Overlapping Teeth in Riyadh

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Even though overlapping of upper or lower teeth might appear inconsequential if left untreated or ignored. It may have a serious affection on your Dental health. Besides normal issues such as smiling and twisting, overlapping teeth can also be painful in crunching, gnawing, and others. Overlapping teeth in Riyadh is a common disease that is treated in Enfeild Royal Clinic Saudia. Scroll the page for more information.

Procedure Time

1 to 2 hours.


5 days or maybe 1 week.

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Go back right the next day.



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Quick Facts!

  • Cost: 7000 SAR TO 18000 SAR.
  • Results: Long-lasting
  • Type of Procedure: non-invasive.

Overlapping Teeth!

Overlapping of teeth or misalignment of the teeth is the most normal issue for many individuals all over the world. Normally, malocclusion is used for the best description of the dental issues. There are many causes due to which overlapping of teeth occurs. 

The overlapping of teeth increasingly prevails in dental problems which affects individuals of all ages. By comprehending the symptoms and remedies dentist can give you valuable information about enhancing your smile and self-confidence.


A few causes are given below of overlapping:

  • If there is no space for teeth in the jawbone as the mouth is too small. It can cause the teeth to be misaligned. It occurs genetically.
  • Sometimes, the front and back jaw are not the same size which can cause overlapping.
  • In a few cases, individuals have the habit to use bottles excessively and they use to suck their thumbs so it is the reason for the overlap.
  • Tumors of the mouth and gums affect the design of teeth which is the reason for the misarrangement of teeth.
  • The accident that affects the jaw might be the cause.
  • Wisdom teeth are also a common reason for overlapping.
Teeth Overlapping Procedure

Health problems:

The following are the health problems that occur due to overlapping teeth:


If the upper frontal teeth are larger then the lower teeth are overbite. Having this problem can induce:

  • Breathing problems.
  • Painful eating.
  • Improvement in looks.
  • Harm your teeth and gums.


When the lower teeth become larger than the upper frontal teeth is known as underbite. Underbite is a more severe disease. It causes:

  • Problems in chewing.
  • Misarrangement can cause pain.
  • Devastate speaking skills.


This is the situation when the upper and lower teeth arrangement can not touch each other. It includes:

  • Snoring.
  • Unable to chew food.
  • Headaches and earaches.
  • Sleeping problem.


Crossbite is when the upper teeth are broader and sit after your lower teeth. Crossbite may cause problems:

  • Sleep apnea.
  • Decay tooth.
  • Discomfort in jaw.
  • Eating problem.

How are the Overlapping Teeth Treated?

There are following three methods to straighten the overlapped teeth:


Braces is the most common method to fix the problem of overlapping. It contains metal wire and frames to enhance the places of teeth. Normally, this method is time taking.


Another method to fix the overlapping problem is bonding. In this therapy, the paste or gel that hardens the teeth is used to change the position of the teeth according to your choice. The Dental Bonding Cement is more suitable for overlapping teeth.


The overlapping of teeth can be rectified by the strategy of sculpting. It is done by drill and laser to give place to teeth. But, this method will weaken your teeth.



Veneers are an advanced therapy that is used for enhancing the looks of teeth. It is an artificial teeth cover that does not align your teeth but enhances the appearance.

Tooth extraction:

Extraction is for the teeth that have no space to settle and also are distorted. These teeth need surgery to adjust the other teeth as well.


These are the therapies that are used to solve the problem of the overlapping problem of an individual.

Before and After Results

Teeth Overlapping Before After Results


Here are the profits of the therapy:

  • It becomes easier to brush and floss your teeth and also gums, it will reduce the chances of cavities and other dental infections.
  • Reduces the extreme wear and rip of teeth.
  • Reduces the chance of teeth getting harmed.
  • You can easily eat or chew the food you want.
  • Straight teeth will enhance your personality and give rise to your confidence to talk and smile.

Ideal Candidate

If you have any of the symptoms, you are eligible for this therapy:

  • Teeth crowdedness.
  • Having gaps in teeth.
  • Underbite.
  • Having an irregular position of teeth.
  • Extra teeth.


Following the pre-operative measures you have to follow before visiting the dentist:

  • Brush your teeth.
  • Clean your mouth.
  • Wear the mask.
  • Avoid eating.


The consequences of the overlapping of teeth can be noticed after two or three months of the technique. The therapy takes a few months to change the positions, and shape of your teeth. Braces are the most common method for straight overlapping teeth.


Here are the aftercare points for the patients:

  • Eat the softer for a few days.
  • Brushing is allowed.
  • Do the floss gently.
  • Avoid eating sticky and hard food.


The recovery occurs after a few days but it will take some months to notice the complete effects of the therapy. You go back to work after the therapy but it will be better to go back to work after 24 hours.

Teeth Overlapping Cost In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The cost of overlapping teeth in Riyadh is 7000 SAR to 18000 SAR. The expenses are not decided, it varies from individual to individual according to the therapy.

Teeth Overlapping

Starting From
SAR 7000

Teeth Overlapping

SAR 18000

Factors Impacting the Cost:

The following are the factors affecting the expense:

  • Clinic location.
  • The therapy you want.
  • Sessions of treatment are required.
  • Care after the therapy.

Our Services!

If you need the best therapy to straighten your overlapped teeth. Visit our clinic for the most influential treatment of overlapping teeth in Riyadh. Our doctors will help you to enhance your smile and impression of your teeth. Get the opportunity, to have the best therapy.


Does the treatment require surgery?

This depends on the therapy technique.

How much time is required during therapy?

It takes about 1 to 2 hours.

Can we eat everything after the process is complete?

Yes, you can eat but after completing the process.

Is it painful?

No, it will not be a painful procedure.

How much time is required to recover?

It takes about 5 days or a week.

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