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Do you need to get hair remedies, but you can’t find the best specialists to get your hair repaired? We are here to guide you through the Hair Specialists in Riyadh. Multiple hair issues are been cured by various specialists in our clinic. We suggest you visit our clinic or read the below page for more description.

Procedure Time

60 to 90 minutes.


1 to 2 days.

Back to Work

at least after 10 days..



Table of Contents

Quick Facts

  • Cost: As low as 7000 SAR. 
  • Results: endless.
  • Full recovery: 14 days.
  • Type of Procedure: operative.

Who are Hair Specialists?

The hair specialists are also named trichologists. They sort out many hair and scalp problems effectively. Generally, they do not seem to be the doctors they are the guides who suggest the best solutions to your hair problems like loss of hair, damaged hair, and scalp harness. They prescribe you the medicians or supplements that not only grow your hair but also improve your scalp condition. They advise and perform different operational techniques to improve your looks.

Qualities of Hair Experts:

There are many things to be sorted out in your hair and scalp. Hair experts play a vital role in making you look glamorous. Here are the main five qualities that are described below:

  • Kindness: Kindness is an environment where the customers judge themselves as appreciated and respectful people. Our guides help them to look confident as much as they can.
  • Best communication skills: The best thing about hair experts in our clinic is that they communicate with people. They feel comfortable at the spa or centers of therapy. Clients believe in our specialists.
  • Concentrates on details: The hair specialists pay proper concentration to what they have to do. And what they are doing? The hair specialists have every solution for your hair as they are concerned with your look.
  • Effective experts: These experts can transform your hair structure with the best and most advanced techniques. They ensure that will deliver you a glowy creation through your hair looks.
  • Specialists and moral behavior: The basic and important part is recognizable. It is essential to maintain good behavior with every client. They take care of this thing so much.


There are the following advantages of the hair experts written below:

  • Every expert is experienced in their specific work. 
  • They know what will be suitable for their customers.
  • These professionals will help to get any type of service for your hair.
  • They can also work for hair styling, hair cutting, eyebrows hair, and many other hair problems.
  • They provide you with satisfactory and quality service.
  • Most of them guide you that which therapy is best for you according to your health.

Services Offered by Specialists:

There are many facilities provided by the experts in hair but few are listed below:

FUE hair transplant procedure

Follicular Unit Transplants

This is a method used to regrow your hair by putting cuts in the scalp. The hair strands will be separated and gathered from the scalp strip. These are known as grafting and will be utilized to transplant the new hair.

FUE Transplantation

The therapy requires a few scars on the scalp. In this method, the patient heals faster as compared to FUT. In this therapy few hairs will be taken from anywhere on the body and then transplanted into the new place where you desire to grow new hairs.

Pattern Baldness

Pattern baldness is a very normal condition of losing hair that can occur in both men and women. This problem seems to be an M-shaped loss of hair from the front or back of the head. This problem is also called a syndrome. It can be hormonal or through genetically.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

The hairs not only head can be treated, the experts also cure the eyebrows area to get transplants of new hairs. This can be due to inheritance.

PRP Hair Therapy

The most effective PRP therapy stimulates hair growth and maintains the balance of the hair strength. This therapy can help to promote recovery recreation and level of growth quickly. The hair growth can be provoked by injectables to reactivate the hair strands.


The cost of the Hair Specialists in Riyadh can be less than 7000 SAR. The cost will be specified after meeting the experts of hairs. The persons and therapies vary the price level. Our specialized team members will explain to you all the circumstances of the remedies. 

Factors Impacting the Cost:

The factors that impact the cost influentially are given below:

  • The site of centers.
  • The reputation of the clinic.
  • Quality services.
  • Medication.
  • Surgery duration.
  • The fees of experts.
  • The skills of hair specialists.

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Can I wash my hair right after the therapy?

No, not exactly after the therapy.

Can the level of sleep affect hair growth?

Less sleeping is not the cause of hair fall, but stress leads to hair fall.

Does this therapy work permenantly?

They are effective but not for a lifetime.

Can I prevent genetic hair fall?

This problem can not be prevented fully but they can help you reduce the symptoms.

Do the hair experts help in guiding about scalp?

Yes, they provide you with every information that you desire to get about the scalp.

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