Mandelic Peel in Riyadh

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(تقشير البشرة بحمض المندليك في الرياض)

What is a Mandelic Peel?

Have you ever wondered if there’s a skincare trick out there that could give you the glowing complexion of your dreams? Are you looking for a treatment that targets fine wrinkles and hyperpigmentation in addition to acne? Now, grab your necessary beauty products because we’re going to experience Mandelic Peel’s in Riyadh. Learn More about it below!

Procedure Time

1 - 15Minutes



Back to Work

1- 2 Weeks



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Mandelic Peel!

It is a chemical peel with acid as the active component. Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) from bitter almonds. It is often used in treatments to enhance the surface and tone of the skin because of its well-known exfoliating qualities.

It is milder since its molecules are larger than those of some other AHAs, such as glycolic acid. People with sensitive skin, this may be advantageous since it may result in reduced discomfort and downtime.


Numerous skin issues, including acne, hyperpigmentation, and fine wrinkles, can be helped by this peel. By eliminating dead skin cells and expanding the formation of collagen, it encourages skin renewal, causing a smoother complexion. It frequently yields better skin texture, fewer breakouts of acne, fewer dark spots, and a more youthful-looking build overall.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Skin Prone to Acne: The antibacterial rates of this can aid those with acne-prone skin by lowering outbreaks and managing acne-related problems.
  • Delicate Skin: It is regarded as a milder alpha hydroxy acid alternative, which makes it appropriate for people with delicate skin who might not be able to handle more aggressive peels.
  • Hyperpigmentation or Unequal Skin Tone: This  can help reduce it lighten dark patches, and encourage a more even skin tone.
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles: It is a great choice for individuals who want to treat symptoms of aging because of its exfoliating properties, which may help to enhance the appearance.


  • It is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that cleans the skin’s outer layer and aids in the elimination of dead skin cells. This procedure can grind out the complexion and improve the surface of the skin.
  • This contains antibacterial properties that may be useful against bacteria that cause acne. It might lessen acne lesions, manage outbreaks, and shield skin from future problems.
  • It is well-known for its capacity to lighten dark patches. It results in a more uniform skin tone by preventing the synthesis of melanin.

Before After Results:

Mandelic Peel Before After
Mandelic Peel Before AFTER Results

Pre Care:

  •  Determine whether a mandelic peel is right for you and your skin type, issues, and availability, make an appointment with a skincare specialist.
  • To prevent UV damage to your skin, use a high-SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen for at least two weeks before the peel.
  • To bypass severe irritation, stop using products that contain benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, and other exfoliating agents a few days before the peel.
  • To lessen skin sensitivity in the days preceding the peel, limit your time in the sun and tanning beds.


  • Talking with: Start by scheduling a consultation with a skincare specialist to go over your medical background, skin concerns, and if a mandelic peel is right for you.
  • Getting ready: To get rid of any pollutants, oil, or makeup, cleanse your skin. Use a barrier ointment to protect delicate regions like the lips and eyes.
  • Use: Using a brush or applicator, the expert uniformly distributes the mandelic acid solution to the treatment region. Depending on the desired development, the acis and the application time vary.
  • Observing: Throughout it the expert keeps an eye on how your skin is responding and modifies the length and intensity of the procedure accordingly.
  • The neutralization process If necessary, a solution is used to neutralize the peel and cease the acid’s action
  • POst-Peel Calming: To soothe the skin and ease any short-term irritation, use a calming post-peel mask or serum.


  • Sun Protection: Use a high-SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, even on overcast days. This helps shield the recently exposed skin from UV rays.
  • Steer clear of the sun: Lower your orientation to the sun and wear hats and sunglasses and other protective apparel to avoid hyperpigmentation and sensitivity.
  • Light Cleaning: To prevent irritation, wash your face with a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser. Rather than rubbing, pat dry your skin.

Cost of Mandelic Peel

The price ranges from 199 SAR to 999 SAR. It’s important to keep in mind that the precise cost may vary based on the level of customization needed for your specific treatment.

Mandelic Peel

Starting From
SAR 199

Mandelic Peel

SAR 999

Factors Affecting the Cost:

  • Location
  • Facility type
  • Number of sessions

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How it is done?

It causes cell turnover, gently pulls the outer layer of dead skin cells, and ministers a variety of skin issues, including fine wrinkles, acne, and hyperpigmentation.

Is it appropriate for every type?

Because of its moderate nature, They are often well tolerated by a variety of skin types, including sensitive skin.

Which conditions are addressed with it?

Skin tone irregularities, fine wrinkles, acne, and hyperpigmentation can all be effectively treated with it. Plus, they make skin texture better.

Is it appropriate?

The frequency is determined by the sensitivity and demands of each individual’s skin. It is advised to begin with fewer sessions per week and increase them progressively if tolerated.

Can you perform it at home?

Although the treatments can be purchased for use at home, it is best to speak with a skincare specialist before undergoing an in-office peel to ensure correct application and reduce risks.

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Mandelic peel Cost in Riyadh

Do you desire the best and most affordable cure for your skin? Some people do not try to work on their skin texture so, it damages their skin. We are helping people to enhance their skin without any operative method. We offer you the cheapest Mandelic peel Cost in Riyadh. This therapy will show you the enduring results on your skin. Take your time to read further information, then visit the clinic.