Chronic Wounds Treatment in Riyadh

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Welcome to the world of Chronic Wound Treatment in Riyadh, where compassionate care is combined with cutting-edge medical technology. Learn more about this treatment.

Procedure Time

3 - 4 Hours



Back to Work

2 - 3 Hours


2 - 3 Weeks

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Quick Facts

  • Risks: None

  • Cost: Affordable

  • Type of treatment: Minimally invasive or noninvasive

  • Results: Long lasting

Chronic Wound Treatment!

It is an unhealing, persistent wound that defies the body’s normal healing mechanisms. Contrary to minor cuts and bruises, which usually go away on their own, chronic wounds linger and can be very difficult to treat. These wounds are frequently linked to underlying illnesses or other problems that prevent the body’s natural healing process. A person’s quality of life can be significantly impacted by chronic wounds, which can lead to not only physical discomfort but also emotional and psychological suffering.

Ideal Candidate

  • People with non-healing wounds are those whose wounds have not improved despite traditional therapy.
  • Diabetes, vascular problems, or other medical illnesses that impede the body’s normal healing processes are examples of underlying health ailments.
  • Successful treatment frequently necessitates a dedication to closely adhere to pre- and post-care guidelines.
  • Being aware that healing requires time and that several sessions could be required.


Some of the advantages are:

  • Faster Healing: Chronic wounds that first seemed to be infected can heal significantly faster.

  • Suffering Relief: Lessening the discomfort and suffering brought on by chronic wounds can significantly improve your quality of life.

  • Prevent consequences: Prompt treatment of chronic wounds can avert more severe consequences, such as infections or amputations.

  • Improved movement: Recovery allows you to restore movement and resume your favorite hobbies.

  • Improved Quality of Life: When wounds heal, your general health improves, enabling you to fully experience life

Chronic Wound Before After

Pre Care

chronic Wounds before after
  • You will receive a complete medical assessment to determine your general health and the details of your wound.
  • Depending on your condition, you may need to modify your way of life. For example, you may need to improve your diet or better control your diabetes.
  • If you take medications, our doctor will advise you on how to take care of them during your therapy.
  • Your healthcare team will go over what you may expect from the therapy realistically and will address any questions you may have.



Your wound will be evaluated by your healthcare professional, who will also look at any underlying conditions. The therapeutic plan is directed by this assessment.


Any contaminated or dead tissue near the incision is removed during this stage. This is essential for encouraging sound tissue formation.

Advanced Dressings

The wound is covered with specialized dressings or wound care supplies. To promote healing, these dressings could include growth hormones or antibacterial medicines.

Compression Treatment

May be used to promote blood circulation in wounds caused by vascular problems.


These measures, such as employing specific cushions or mattresses, can assist in reducing pressure on the afflicted region in situations of pressure ulcers.


Your medical team will keep a close eye on your development and modify the course of therapy as necessary.


Following-Up on Chronic Wounds A good and thorough healing process depends on the treatment phase. Patients are recommended to keep up a regular schedule of follow-up appointments with their healthcare physician after the initial therapy. These sessions provide medical specialists a chance to check on the development of the wound and alter the care plan as needed.

Chronic Wounds Treatment Cost in Riyadh

Enfield Royal Clinic is the place to go in Riyadh for affordable Chronic Wound Treatment in Riyadh . We are aware that finding economical options is crucial when thinking about any kind of therapy. The cost may vary because of distinctive components and unique characteristics. Numerous significant factors affect the price.

Cost Affecting Factors

  • Treatment approach
  • Duration of treatment
  • Clinic location
  • Additional services

Turning Wounds into Wellness.

The management of Chronic Wounds Treatment in Riyadh is closely monitored and supported by cutting-edge medical technology. Patients at our clinic get the chance to interact with highly skilled healthcare experts who have access to cutting-edge technologies. Our devoted team is committed to helping patients reach their objectives and receive excellent care.

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What should I anticipate from the process?

The typical course of treatment includes evaluation of the wound, debridement, use of specialty dressings, compression therapy (if required), unloading, monitoring, and patient education.

How long does it take for wounds to heal?

Depending on the kind and severity of the wound, the healing period might change. While some wounds may heal in a matter of weeks, others could take many months.

Do I need to make any changes?

You may need to adjust your lifestyle, depending on your situation, to improve your food, and manage underlying medical disorders.

What should I do if I think my wound could be infected?

Contact your healthcare practitioner right away if you experience any infection-related symptoms, including increasing redness, swelling, temperature, or the appearance of pus.

Is it necessary to stop smoking during aftercare?

Although smoking is strongly discouraged during aftercare, it can have a substantial negative influence on the healing process because it reduces circulation.

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