J Plasma for Thighs and Arms in Riyadh

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Are you tired of hiding your arms and thighs due to stubborn fat or sagging skin? Imagine a world where you can confidently flaunt those toned, sculpted limbs without the fear of judgment or self-doubt. Well, your dreams are about to become reality with the cutting-edge technology of J Plasma! Say goodbye to insecurities and hello to a new you as we delve into the transformative journey of how J Plasma can revitalize and rejuvenate your thighs and arms like never before. Continue reading to learn more about J Plasma for Thighs and Arms in Riyadh and schedule an appointment with our specialists.

Procedure Time

1 - 2 Hours


3 - 7 Days

Back to Work

1 - 2 Weeks


1 - 2 Months

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Quick Facts

  • Cost: 4999 SAR per Treatment

  • Results: Slim and healthy body

  • Duration: between 1 and 2 hours

  • Type of Procedure: Non-invasive


Numerous people deal with aesthetic problems concerning their upper limbs and lower edges. These trouble zones are often defined by extra adipose tissue growth or a deficiency in muscle firmness. Such concerns cannot just affect self-assurance but also make it difficult to choose appropriate clothing. Conventional dietary practices and physical fitness routines occasionally prove insufficient in addressing these precise concerns, leading to irritation with one’s physical appearance.


J Plasma represents an innovative remedy that has revolutionized our approach to aesthetic issues concerning the thighs and arms. It leverages the capabilities of state-of-the-art medical technology to effectively and accurately tackle these concerns.


J Plasma for Thighs and Arms brfore and after
J Plasma for Arms before After

How J Plasma Works

J Plasma combines the advantages of radiofrequency energy and cold plasma technology. The procedure entails employing a specialized portable apparatus designed to administer a precise, concentrated stream of cold plasma. This plasma energy delicately elevates the temperature and firms the underlying tissues, all the while liquefying extra fat deposits. The utilization of cold plasma serves to maintain the procedure’s minimally invasive nature and substantially diminishes the potential for thermal harm to remaining tissues.

Key Benefits

  • Precision: J Plasma provides precise and targeted treatment, allowing for sculpting and contouring of the thighs and arms with remarkable accuracy.
  • Minimally Invasive: Say goodbye to extensive incisions and lengthy recoveries. J Plasma is a minimally invasive procedure, meaning shorter downtime and less scarring.
  • Tightening and Toning: The combination of tissue tightening and fat reduction results in firmer, more youthful-looking skin and improved muscle definition.
  • Safety: The cold plasma technology used in J Plasma ensures a high level of safety, reducing the risk of complications associated with traditional surgical methods.

Ideal Candidates for J Plasma Thighs and Arms in Riyadh

The J Plasma procedure for thighs and arms is a cutting-edge solution for those seeking to address aesthetic concerns in these areas. While this innovative treatment can benefit a wide range of individuals, there are specific characteristics that make someone an ideal candidate for J Plasma in these regions.

  • Excess Fat and Sagging Skin.
  • Desire for Skin Tightening.
  • Good Overall Health.
  • Realistic Expectations.
  • Commitment to Post-Procedure Care.
  • Non-Smokers.


The procedure for J Plasma for Thighs and Arms in Riyadh at our clinic includes the following steps:

Initial Assessment

At the clinic, candidates undergo an initial evaluation with a skilled healthcare provider to determine their suitability for the procedure and to engage in a discussion regarding their treatment objectives.

Preparation Phase

On the day of the scheduled procedure, the designated treatment areas undergo thorough cleansing, with the possibility of local anesthesia or sedation administration to ensure the candidate’s comfort.

Application of J Plasma

 Our procedure entails the utilization of a specialized handheld apparatus, employed to administer an exacting and meticulously controlled stream of cold plasma energy to the specific regions of concern on the thighs and arms.

Enhanced Tissue Tightening and Fat Reduction

The cold plasma serves a dual purpose by concurrently firming the underlying tissues while facilitating the dissolution of surplus adipose deposits, resulting in a reshaped and more defined appearance in the treated areas.

Minimally Intrusive Nature

J Plasma distinguishes itself as a minimally invasive procedure, marked by the presence of small incisions that minimize scarring and expedite the recovery process.

Procedure Duration

The duration of the procedure typically spans a few hours, contingent upon the scope of the treatment.

Post-Procedure Guidelines

After the procedure, candidates receive comprehensive instructions for post-procedure care and are subject to vigilant monitoring to ensure their continued well-being.

Recovery Phase

Candidates can usually resume light activities within a matter of days and gradually reintegrate into their regular routines.

Progressive Outcomes

Over time, as the body undergoes its natural healing process and experiences heightened collagen production, candidates will observe the emergence of firmer, more youthful-looking skin and enhanced muscle definition.

Ongoing Monitoring

To oversee and optimize progress and to address any inquiries or concerns, regular follow-up appointments are scheduled.

Why Choose Us?

Enfield Royal Clinic provides you with affordable and effective treatments that help our clients achieve their healthy lifestyle goals. Choosing our clinic means you have chosen the best doctors for the treatment because our doctors have years of training and experience. Our treatments are cost-effective. The price for J plasma treatment at our clinic starts from 4999 SAR. This price can be affected by other factors as well.

Factors Impacting Cost

  • Technology Used.
  • Number of Sessions.
  • Area being Treated.
  • Skin Conditions.
  • Skills of Doctor.

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Is J Plasma a surgical procedure?

No, J Plasma is minimally invasive and involves small incisions, reducing scarring and promoting quicker recovery compared to traditional surgeries.

What is the downtime after J Plasma treatment?

Patients can usually resume light activities within a few days and gradually return to their normal routines.

When can I expect to see results?

Results become noticeable over time as the body heals and collagen production increases, with firmer, more youthful-looking skin and improved muscle definition.

Are there any dangers or side effects associated with J Plasma for Thighs and Arms?

While generally safe, some temporary side effects like swelling and bruising may occur. Your healthcare provider will discuss potential risks during the consultation.

How long do the results of J Plasma last?

Results are long-lasting, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help preserve the improvements over time.

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