Breast Enlargement Injections in Riyadh

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Breast enlargement injections in Riyadh are one of the most used treatments among women. Esthetically pleasing breasts enhance your overall beauty and confidence level. These injections offer the promise of achieving fuller and more defined breasts without the need for invasive surgery. In this discussion, we will dive into the world of breast enlargement injections, exploring what they are, how they work, their potential benefits, and important considerations to keep in mind.

Procedure Time

30 - 90 Mins



Back to Work

2 - 7 Days


3 - 6 Months

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Quick Facts

  • Time duration: 30-40 minutes.
  • Treatment type: Non-surgical.
  • Benefits: Increases the size and shape of the breasts.
  • Cost: 3000 SAR.

What are Breast Enlargement Injections?

These injections consist of substances that are used to enhance the size and shape of your breasts. The fillers that are used as injectables that are a saline solution, hyaluronic acid, or other types of fillers it is important to understand that these fillers are not considered to be one of the most used treatments for breast enlargements.
Whereas, treatments like fat transfer are considered to be one of the most used and safer treatments and are considered to be best in terms of long lasting results regarding breast enlargement.


The outcome of this treatment changes with respect to people and their preferences but after 5 to 7 weeks prior to the treatment, the candidate will be able to observe significant improvements in the appearance that will last for a lifetime.

Before & After Result

Breast enlargement before and after in Riyadh

Who is a good candidate?

A good candidate for the treatment consists of the following things:

  • If you have small breasts from the start and have a desire to increase them then you are a feasible candidate for this treatment.
  • Your current and previous medical condition should be fine for you to undergo the treatment procedure.
  • If you are currently breastfeeding then you are not applicable to undergo this treatment.
  • If your skin is elastic then the injectable material will properly set in place and will look more natural.
  • Consult with your surgeon to see if you are perfectly fit for the treatment or not.


Breast enlargement is one of the most common surgeries done across the globe it is done for three reasons:

  • To increase breast size.
  • To mold the breast into shape.
  • To give symmetry to the breasts.

A little more

The best non-surgical option for breast enlargement is the injections that are used to transfer the fat from one part of your body into your breasts. Breast implants are the surgical options that are placed inside the chest to perform this surgery. These can be round or teardrop shaped.


There are three techniques that are used to perform this surgery these are:

  • The surgeon makes a cut around the areola.
  • The other one is where the cut is made in the armpit area.
  • The third one is where the cut is made below the breasts.

Breast Enlargement Injections Procedure

This treatment is also known as a non-surgical treatment for breast enlargement. The procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. At first, a consultation session will be done with you to get an overview of your previous medical history or any complications you might have had.
  2. After that, your surgeon will discuss breast enlargement injection options that will suit you the best these mighty include hyaluronic acid-based fillers, saline solution, or other injectable substances.
  3. Prior to the procedure, the treatment site will be cleaned and anesthetics will be given to you to reduce any amount of pain you might feel during the procedure.
  4. At last, the filling injection will be injected into your breasts to attain the desired shape and size. To gain balance in results and maintain the symmetry and volume of your breasts you will be closely monitored by your surgeon.
  5. The treatment procedure will end here and will take about 30-40 minutes in total. After this, your recovery phase will start in which proper follow-up appointments have to be attended.

Post-surgery Recommendations

The post-surgery recommendations for breast enlargement injections in Riyadh are:

  • Do not raise your arms above your shoulders.
  • Do not carry, pull or push heavy objects.
  • Wear a special bra.
  • Be punctual in attending your checkups.
  • Keep the wound clean.

Recovery process

The recovery process after the treatment consists of the following:

  • You might feel some swelling, irritation, and bruising after the surgery.
  • It is important that you keep a check on your recovery and notify your surgeon if you feel anything odd.
  • The recovery time is different for different people, Some return back to their normal day activities within some days whereas others may take weeks to recover.


Breast Enlargement Injections

Starts From
SAR 3000

The cost of Breast enlargement injections in Riyadh starts from 3000 SAR and can increase depending upon your own preference on how large you want your breasts to be as the more injections you want the more sessions you will require. A consultation is done with our expert specialist that will help you to analyze how many sessions you will need after that an exact estimate of the price will be given to you.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Enfield Royal Clinic Saudia provides one of the best treatment experiences regarding Breast enlargement. Our surgeons are highly skilled and trained professionals in providing you with the best and smooth experience you could ever imagine.


Breast enlargement injections in Riyadh are a non-surgical option for people who are aiming to enhance the size and shape of their breasts. it’s important to note that these injections are for people who don’t want to undergo surgical options like breast implants. It has a simple and easy procedure in which fat is taken from your body and is then inserted into your breasts by liposuction. It’s crucial to consult with a qualified medical professional to determine the most suitable approach for your specific needs and goals.

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Are breast enlargement injections permanent?

No, they are not completely permanent but they last for a long period of time. They help in maintaining your overall physique but after a year you might need to get some additional treatments with it.

Are breast enlargement injections safe?

Very minimal amount of risks are present in this type of treatment like redness, swelling, and sometimes irritation in the treatment area.

Is the procedure painful?

Anesthesia is provided before the treatment starts so that you don’t experience any kind of pain during the procedure. Painkillers will be provided to you just in case you feel any pain after the procedure.

Can breast enlargement injections correct sagging breasts?

These injections provide proper symmetry and size to the breast whereas they might provide a little bit of lift to the sagging breasts. But for complete recovery of sagging breasts surgeries like breast lift are to be considered.

Can breast enlargement injections interfere with breastfeeding?

It is best advised not to breastfeed after any kind of surgery related to the breasts.

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