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Our skin acts as a barrier that protects us from harmful pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.
It offers the skin a barrier that stops viruses from entering the body and upsetting the internal processes. Given that the skin is one of the most vital organs, it is crucial to take proper care of it. If proper care is not taken, bacterial, hermetic, or allergic illnesses can invade the skin. In this situation, you should contact our dermatologist at the Enfield Royal Clinic if you’re experiencing any skin care issues. Because so many individuals nowadays are dealing with hair concerns, we have the top dermatologists in Riyadh at our clinic. Learn More about Dermatology/Best Dermatologist in Riyadh.

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Quick Facts

  • Results: long-term
  • Type of procedure: noninvasive
  • Risks: minimal risks
  • Cost: Affordable

Nowadays both males and females can benefit from Skin treatments and can get rid of skin issues. Read the whole article below to know about the skincare treatments.

What does dermatology mean?

It is a field of medicine that deals with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of certain skin conditions and diseases related to the nails, hair, and skin. It combines both the surgical and medical elements.

Who is a dermatologist?

Those who are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of skin, nails, and hair are referred to as dermatologists. Along with treating skin conditions they also have extensive knowledge about some other skin conditions such as eczema, skin cancer, and melanoma. They provide instructions on how to take care of the skin and hair and protect them from damage and other related concerns. At our clinic, we have experienced and skilled experts to take care of, understand how certain imperfections of the skin and hair will affect your self-esteem, and provides a solution for it.


At the Enfield Royal Clinic, Dermatology/Best dermatologists in Riyadh treat skin-related disorders in an effort to restore smoother, younger-looking skin. After a thorough diagnosis session, the problem’s core cause is addressed. With the help of our efficient treatments, the skin will be revitalized and its look will be improved.

Consultation with a dermatologist

If your facing some of these problems a consultation must be made:

  • Excessive hair loss: If you are facing excessive loss of hair or complete baldness then this is a serious problem and for this purpose, a consultation with a skin specialist must be made to restore hair growth.
  • Dry skin people who have very dry skin on certain parts of the body such as on the back, chest, knees, and elbows must also consult a skin specialist to get it fixed.
  • Spider veins: Some people face the problem of having spider veins which make them feel embarrassed but this can be solved by getting it checked by a skin specialist.
  • Acne problem: If you are having a lot of acne that cannot be fixed or treated with home remedies or other skin products then you should consult a skin specialist he will get to know the root causes and will fix it permanently.
  • Oily skin: Those who face certain skin issues because of excessive sebum production they should consult with a skin specialist.
  • Nails infection: Signs of nail infections include pus, itching, or warts around the nails and this must be get resolved by having a consultation with a specialist.
  • Age-related issues: As we age our skin becomes saggy and wrinkles start to appear on it so this must be fixed by a skin specialist.

Diagnosis by a specialist

The most important step for the diagnosis of disease or hair problems is consultation with the Dermatology/dermatologist in Riyadh. He will discuss the concerns and problems of patients. During the consultation, a detailed medical history will be taken and those areas which are to be treated will be examined. To know about the main causes of the problem blood sample will be taken to do the allergic test, biopsy, and some other tests.

Treatments offered at our clinic

The dermatologist at Enfield Royal Clinic will first do a thorough inspection of the problematic region before making recommendations for the most effective treatments, including

Laser treatments are used to treat a number of skin conditions, such as acne and pigmentation. It is one of the most popular methods and has evolved into something really special for addressing issues.


Acne and pigmentation are two skin problems that can be treated with laser therapy. It is one of the most often used approaches and has developed into something genuinely unique for dealing with problems.

To prevent hair loss a mixture of vitamins and minerals is injected into the scalp with the help of an injection to promote hair order to get the optimal results a number of sessions are required gapped several weeks apart.

One of the most problematic issues is acne which must be treated by a dermatologist. In an treatment ointments and creams are prescribed to treat the scars.


This therapy is carried out to treat neoplasms and spider veins. Chemicals are injected into the veins during the procedure. This will help to lessen how noticeable these veins are on the skin.

PRP injections

These injections contain the patient’s own blood plasma, which aids in the healing process. These injections are used to treat hair loss and rejuvenate the face.

Best Dermatologists in Riyadh

Enfield Royal Clinic The greatest and most skilled surgeons may be found in Riyadh, where they provide novel treatments and procedures. The most recent technology we employ will produce the outcomes you want. We offer a very pleasant setting, and our team will help you if you need it.


The cost in Riyadh varies widely depending on the surgeon’s skill, the location of the clinic, and the number of sessions needed. However, prices often range from 499 SAR to 1999 SAR.

Dermatologists in Riyadh are highly experienced and provide the best treatments. Those who get their treatments done from our clinic are very happy with the results.


Starting From
SAR 499


SAR 1999

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Who is the ideal doctor for skin problems?

Skin problems are treated by a dermatologist. They are experienced and have knowledge about all types of skin concerns and problems.

What are the instructions provided by a skin specialist?

To have a healthy and flawless skin dermatologist provides the following tips Always wear sunscreen Have a simple skincare routine Exfoliate your lips Do not touch your face alot

How many times you should see a dermatologist?

It is suggested to see your dermatologist once a year

What are some common skin conditions treated by dermatologists?

Dermatologists treat a wide range of skin conditions, including acne, dermatitis, rosacea, warts, fungal infections, skin allergies, hives, vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, and various types of skin cancer.

Can dermatologists help with cosmetic procedures?

Yes, dermatologists can perform various cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of the skin.

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