Non-Surgical Nose Job in Riyadh

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The visualization of surgery keeps you away from getting any corrective measures. What if you get another way to treat by a non-surgical method? It is the technique to change the shape of your nose without any surgical method. Enfield Royal Clinic offers you a Non-Surgical Nose Job in Riyadh to enhance your looks and this is where nose filers come into the game. Keep reading to learn more about nose job without surgery.

Procedure Time

30 to 60 minutes


two to three days

Back to Work

after 1 to 2 days


with in 2 weeks

Table of Contents

Quick Facts

  • Cost: 350 SAR to 600 SAR.
  • Results: long-lasting.
  • Type of Procedure: non-invasive.

Non-surgical Nose Job!

Non-surgical nose job in Riyadh is all about re-shaping your nose without any surgical method. This method of changing the shape of the nose on the face is also named liquid rhinoplasty in Riyadh. This therapy can be the best for correcting minor imperfections like crooked noses, observable bumps, and others. Most individuals prefer a reduction of the nose without having any surgeries because it is the most affordable and less painful method to reshape your nose. This treatment is mostly done by using nose job fillers and gives the patient very instant results. This technique of altering the nose shape does not deal with the major changes in nose looks.

Options for Nose Job:

Here are some of the basic options for changing nose shape without surgery:

  • Hyaluronic acid fillers: Give you temporary and reversible outcomes. It will achieve symmetry and give you smoother skin.
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite: The results of the process are more reliable and long-term, accurate.
  • PMMA fillers: The outcome of this procedure is semi-permanent but very prominent.
  • Silicone oil:  In this method results are not described due to some risk but the situation of outcomes is still undefined.


Few are the following listed benefits of this non-surgical method:

  • Less downtime so it helps people get back to work and their normal routine after the procedure.
  • The patient’s situation decides the procedure changes.
  • The outcome will be accurate and modified to show an exact change in your looks.
  • This process has minimal scars.
  • It is an affordable technique as local anesthesia is used.
  • It can restore the importance, contouring, and attainment of symmetry.
  • This is a non-surgical but it is worth the price paid.

Perfect Candidate:

The technique uses different fillers to reshape the nose structure and shape. The perfect people who can have this process to:

  • Smoothen the bumps on the nose.
  • Wants the nose to look less angular.
  • Increases volume.
  • Tip for the nose lifting.

This therapy is preferred by those individuals who do not want a permanent solution or they scared of the risk of having surgery.

Before After Resulsts:

Non Surgical Nose Job Before After

Pre-care Instructions:

Following are the instructions that have to do before treatment:

  • Discuss the problem with your doctor.
  • Take some photographs of your nose.
  • Decide the treatment plans also.

How is the Procedure done?

The procedure has some phases:


The process of a non-surgical nose improvement starts with a consultation with your doctor for a discussion of the plan to proceed. The doctor will take some photographs of your nose and then may recommend you some advice.


Secondly, the doctor will analyze your nose, as well as the person’s face, dark marks, and dimensions. 


Cleanse your treatment places, and make them clear from disinfects. It may apply local anesthesia to the numbness of the nose.


Then, the doctor will inject one or two injections into your nose, which will cause a little pinching sensation.


This process will take less than one hour and serve you accurate results.

Post-care Instructions:

The listed instructions are given by the doctor after the treatment:

  • Use a cold compress on the treated place to get more help in help in recovery and it will allow you to relax your tissues.
  • Avoid doing activities that will cause sweating which is not good.
  • Keep your head upgraded to counterbalance the pressure.
  • Avoid sun lights or any extreme rays.
  • Stay hydrated and eat healthy foods to recover easily.
  • Clean your wounds with a clean cloth and use warm water to rinse it.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption these will harm your body.
  • Do not use chemicals on your skin.


The outcome will be endless and give you a realistic appearance if you work properly according to the doctor’s instructions. Your confidence will enhanced and it will also increase your self-esteem. Overall looks of the person will be improved due to the nose modifications. An exactly defined nose is obtained because of restructuring the volume of your nose.


The patient will recover within one to two days. The patient will face slight swelling, and bruises can appear but there is no limitation suggested to the patient only some protective measures will be advised. If the patient will follow up, they may recover early.

Dermoscopy Mole Evaluation Cost:

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Starting From
SAR 1000

Non-Surgical Nose Job

SAR 3000

The Cost of a Non-Surgical Nose Job in Riyadh is 1000 SAR to 3000 SAR. We are providing you with the most advanced and skilled team for this therapy. The cost mostly depends upon the time and follow-up session that the patient has.

Factors Affecting the Cotst:

The following are the factors that can vary the cost:

  • Location.
  • Number of sessions.
  • Filler injection used.
  • Charges of professional.
  • Required time.
  • Number of fillers used.

Your Journey, Our Expertise!

Your looks matter to us. Bring improvement to your nose shape by giving us the chance to provide you with the best non-surgical method.  We guarantee you the best services and consultation. A non-invasive method at an affordable cost is what we are offering you.

Book an Appointment!

We are here to provide the best guidance, advanced technology, and skilled professionals who will serve you the best non-surgical nose job in Riyadh. Hurry up! Book an appointment at Enfield Royal Clinic to get the best consultation.


What kind of fillers are injected in the nose job?

These fillers are filled with dermal liquids.

How long does the procedure take?

It takes 30 to 60 minutes.

Is the non-surgical method safe?

Yes, it is the safest method for changing nose shape and irregularities.

At which age can people have this therapy?

Every age person can have this treatment.

Can a non-surgical method fix breathing issues?

Yes, because changing shape, will lead to the fixation of breathing issues.

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