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What are Composite veneers?

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved significantly, from straightforward teeth whitening to intricate dental implant surgeries. Fortunately, we are in the dental industry's prime and have more options than ever. One such procedure used to conventionally enhance the smile is composite veneers. Due to their long-lasting effects and ease of execution, they have gained a lot of popularity in Saudi Arabia recently.dent

E Max Veneers how it works

How do They

The treatment uses composite resin caps that are wafer thin. To give you the perfect smile, the dentist delicately places these veneers over your front teeth. They can cover a variety of cosmetic issues, including worn enamel, apparent gaps, discolouration, chipping, etc., and they have an amazingly lifelike appearance.


  • The parts of the teeth on which the veneers will be placed are first grinded by the dentist.
  • The dentist chooses a color for the veneers based on the patient’s teeth.
  • All possible transparency levels and colors can be achieved.
  • Fixing is carried out on a flowable photopolyamer.
  • After using acid to etch the teeth surface, glue is applied to both the veneer and the tooth.
  • It is then solidified using UV rays.
E Max Veneers procedure
E Max Veneers before and after

Composite Veneers Before and After

The patient will achieve straighter, whiter teeth with lesser gaps in between as a result of composite Dental veneers in Riyadh. This would help them achieve an attractive smile with symmetrical teeth.

However, the final outcomes are seen as irrevocable because they cannot be changed. This is due to the fact that dentists typically prepare the tooth’s surface for the veneer at the start of the procedure, according to specialists. Decide whether or if you need veneers to improve your smile by doing your research first.

Price of
Composite Veneers in Riyadh

Composite Veneers

For 20 teeth
SAR 600

Composite Veneers cost in Riyadh starts from 600 SAR (+5% VAT) for 20 teeth at Enfield Royal Clinic.


How long do composite veneers last?

Composite veneers can last up to 7-8 years for a patient with regular maintenance and good dental hygiene.

Are composite veneers painful?

Yes the patient will feel mild pain. Depending on how much of the tooth was prepared and how near the crown restoration is to the nerve of the tooth.