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Many individuals lose hair in their daily routines. It is normal to lose hair with less quantity but when there is a slight increase in this quantity that can be a problem because the increasing hair loss can lead to baldness. In the current era, hair loss problems have gradually increased for some known and unknown reasons. These reasons can be caused by individuals or other factors. If you are searching for the causes of your hair loss read below and learn about Best Trichologists in Riyadh and find out the reasons that are causing those hair fall.

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3 - 12 Months

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Trichology deals with hair and scalp wellness, where medical professionals investigate the reasons behind hair loss causes and possible treatments to cure them.

A trichologist is a skilled and specialized guardian of hair and scalp well-being, equipped with a profound understanding and details of hair biology. Embarking on a journey of analysis and explanation, they diagnose the complex pathways of hair health and rewrite remedies that help follicular strength. Also, a trichologist educates individuals, empowering them to cultivate a deeper connection with their hair and the well-being of the scalp.

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They understand the profound significance and seeking their expertise can reveal the mysteries of hair loss and scalp damage. Beyond the traditional types of hair care, Trichologist specialization of knowledge offers individuals with unique benefits that can transform their relationship with hair and enhance overall well-being. 

Below are some benefits of seeing a trichologist:

    • Uncover underlying causes of hair and scalp issues.
    • Accurately diagnose conditions such as alopecia.
    • Evidence-based research and clinical experience.
    • Access to custom-tailored therapies.
    • Minimizing the likelihood of future problems.
    • Recognize the emotional impact of hair-related concerns.
    • Better decisions to aid individuals’ hair care routine.

How does a Trichologist help candidates?

Here is the detailed procedure that our Best Trichologists in Riyadh follow:

  1. Initial Consultation:
    To understand the candidates’ medical history and any ongoing concerns related to hair and scalp health comprehensive discussion is conducted. The candidates’ hair care routine is explored, including products used, styling practices, and frequency of hair treatments.
  2. Clinical Examination:
    A thorough visual examination of the candidates’ scalp and hair is conducted under appropriate lighting conditions. Any signs of inflammation, soreness, scaling, or other abnormalities are also monitored.
  3. Trichoscopy and Microscopic Analysis:
    Trichoscopy is utilized, a non-invasive technique, to examine the scalp and hair follicles at a microscopic level. This reveals insights into hair shaft thickness, hair growth cycles, and the health of hair follicles.
  4. Diagnostic Testing:
    Depending on the initial assessment, further diagnostic tests are recommended such as blood tests to evaluate hormonal levels, nutritional deficiencies, or underlying medical conditions that could impact hair health.
  5. Individualized Treatment Plan:
    Based on the gathered information, a personalized treatment plan is tailored to the candidate’s specific needs and goals. This can include Hair loss Treatment or PRP Treatment in Riyadh accordingly.
  6. Education:
    Candidates are educated about their specific conditions, explaining the contributing factors and the rationale behind the proposed treatment plan. Guidance on proper hair care practices is advised, including recommended products, washing frequency, and styling techniques to minimize damage.
  7. Follow-Up and Emotional Support:
    Appointments are scheduled to track progress and make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan based on the client’s response. Also, the emotional impact of hair and scalp concerns on the client’s self-esteem is recognized and treated accordingly.

Why choose us?

At our Enfield Royal Clinic, we perform hair loss treatments with beneficial and effective techniques. Trichologists play a prominent role in hair treatment suggestions as they possess a vast knowledge of hair fall causes and the proper treatments to cure those problems. Our clinic consists of properly certified and qualified trichologists who help our clients and recommend proper Hair transplant procedure. Be our guest and visit our clinic to find out the answer to questions regarding your hair.

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