Invisalign Braces in Riyadh

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In a society where first impressions hold significant importance, your smile stands out as your most valuable attribute. Nevertheless, the traditional dental braces of the past have made the journey to achieving a flawless smile rather uncomfortable. It’s time to embrace a groundbreaking approach to orthodontic care that enables you to lead an uninterrupted life while attaining the smile of your dreams. To gain further insights into Invisalign Braces in Riyadh, continue reading and consider scheduling an appointment at our dental clinic.

Procedure Time

30 - 60 Mins



Back to Work



1 - 2 Years

Table of Contents

Quick Facts

  • Results: Aligned Teeth

  • Back to Work: No Downtime

  • Duration: 11 to 16 Months

  • Procedure Type: Painless


Presenting an advanced remedy that provides a comfortable avenue for aligning your teeth and attaining a beautiful smile. Invisalign treatment presents a personalized strategy, featuring custom-crafted, removable, and unnoticeable aligners. Our team of dental experts precisely measures each candidate and crafts individualized braces. This dental treatment showcases innovation, enhancing precision and ease of implementation. Its revolutionary approach is steadily gaining popularity, as it empowers individuals to effortlessly achieve a flawless and attractive smile.

Advantages of Invisalign Braces in Riyadh

Choosing Invisalign offers numerous advantages, making it an attractive choice for those seeking orthodontic care:

  1. Inconspicuous:
    These transparent aligners are nearly imperceptible throughout the treatment, allowing you to align your teeth discreetly.
  2. Comfortable:
    They feature a sleek and relaxed design, free from the sharp components and wires naturally found in other types of braces.
  3. Easily Detachable:
    The aligners can be effortlessly taken out for lunchtimes and cleanliness routines, making them a more appealing option compared to other types of braces.
  4. Effective:
    This method effectively addresses a wide range of concerns, including various dental conditions.
  5. Predictable:
    Thanks to advanced technology, you can preview the expected results, simplifying the decision to begin treatment.
  6. Improved cleanliness:
    The absence of brackets and wires simplifies the task of maintaining excellent oral hygiene.

Before After Results

Invisalign Braces before after in Riyadh


The following protocol is adhered to at our clinic, and candidates are strongly advised to adhere to these steps for the attainment of Invisalign Braces in Riyadh. This approach enhances treatment efficacy and contributes to achieving favorable results.

Preparatory Guidelines:

Initial Meeting:

Initiate the process by scheduling a meeting at our clinic to ascertain the suitability of Invisalign treatment for your specific needs. Engage in a detailed discussion regarding your dental history, expectations, and any concerns with our experienced orthodontist.


Undergo a comprehensive dental assessment, which may encompass X-rays, 3D scans, and impressions of your teeth.

Tailored Treatment Blueprint:

Our orthodontist will craft a personalized treatment blueprint based on the findings from the dental assessment. You will gain a clear comprehension of the treatment’s anticipated duration and expected outcomes.

Financial Meeting:

Thoroughly examine the treatment’s cost, and available payment alternatives, and, if applicable, explore insurance coverage.

How is the Procedure Carried Out?

Initial Fitting:

Upon your decision to proceed, we will capture 3D imprints of your teeth to craft a series of personalized aligners.

Aligner Change Schedule:

You will be provided with a sequence of aligners to be worn consecutively, typically changing them every 1-2 weeks, as per the prescribed instructions.

Monitoring Progress:

Meetings will be arranged at regular intervals to oversee your progress and furnish you with fresh sets of aligners.

Treatment Duration:

Resume adhering to the prescribed aligner regimen until your teeth attain the desired alignment.

Mid-Treatment Adjustments:

In certain instances, adjustments to the treatment plan may become necessary. Our orthodontist will provide guidance and support throughout any modifications required.

Post-care Instructions:

  1. Retention Phase:
    Following your orthodontic treatment, it may be necessary to utilize retainers to uphold the results of your smile makeover. Adhere to the recommendations provided by your orthodontist regarding the utilization of retainers.
  2. Scheduled Dental Examinations:
    Keep up with your routine dental check-ups and cleanings to safeguard the well-being of your teeth and gums.
  3. Oral Hygiene Regimen:
    Continue to uphold a comprehensive oral care regimen, encompassing brushing, flossing, and utilizing mouthwash.
  4. Celebrate Your Enhanced Smile:
    Embrace your revitalized smile and relish the self-assurance that accompanies it.

What Sets Us Apart?

Enfield Royal Clinic recognizes the significant influence that a stunning smile can exert on your self-assurance and self-worth. This is precisely why we are fully devoted to assisting you in attaining the smile you’ve perpetually envisioned. This journey not only revitalizes your smile but also elevates your holistic state of being. We invite you to become a part of our endeavor, and together, we can craft a future brimming with assurance and beaming laughs.

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Does the treatment yield positive results?

Absolutely, the treatment is highly advanced and provides a multitude of advantages, rendering it an efficacious choice. It has garnered popularity among individuals seeking dental braces.

Is it possible to consume food normally throughout the treatment?

Certainly, the braces are designed to be easily detachable and easy to eat. You have the option to either eat with them on or remove them should you encounter any discomfort.

Can I talk properly after wearing braces?

You may find it difficult to talk properly for some time in the starting weeks. But your speech will get better with time while you adapt.

Is there any danger of infection?

No, Invisalign braces are completely harmless and come with no danger of infection.

Are there any side effects regarding Invisalign?

No, the procedure doesn’t possess any kind of side effects. Some individuals may feel irritated for some time but it gets better over time.

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