Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening in Riyadh

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Have you ever found yourself glancing at your reflection in the mirror and thinking that your smile might use a little magic? Maybe your teeth are aching for an enhanced, more radiant glow because of the stains that the rich flavors of Riyadh have left on them. What if we told you that Riyadh is home to a desert paradise that would make you smile? Come along with us as we find the amazing benefits of hydrogen peroxide whitening. Have you ever wondered how to have a smile as brilliant as the skyline of Riyadh? Learn more about Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening in Riyadh.

Procedure Time

30 to 60 minutes



Back to Work

within a day



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Quick Facts:

Risks: None

Cost: 200 SAR to 500 SAR

Type of treatment: Minimally Invasive

Outcomes: Long-lasting 

Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening!

We are using hydrogen peroxide as a teeth-whitening agent. The chemical compound known as hydrogen peroxide, with the formula H2O2, is frequently used as a bleaching, antiseptic, and disinfectant.

It is frequently used in whitening techniques to eliminate stains and discolorations from tooth enamel. It functions by dissolving into water and oxygen, which are subsequently absorbed by the teeth’s enamel and dentin layers and oxidize and degrade the pigmented molecules responsible for discoloration.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Moderate to Mild Tooth Discoloration: The best treatment for soft to medium tooth discoloration can be brought on by smoking, drinking coffee, tea, or red wine, or by aging.
  • Good Dental and Gum Health: nominees with good dental and gum health are usually better candidates. It is crucial to maintain a good foundation for your teeth because whitening products can make you more sensitive.
  • No Restorative Work on Front Teeth: repairs such as crowns, veneers, or fillings might not be successfully whitened by it. If a candidate is thinking whitening for specific teeth, they should avoid having substantial restorative work done on those teeth.
  • Commitment to Oral Hygiene: People who are dedicated to upholding ideal hygiene habits, such as consistent flossing and brushing, have a higher chance of seeing and sustaining favorable outcomes.
  • Reasonable Expectations: Prospects need to have reasonable expectations regarding the results of teeth whitening.

Before And After Results:

Hydrogen Peroxide WhiteningBefore after in Riyadh


  • Whiter Teeth: A brighter smile is the main advantage of utilizing it. Teeth stained on the surface can be effectively broken down and removed by hydrogen peroxide, leaving the teeth looking noticeably lighter.
  • Non-Invasive technique: One non-invasive way to whiten teeth is with this.In contrast to some dental operations like veneers or crowns, it doesn’t involve changing the tooth’s structure.
  • Convenience: For those who would rather whiten their teeth in the relaxation of their own homes, these are easily obtained over the counter for at-home usage. For individuals who want faster results, there are also in-office treatments accessible.
  • Increase in Confidence: Having it can enhance confidence and self-worth. People who are happy with their teeth’s appearance could feel more assured in social and professional settings.
  • Affordability: Compared to in-office cosmetic procedures or dental care, over-the-counter kits are typically less expensive. This increases the number of people who can afford it.

Pre Care:

  • Dental Exam: Before starting any procedure, make a talk for examination. Based on your history, a dentist can evaluate your oral health, spot possible problems, and suggest the best whitening solution.
  • Professional Cleaning:, think about getting a cleaning. Plaque and tartar removal can enhance the procedure’s efficacy by facilitating direct contact between the hydrogen peroxide and the tooth surface.
  • Treat Dental conditions: you must take care of any unresolved dental conditions, such as cavities or gum disease. When used on gums or teeth that are already weakened, whitening solutions might be uncomfortable.
  • Sensitive Teeth Assessment: Let your dentist know if you’ve ever experienced tooth sensitivity in the past. They can suggest sensible actions to reduce discomfort.


  • Dental Consultation: Make a talk with your dentist over your whitening objectives and have your oral health evaluated.
  • Expert Cleaning: To guarantee that the chemical makes the perfect contact with your teeth have a professional cleaning to get rid of plaque and tartar.
  • Personalized Trays or In-Office Care: Your dentist might suggest an in-office method or deliver you with custom-fitted trays to wear at home. Higher amounts of hydrogen peroxide are frequently used in in-office procedures.
  • Professional Application: It will be put directly to your teeth by dental expert if you are receiving treatment in the office.
  • Initiation: Certain in-office methods boost the effects of it by activating it with a specific light or laser.
  • Time: Observe the precise timing requirements for the in-office procedure.


  • Avoid Staining Agents: restrict the use of staining agents, such as red wine, tea, coffee, and tobacco, right after whitening.
  • Practices for Oral Hygiene: Keep proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Utilise Suggested Products: Use any post-whitening products gives you according to the directions, such as a desensitizing toothbrush or gel.

Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Cost in Riyadh

Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening

SAR 200

Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening

SAR 500

Usually, the cost is in the range of 200 SAR to 500 SAR.  Remember that the exact dosage may vary depending on the degree of modification required for your specific therapy.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

  • Treatment method
  • Concentration 
  • Number of sessions
  • Location

Working together with state-of-the-art technology, our team of highly qualified medical professionals at Enfield Royal Clinic strives to give our patients the finest care possible and help them achieve their health goals.

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Does it have any negative results?

Tooth sensitivity and gum irritation are possible in certain individuals, but they are often moderate and transient.

What is the suggested frequency?

Read the product teachings carefully, but in general, it’s best to stick to the specified dosage to prevent any negative effects.

Can dental treatments like veneers and crowns be made whiter with it?

It may not have much of an effect on treatment and works best on natural teeth. See your dentist for more specific guidance.

Can it be used in place of conventional toothpaste?

It is not a replacement for ordinary toothpaste; rather, it is utilized mostly as a brightening agent. Using both is advised for dental hygiene.

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