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How to treat back acne and its effects

how to treat back acne and its effects in riyadh

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Are you sick of putting up with those obstinate marks that simply won’t go away? Do not worry, though, as we have the best advice for permanently eliminating Back Acne in Riyadh! Prepare to learn how to efficiently cure back acne so you can reclaim your confidence and have clear, glowing skin. Are you prepared to bid acne farewell and welcome a life free of blemishes? Let’s dig in and learn how to get flawless skin!

Quick Facts

Cost: SAR 5000 to SAR 8000.

Results: Long lasting

Duration of Treatment: Three to four months

Type of Procedure: Non Invasive

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What is Back Acne?

Acne on the back, often known as “bacne,” is a skin disorder that is characterized by the development of pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. Back acne may be a cause of discomfort, shame, and aggravation for many people, much like acne that affects the face.

The problem develops when the back’s hair follicles fill up with too much oil, dead skin cells, and germs. Inflammation, redness, and the development of different forms of acne lesions result from this combination, which provides the perfect environment for the growth of acne-causing bacteria.


Let’s explore the advantages of treating back acne and learn why it transforms your skin and general health.

Boosted Self-Confidence: The confidence boost that comes with curing back acne may be the most obvious advantage. Put an end to your self-consciousness about showing your back in swimwear or other backless clothing. 

Reduced Pain and Irritation: Back acne can cause physical discomfort, particularly when the lesions become severe or inflammatory. 

Better Skin Texture: Scars and dark areas that are frequently left behind by back acne can alter the texture and look of the skin.

Scar prevention: Back acne that is not treated or handled appropriately can leave lasting scars.

Causes of Back Acne

Excess oil production is one of the main causes, and it can be brought on by hormonal changes, stress, or even specific drugs. Back acne can also develop as a result of wearing constricting clothes, perspiration accumulation, and friction. And what’s this? You may thank your parents for that since sometimes genetics can play a part.

Ways to Treat Back Acne and its effects

Here are some tried-and-true techniques to get rid of those bothersome pimples:

Topical treatments: Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid-containing over-the-counter lotions and gels can be quite effective in treating back acne. These potent compounds quickly give you smoother skin by clearing clogged pores and reducing irritation.

Professional Procedures: For specialized procedures like chemical peels, laser therapy, or microdermabrasion, think about visiting a reputed dermatologist or skincare center in Riyadh. These remedies can get rid of back acne that won’t go away and enhance skin texture in general.

Lifestyle Modifications: On occasion, a few little lifestyle modifications might have a profound impact. To prevent back acne, stay away from tight clothes, take a shower after working up a sweat, and use soft, non-comedogenic skincare products.


Maintaining the effects and making sure your skin stays in prime condition need aftercare. What you need to know is as follows:

Stick to Your Skincare Routine: To keep your skin clean and stop more breakouts, keep utilizing the items your doctor has advised.

Sun protection: Use broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect your back from UV radiation that can cause skin cancer.

Cost of Back Acne in Riyadh

Back Acne treatment in Abu Dhabi costs between SAR 5000 to SAR 8000 which is within an acceptable budget. The precise cost will be decided at your initial appointment with our expert in Abu Dhabi, though. Therefore, when thinking about therapy, it is crucial to keep this in mind.

Influencing Factors of the Cost

  • Exerties of Surgeon
  • Clinics Location
  • Extent of Acne
  • Number of Sessions

Unveil Your Best Skin by choosing us

Choose us because we are committed to offering the best Back Acne treatment at Enfield Royal Clinic with outstanding outcomes. Understanding your particular requirements and creating individualized treatment programs are priorities for our team of knowledgeable and experienced specialists in Abu Dhabi. Modern technology and a focus on the needs of the client allow us to guarantee your comfort and happiness throughout the whole journey. 


Is it safe to use laser therapy for back acne?

When carried out by trained experts, laser therapy for back acne is typically safe. It is a non-invasive method that fights the bacteria responsible for generating acne.

Is it spreadable?

No does not spread through contact. It is a skin condition, not an infection, brought on by internal causes like excessive oil production and external factors like perspiration and friction.

How it can be treated at home?

  • It is frequently possible to cure mild cases of back acne at home using the following techniques:
  • To assist clear clogged pores, use a light, exfoliating body cleanser with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.
  • Use topical treatments for acne that are available over the counter and include these active components.

Can nutrition affect acne?

Even while research on the relationship between diet and acne is still underway, some people report that particular meals, such as those with a high glycemic index and dairy products, might cause outbreaks of the skin condition. 

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