Keloid Treatment in Riyadh

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Do you feel insecure regarding these scars? Does this scar make you less confident? You don’t need to worry our experts offer you Keloid Treatment in Riyadh with new techniques and methods. They help you to fulfill your desire to get rid of these imperfections. Read this article to solve your mystery! 

Procedure Time

60 minutes


1 day

Back to Work

after 24 hours



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Quick Facts

  • Price : SAR 800 -2000 SAR
  • Outcomes: 4-5 weeks
  • Downtime: 1 day

Understanding of KeloidTtreatment!

Keloids are because of the excess growth of blemish tissues. When the skin is impaired scar tissues form to cover the wound. Keloid treatment can remove the thickness and formation of scars.

Types of the Therapy:

A few types are as under:

Corticosteroid Injections:

Steroid medicines are injected into the skin to reduce bumps and itching.


The harmed site is frozen by using nitrogen, which will generate the tissue to blister and ultimately drop off.

Laser :

The extra collagen will be eliminated by laser therapy. It is utilized to reduce size and visuality.


In some cases, surgery may be needed. Because in other treatments there is minimal chance that the scar will reappear.

Radiation therapy :

 To remove the tissue high-energy light is utilized in radiotherapy. This method may be combined with other therapies.

Pressure treatment:

A pressure plaster will applied to the scar and leave it for some hours to compress the targeted area.

Purpose of Therapy:

The major purpose of the treatment is to eliminate the effects of keloid scars by minimizing their size and visuality. It entails smashing the extra collagen in scar tissues and boosting the renewal of restorative cells. This procedure aims to boost your self-esteem, enhance skin texture, and relieve distress.

Before After Results:

Keloid Treatment Before AFter
Keloid Treatment Before After Results

Benefits of Therapy:

Some advantages of this treatment  are included:

  • Producing  healthier skin
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Remove unwanted scars 
  • Enhances skin consistency
  • Diminish aches and distress 
  • Lessen the formation of scars 
  • Reducing the possibility of difficulties 
  • Enduring effects 
  • Quick procedure
  • No risk

Are you a Perfect Candidate?

You are the perfect nominee if you reach the following criteria:

  • you are suffering from hurt and distress.
  • you have undesirable keloid spots.
  • If scars impact your confidence.
  • If you have scars from surgeries and wounds
  • Your skin is not allergic to lasers.

Journey Through the Process:

Few steps before  the procedure included :


The expert will analyze the patient’s medical record and examine the size, area, and formation of the scar in the session.

Avoid smoking :

You need to avoid smoking a week before treatment because it can cause complications during the procedure.

Lab testing:

Before the procedure, you need to go through a complete assessment of lab testing.

Selection of treatment:

After a thorough assessment, a doctor selects the strategy of cure according to your current situation.

A session with the patient:

During the consultation session, you can ask your concerns and queries regarding treatment. Also, the expert could provide you with pre-care instructions.

Preparing for your Timeless Transformation:

The steps of the procedure are as follows:

  • The expert will start by cleansing the specific area and applying a cooling gel.
  • During the session, a small laser machine used to eliminate the scar tissues.
  • Then the laser energy is converted to heat and removed from the tissues. and boost the development of beneficial tissues.
  •  The laser treatment of keloid takes approximately 30-40 minutes. However, the duration of treatment depends on the size of the scar.

After Care :

 The aftercare instructions are given below:

  • After the process, you may feel pain, stress, redness, and bumps but with cold compression swelling and discomfort will disappear.
  • Take prescribed medicine in case of any side effects.
  • You need to avoid sun exposure after the procedure.
  • Try to keep the treated area clean.
  • Notice the recovery process for best results.
  •  You need to attend the follow-up sessions with your expert.

Cost of the Treatment:

Keloid Treatment

Starting From
SAR 800

Keloid Treatment

SAR 2000

The price of the cure begins from SAR 800 to 2000 SAR.

Factors Impacting the Cost:

The price of the treatment  varies on the following factors :

  • Methods of procedure
  • Experience of doctor
  • Impression of scar 
  • Geographical area
  • Reputation of clinic
  • Additional services
  • Facility fees 
  • Types of equipment 
  • Number of sessions
  • Lab testing
  • Procedure of diagnostic

Why Consider Us?

If you are conscious about your undesired scars, Enfiled Royal Clinic gives you a chance to regain your faith and self-esteem with our skincare treatments. Our experts will help you to achieve more smooth, gentle, and amazing skin texture. We guarantee to give you clear and scar-free skin.

Book Us Now!

Book us now to say goodbye to unwanted keloids. Welcome the new journey with no scars and insecurities. We are here to bring you confidence and healthier skin. Schedule your sessions with our dermatologist for Keloid Treatment in Riyadh.


Is it painful?

No, it can cause minimal pain but numbing ointment will help to reduce pain.

What is the healing time for treatment?

It varies in the kind of procedures used to eliminate scars.

How many sessions are required?

The number of sessions is required for the removal of keloids.

Is it permanently removed?

Yes, it is a permanent removal.

How long does it last?

It is enduring and everlasting.

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