Post-Surgical Scar Treatment in Riyadh

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Life’s significant achievements frequently leave their imprints, and surgical interventions are no exception. Your body’s remarkable ability to recover is undeniable, but occasionally, scars can persist, dimming your self-assurance. Worry not, as those marks can be eliminated.

If you’re seeking a remedy to erase those surgical scars, the Post-Surgical Scar Treatment in Riyadh awaits you. Prepare to utilize the potential of cutting-edge methodologies and verified approaches, guiding you toward an expedition of unmatched scar rejuvenation. Continue reading to uncover how you can get rid of those post-surgical scars and reserve an appointment with us.

Procedure Time

30 - 60 Mins


5 - 7 Days

Back to Work



2 - 3 Weeks

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Quick Facts

  • Cost: 1499 SAR to 9,999 SAR

  • Results: Scar-free skin

  • Back to Work: 1 to 3 weeks.

  • Duration of Treatment: Varies on Treatment Type

  • Type of treatment: Painless and non-surgical


The treatment is a comprehensive and personalized approach aimed at diminishing, refining, and rejuvenating scars that result from various surgical procedures. The procedure involves different types of techniques to achieve scar-free skin.

Our Enfield Royal Clinic crafts individualized treatment plans that address the unique characteristics of each scar, considering factors such as scar type, location, size, and your skin’s particular healing tendencies.


Post Surgical Scar Treatment in riyadh before and after


Outlined below are various methodologies employed in the treatment of surgical scar removal:

Surgical Scar Enhancement

When appropriate, a thorough refinement of a scar’s contour or alignment to attain a more aesthetically pleasing result.

Laser Resurfacing

Harnessing laser technology’s potential to invigorate collagen synthesis, diminish discoloration, and refine scar consistency.

Utilization of Silicone Sheets and Gels

A non-intrusive approach to flatten and soften scars is often recommended for their established effectiveness.


Controlled freezing to target elevated scars, facilitating their flattening and harmonization with the adjacent skin.

Application of Topical Therapies

Meticulously developed creams, gels, and ointments that aid in stimulating collagen reorganization and ameliorating scar consistency.

Implementation of Injection Therapies

Adroit application of corticosteroids or other substances to mitigate inflammation and encourage a more even scar appearance.

Benefits of Post-Surgical Scar Treatment in Riyadh

Listed below are several advantages associated with post-surgical scar treatment:

  • It elevates the aesthetic appeal of scars.
  • The treatment instills candidates with revitalized self-assurance and self-esteem.
  • The procedure alleviates the candidate’s discomfort.
  • Treatment encompasses a diverse range of innovative approaches.
  • It embarks on a transformative voyage of emotional recovery.

Ideal candidates

Outlined below are ideal candidates recommended for undergoing the treatment:

  • Individuals who have undergone surgical interventions like cosmetic procedures, tumor excisions, C-sections, or joint replacements.
  • Candidates exhibiting hypertrophic scars or keloids stemming from prior surgeries.
  • Individuals seek to diminish the visibility of scars arising from injuries, mishaps, or burns.
  • Those aim to enhance the texture, hue, and overall appearance of post-surgical scars.
  • Candidates desiring to expedite the healing process and foster robust skin regeneration post-surgery.


Below are the steps that are followed at our clinic for Post-Surgical Scar Treatment in Riyadh, candidates are advised to follow them to perform the treatment.

Pre-care Instructions:

  1. Meeting: Arrange a comprehensive meeting with an accredited dermatologist or plastic surgeon specializing in scar handling.
  2. Medical Background: Provide in-depth details about your surgical history, skin type, and any prior scar treatments.
  3. Skin Evaluation: Undergo an extensive skin assessment to ascertain the scar’s category, dimensions, and attributes.
  4. Tailored Strategy: Collaborate with the specialist to create a personalized treatment strategy tailored to your scar’s distinct necessities.

How is the Procedure Done?

  1. Application of Topical Microbiome Restoration: Employing a state-of-the-art method entails delicately applying a meticulously curated blend of probiotics. This fosters a vigorous skin microbiome, instigating the body’s innate healing mechanisms.
  2. Micro-needling with Stem Cells: Minute needles generates micro-injuries the skin while simultaneously introducing growth factors derived from stem cells.
  3. Employment of Low-Level Laser Therapy: Non-intrusive laser technology targets scar tissue, encouraging augmented blood circulation and collagen production, while mitigating inflammation.

Post-care Instructions:

  1. Hydration: Apply a specialized moisturizer or ointment designed for scar healing to keep the area moisturized and facilitate optimal recovery.
  2. Sun Safeguarding: Prevent the direct contact of sunlight on the treated area to avoid any kind of infection.
  3. Scheduled Follow-ups: Be present at follow-up meetings to screen advancement and make adjustments to the treatment plan if required.

Cost of Post-Surgical Scars Treatment in Riyadh

Post Surgical Scar Treatment

Starting From
SAR 1499

Post Surgical Scar Treatment

SAR 9999

The cost of the treatment can be dependent on different factors and techniques used during the procedure. The cost of Post-surgical scar treatment in Riyadh starts from 1499 SAR to 9,999 SAR . Our clinic offers you affordable prices and the initial cost is decided by our specialist after proper analysis of the candidate.

Factors affecting cost

  • Skin type.
  • Techniques used.
  • Doctors expertise.
  • Location.

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Is there any surgical aspect involved in the treatment?

No, surgical intervention is unnecessary, and the treatment is painless.

Is the treatment efficacious?

Indeed, the treatments yield effective outcomes that endure over time.

Are there any adverse effects associated with the treatment?

Serious side effects are unlikely; however, some individuals might experience mild irritation or swelling, contingent on their skin type.

Can I embark on travel following hair loss treatment?

Traveling is not advised immediately after surgical treatment due to potential complications, and exposure to sunlight can impede the healing process.

Are the scars eliminated permanently?

Absolutely, the procedure contributes to the permanent eradication of scars and concurrently enhances skin appearance.

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