Venus Legacy slimming machine in Riyadh

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Instructing the strength, quick, deep, and largest handpiece in the need to clinically support body problems like cellulite, loose skin, and circumference lowering. By using the latest process of slimming machines, Venus Legacy’s deep skin penetration provides exponentially enhanced clinical usefulness and delivers observable outcomes that other treatments can not compare. In a sequence of satisfied and lovely Venus Legacy slimming machines in Riyadh, you can have a smoother, tighter, and slim body shape.

Procedure Time

45 mins.


no downtime

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Quick Facts

  • Cost: depends upon consultation.
  • Results: long-term effects.
  • Type of Procedure: non-invasive.

Venus Legacy!

Venus Legacy is the most powerful, most in-depth, and most extensive machine on demand for the body to support situations like cellulite, loose skin, stretch marks, and circumference reduction. It is the ancient prototype of Venus Freeze and operates a patented technology that incorporates both multi-opposite radio commonnesses along pulsed magnetic domains. Two kinds of energy impact the skin of the body to tighten, circumferential contraction on the face, reduce fine lines, and also improve skin tightening. There are following functions will be done in this process:

  • Face skin will be smooth and tight, with fewer lines.
  • It contours the bones of the cheeks and the jawline.
  • Balances the diet and exercise-immune fat will be reduced for a thinner appearance.
  • It is also helpful to contour thighs, hips, and back for a sculpted look.
  • It is helpful for skin tightening and body contouring.

Venus Legacy Slimming Machines:

There are four components for applications:

  • Octi polar: This helps tighten the skin on the body.
  • 4D body: It is helpful for the reduction of fat and cellulite.
  • Diamond polar: Utilizes for lessening the skin firming and wrinkles.
  • 4D face: This is used to slim the skin on the face.


The machine can deliver you the painless and non- downtime of the general process. Due to its components and technologies, the appliance is adaptable sufficiently to operate on different therapies involving body contouring. Below are some advantages you can get from this procedure:

  • Lessens the fat and cellulite.
  • Tight, firm, and young looks of the skin.
  • Decreases the look of stretch marks.
  • Enhanced skin and cellular metabolism.
  • Higher cellular rejuvenation.
  • Reduction in sagging of the skin.
  • Reduces the lines and wrinkles.

Perfect Candidate:

The ideal candidates for this procedure are:

  • Safe for all skin tones.
  • Wrinkled and fine-lining people.
  • Desired to slim.

Pre-care Instructions:

Some of the pre-care instructions that you should follow before the procedure:

  • Stay hydrated before going for the therapy.
  • Do not use shaving or waxing on the part of the cure before therapies.
  • About four weeks preceding the method, avoid waxing, laser therapies, derma fillers, and botox injectables in the cure places.

Before After Results

Exilis Treatment in Riyadh before after

How is the Procedure done?

Venus Legacy uses a patented technology that incorporates both multi-polar radio frequency along with pulsed magnetic field. The Venus freezes technology uses a thick energy matrix that infiltrates numerous coatings of skin, warming uniformly from the innards out. By hiring, tissue temperature, FGF-2 hormone exercises will be enhanced, and triglycerides placed in the fat cells are broken down and fatty acids released from the fat cells. 

In this way, volume can be dismissed by making circumferential removal. The blood discharge in the cured place is enhanced, improving the tone and texture of the skin. Vitamins, minerals, and oxygen are moved more efficiently to the cell, and toxins and destruction materials are released. Venus Legacy treatment also has another feature which is skin tightening, as little new blood vessels are composed in the therapy place and dermal fillers are generated. 

These dermal fillers then expand the number of collagen and elastin fibers. New collagen and elastin generate outcomes in tighter skin and filling in of wrinkles and fine lines extraction.

Aftercare Instructions:

There are listed post-care instructions you should follow after the treatment:

  • Apply a sunscreen recommended by dermatologist
  • Do not go directly under the sun.
  • Exercise can increase the breakage of fat cells.
  • Stay active for a few hours after the session.


Most patients generally notice consequences after the third therapy, regardless multiple have recorded effects even momentarily. With FDA approval, Venus Legacy has demonstrated its results to endure a minimum of 18 months. Outcomes will stay endless if one session per quarter is retained after the sequence.

Cost of Venus Legacy Slimming Machine:

The price of the Venus Legacy slimming machine in Riyadh depends on the consultation with your dermatologist or doctor. This full procedure is depending upon the personalized passion and essentialness of the therapy. The cost will be determined when you talk to your doctor about your situation.

Factors Affecting the Cost

Some of the factors that impact the cost of the therapy:

  • Location
  • Reputation of the clinic
  • Number of sessions
  • Experts fee
  • Medications
  • Service quality

Contact us!

We provide you the highly skilled and professional experts who will lead you through the therapy phases in detail. You have to start with the consultation at our clinic. It will give you the chance to get the beautiful and spotless skin. You just have to do is grab the phone call our clinic and get a consultation appointment.

Shaped Up By Booking Us!

Enfield Royal Clinic offers you Venus Legacy slimming machines in Riyadh to enhance your looks according to your choice. To avail the advanced therapy consult our dermatologists by booking an appointment.


How prolonged will the outcome last?

The result will last about 3 to 6 months to support maintaining your look.

Is the therapy discomfort?

The cured area becomes warm but it will not last longer than an hour.

How many sessions does it require?

It takes about six to eight sessions but varies according to skin.

Any precautionary measures?

It is safe for all kinds of skin. 

Will there be any pain?

Slight to none.

Which body parts can be cured by this therapy?

The face, neck, arms, abdomen, back, and thighs are the parts that can be cured.

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