Acne Treatment in Riyadh

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 Ready to unlock the secret of radiant skin? Our Acne treatment in Riyadh provides flawless skin. Welcome to the realm of flawless skin, where every journey begins with confidence. At our doorstep, we greet you with the promise to transform your acne woes into radiance and insecurities into your strength. To know more about this treatment  give a brief reading of this article 

Procedure Time

30-40 minutes


no downtime

Back to Work

2-3 days



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Quick Facts

  • Cost:150 SAR-567 SAR
  • Results: long-lasting.
  • Type of Procedure: innocuous

Overview of Acne:

Acne is the significant skin problems that induce pimples. This occurs when follicles under the skin are clogged. It can also generate whiteheads and blackheads

and is generally expected in youngsters. It is capable of busting out on any part of the body. Acne can also induce painful feelings and leave a sign of a profoundly implanted scar on the skin.

Kinds of Acne:

A few types of acne comprise:


It has clogged hair bristles that remain beneath the skin and generate a white lump.


Clogged hairs that get the texture of the skin and open up.  They seem black on the skin texture because of the air bruises of the sebum.


It is a white and yellow puss-filled area that may be red or bumped.


Painful and substantial lesions that are placed in-depth of the skin.

What Induces Acne?

Professionals suppose that some causes can lead to induce acne:

  • Increased production of oil in the pores.
  • Growth of dead cells in the pore.
  • Development of bacteria 
  • Hormonal imbalance 
  • Family history 
  • Medications
  • Stress 
  • Unhealthy diet 
  • Age

Before After Results:

Acne treatment Before after results
acne treatment before after

What are the Strategies to Treat it?

Three methods of treatment are discussed below:

Cosmetic Technique :

In this trendy world of technology, there are some cosmetic procedures to remove acne. These strategies are performed with a laser, light beam, chemical beam, and injectables.

Topical Therapy :

For this treatment of acne, the patient is required to consult the experts and acquire personalized medications. This just spins about the application of lotions, gels, or creams on the targeted area. This process is momentary and time-consuming.

Oral Treatment:

The patient may just depend on the consumption of medicines to treat it. This process targets the backdrop reason for the issues. It also targets nano-living things like bacteria which is the main reason for the problem.

Aim of the Treatment:

Treatment contributes a lot in various ways such as; 

  •  It adds to our aesthetic beauty.
  • This process promotes healthy skin.
  • This treatment aids in enhancing self-esteem.
  • The aim is to get you an amazing boost in your health.


Some benefits of this treatment are as under:

  • Removes acne 
  • Achieving healthy skin
  • Removing  bacteria and germs
  • Enhance facial appearance 
  • Precluding from any future acne
  • Level colored skin
  • Provide smooth and soft texture
  • Remove signs and marks 
  • Minimum downtime 
  • Painless treatment

Who is the Eligible Candidate?

The person is the perfect candidate for the treatment if the individual meets the following criteria:

  • A person has acne which affects mental health negatively.
  • If someone has stubborn acne.
  • The person has sensitive skin 
  • If someone has acne that has extended out to an enormous area of the body.
  • Nor pregnant women can benefit from  all of the desired treatment

Your Journey Through the Process!

Some of the pre-care instructions are as follows:

  • Avoid overdose of topical or oral medication.
  •  Prevent the infusion of drugs and caffeine.
  • Do not use harsh cleansers 
  •  Drink plenty of water 
  •  Avoid smoking

Preparing for your Timeless Transformation:

The steps of the treatment are included:

  • The process begins with a detailed examination of the skin.
  • Then, followed by fully cleansing the skin.
  • Next, anesthesia is used to numb the skin.
  • Later on, with the small device light beam is applied on the skin.
  • After a precise time, a relaxing cream is spread over the targeted area.
  • At the last topical medicines are applied.

Aftercare Essentials:

 Aftercare essentials recommended by doctors are :

  • Follow the instructions suggested by the doctor.
  •  Avoid applying acne medicines  on the skin
  • Avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Keep thorough skin cleansing 
  • Keep your skin hydrated 
  • Maintain a balanced and beneficial diet.

Acne Treatment Cost:

Acne Treatment Cost

Starting From
SAR 150

Acne Treatment Cost

SAR 567

Acne Treatment In Riyadh is awaited to be performed within SAR 150 to SAR 567. Regardless, the actual price of the treatment varies from patient to patient. 

Factors Affecting the Cotst:

Some factors that may affect the cost are included :

  • Expertise
  • Location
  • Skin condition
  • Follow-up sessions
  • Additional services

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