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Proellixe Vibration Therapy Cost in Riyadh

Proellixe Vibration Therapy Cost in Riyadh

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For affordable access to achieving your goals, look no further Enfield Royal Clinic offers Proellixe Vibration Therapy Cost in Riyadh, an innovative treatment with ensures results, now gaining popularity in the city. It is a path towards your healthier journey. Dive deeper into this innovative approach by exploring the article below!

Quick Facts:

  • Price : SAR 500-SAR 1500
  • Results: enduring
  • Back to work: Instantly 
  • Time of Treatment: 20-30 minutes
  • Type of Procedure: non-surgical  

Proellixe Vibration Therapy!

Proelixe Vibration Therapy ignites and activates muscles across your entire body by harnessing the power of controlled vibrations. Through this cutting-edge process, a specialized vibrating medium transmits vibrations throughout your body, prompting a range of beneficial physiological responses. As you stand or perform specific movements, your muscles experience rapid contractions, leading to improvements in strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.

How Does it Work?

The device itself functions by quickly sending vibrations through your body, which in turn produces your body’s reaction to stress. It causes the muscles to contract and respond, and the muscles in response. Expand the size due to the release of lactic acid, which can accumulate in sedentary muscle tissue.

  This machine works with the vibration transferred through your body and constructs your muscles to stretch gradually. An expansion in muscle density means an accumulation in metabolic rate and muscle mass, which leads to an increase in the ability to burn fat.

Proellixe Vibration Therapy  Cost:

The price range typically spans from SAR 500 to SAR 1500. It’s important to note that this serves as a rough estimate, as the exact cost will be determined based on your specific preferences and circumstances. our specialist will ascertain the precise price of the procedure during your initial consultation with the doctor.

Elements influencing the cost:

Some elements that impact the expense are described below:

  • Region of the clinic: The price varies on the geographical region of the establishment. The well-known clinic in the central area charges a little bit more than the other clinics.
  • Standard of the clinic: The standard of the clinic where you are expecting the therapy influences the cost. Qualities may consider the area, reputation, and kinds of tools utilized in the clinic. If you select a prominent clinic then you have to pay more increased bills.
  • The expertise of the doctor: The experience of the doctor also influences the cost of the treatment. A doctor with a good track history and highly qualified requires an increased fee than the other doctors. They charged inflated expenses due to their expertise in this field.
  • Follow-ups: In certain cases, numerous sessions are needed to resolve the issue. These sessions take the further time of the doctor so they increase the total fee of the treatment. All additional follow-up sessions influence the price of the treatment.
  • The acuteness of the disease: The acuteness of the disease influences the price of the treatment. The critical patients need several sessions so it can directly affect the price.
  • Fees of medicines: The cost of medication is modified because the different medications are used to reduce pain and reduce discomfort and distress.
  • Additional services: Some people need additional services and extra care before and after the procedure. Extra services such as creams, ointments, and oils these elements are directly related to influencing the price of the treatment.

Best Clinic!

Are you finding the best clinic? Enfield Royal Clinic is the key to unlocking the doorways towards your healthier and more powerful path! Our expert doctors are fully trained to aid you on your healthier journey. We are here to provide you an amazing and affordable prices for therapies and different treatments. Consider us because we are ensuring your safety during the process.

Rejuvenate Your Body by Scheduling With Us!

Make an appointment right away! Our masterful crew of specialists is ready to help you on your path to a healthy,  more restorative, and powerful self. Don’t waste this opportunity to get treated in affordable Proellixe Vibration Therapy Cost in Riyadh.


 Yes, Certainly, vibration therapy can improve the appearance of smoothness and promote a youthful look for the skin.

The procedure takes approximately 20 to 40 minutes.

Yes, it can help in reducing weight by increasing thin muscle which assists in burning calories.

Yes, it has permanent and enduring effects.

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