Cost in Riyadh

At Enfield Royal Clinic you will get a discounted and affordable price as compared to other clinics in Riyadh. Our clinic maintains high quality standards including advanced pieces of equipment and tools for skin care treatments in Riyadh. The cost depends on the unique treatment that is required for the skin type of the individual.

Some factors that may affect the cost

  • Skin type.
  • Techniques used.
  • Doctors expertise.
  • Clinic reputation.
  • Location.

Best Dermatologist in Riyadh

Our clinic consists of the best dermatologist for skin care treatments equipped with the knowledge and training, to help our clients to achieve their goals of healthy and youthful skin.

Book us Now!

Be our guest at Enfield Royal Clinic by booking an early appointment with our best dermatologist in Riyadh and step into the world of rejuvenation.


Are the treatment results permanent?

No, they aren’t permanent but wrinkles aren’t visible after the treatment.

Are there any side effects regarding treatments?

There aren’t any serious side effects, but some individuals may have minor infections like itchiness, swelling, or redness.

Are the treatments effective?

Yes, they are effective with enduring results.

Can you travel after the skin treatment?

Yes, you can travel but it isn’t recommended by doctors as sunlight can affect the results.

Can the treatments stop aging?

No, skin treatments can’t stop aging but can help to improve overall skin conditions.

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