Pimples Treatment in Riyadh

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Pimples can be a stiff problem to deal with every day. Having a face crowded with pimples affects the confidence and self-image of individuals suffering from it. This condition may lead to severe anxiety and depression cases along with health and mental sickness. If you are suffering from extreme pimples conditions then Pimples treatment in Riyadh is for you. Our clinic has helped many individuals suffering from pimples and made their life happier and joyful again.

Procedure Time

20 - 30 Mins


24 Hours

Back to Work

1 - 2 Days


24 Hours

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Quick Facts

  • Results: long-lasting

  • Duration of
    1.5 months

  • Type of Procedure: Harmless

Pimple Treatment!

Pimple treatment, a skincare treatment for rejuvenation, seeks to unveil the true essence of your skin, revealing its authentic brilliance hidden beneath the veil of blemishes. The process begins with a delicate cleansing, purifying the skin, and awakening its inactive strength. The procedure forces the impurities of skin out from pores and makes the facial skin germ-free and clean. The treatment involves several sessions for completion to get proper eradication of pimples. The results of treatment give skin a sign of relief and a new enhanced skin emerges with very low impurities, making the face look more natural and pimple-free.

Pimple Treatment Before And After!

Pimples Treatment Before & After Result in Riyadh Enfield Royal Clinic
Pimples Treatment Before & After Result Enfield Royal Saudi

Different Pimple Treatments

Here are some procedures used to get rid of pimples along with their benefits:


Pimple TreatmentDescription Benefits 
Topical CreamsOver-the-counter or prescription creamsReduces inflammation and kills bacteria
Laser TherapyUses lasers to target bacteria and reduce sebumReduces inflammation and acne-causing agents
Light TherapyUses different light wavelengths to kill bacteriaTreats acne without damaging the skin
MicrodermabrasionMechanical exfoliation to remove dead skin cellsUnclogs pores and reduces acne lesions


Here are some benefits of getting treated for pimple treatment in Riyadh:

  • Renewed and better skin.
  • Elimination of pimples.
  • Gaining healthy facial skin.
  • Eradication of impurities and germs.
  • Enhanced confidence and self-image.
  • Prevention from any future pimples.


The procedure followed in our clinic is described below:


The first step involves the meeting and checkup of individuals with our expert doctors. The doctor properly analysis the condition of the candidate and plans are made to achieve the candidate’s goals and see the progress of the treatment.  Also, the treatments are suggested according to the candidate’s facial conditions and the seriousness of the pimples.

Several treatments for Pimples involve:


The pimple treatment starts with thoroughly cleansing the affected area with a mild, non-comedogenic cleanser to remove excess oil, dirt, and bacteria. Follow up with an exfoliator containing gentle exfoliating agents such as salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). Exfoliation helps unclog pores and eliminate dead skin cells, reducing the chances of pimple formation.

Targeted Treatments

For more severe cases of pimples, targeted treatments like benzoyl peroxide or topical retinoids are considered. Benzoyl peroxide works by killing acne-causing bacteria and reducing oil production. Topical retinoids help unclog pores and prevent future breakouts by promoting cell turnover. It is essential to use these treatments as directed and avoid over-application, as they may cause skin irritation.

Laser or light therapy:

The use of laser and light therapy is suggested for individuals suffering from extreme conditions. These treatments involve using laser or light wavelengths to clean the skin and eliminate impurities and germs.  Generally, these procedures are safe and harmless with the most effective results compared to other treatments.

Regular Follow-up

Pimple treatment is not an overnight process, and consistency is key. Monitor the progress regularly and be patient, as results may take time to manifest. If the condition persists or worsens, consult a dermatologist for personalized advice and potential adjustments to the treatment plan.

Additional tips for pimple treatment:

  • Get sufficient sleep.
  • Wash your hair daily and avoid letting them touch your face.
  • Always use a clean towel to dry your face after washing it.
  • Change your pillowcase every night.
  • Avoid wearing comedogenic makeup, which means it can clog your pores.
  • Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

Why choose us?

Choosing the right clinic for the skincare treatment can be difficult, most clinics just suggest an expensive treatment without knowing the main causes and issues regarding the candidate’s problems. But our clinic first properly checks and our team of experts analyze and then suggests the proper treatment for pimples that is effective and relatively helpful for the candidate’s skin type. So book us for Pimples treatment in Riyadh and get the most effective results.

Book us now!

Be our guest and book an appointment now for Pimple Treatment in Riyadh at our Enfield Royal clinic and gain clear and pimple-free facial skin.


Why do pimples appear?

The pimples appear on the face when skin oil gets infected and pores are clogged by germs or dead skin.

At what age do pimples appear?

Pimples are most common in teenagers but can affect all ages.

Are Pimples treatments safe?

Yes, most pimple treatments are safe. Some minor side effects may appear after the treatments for one or two days.

Are Pimples Treatments Effective?

Yes, the treatments are effective and long-lasting

Does pimple treatment hurt?

No, they don’t hurt but a candidate may feel itchiness and little swelling for some time.

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