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Are you tired of those stubborn dark spots, freckles, or uneven skin tones that just won’t seem to fade away? Do you dream of having a flawless, radiant complexion that turns heads and boosts your confidence? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to those skin sufferings and say hello to a brighter, more beautiful you with the help of revolutionary Laser Pigmentation Treatment, your ultimate solution for achieving flawless skin that will leave you feeling like a superstar. Say goodbye to cover-ups and hello to a new era of confidence, because it’s time to let your true beauty shine through. Read below to learn about Laser Pigmentation Treatment Cost in Riyadh and book us.

Quick Facts:

Cost: 499 SAR

Results: Clear and spot-free skin

Back to work: Post-treatment

Duration of Treatment: Multiple Sessions

Type of Procedure: Completely Harmless

What are the Causes of Skin Pigmentation?

There can be many causes of skin pigment including environmental and individual factors as well. Some of these causes are mentioned below:

  • Exposure to the Sun: Extended periods of exposure to the sun’s radiation can instigate the melanin production process in the skin, resulting in tanning and the emergence of sunspots.
  • Advancing Age: As we grow older, our skin’s capacity to regulate the production of melanin may decline, causing age-related spots and irregular skin pigmentation.
  • Hormones: Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, menopause, or due to the use of birth control pills can induce heightened pigmentation.
  • Genetic Factors: Certain individuals carry a genetic predisposition for uneven skin pigmentation, which may manifest as freckles or moles.
  • Inflammatory Skin Diseases: Skin conditions such as acne and eczema have the potential to induce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, resulting in the persistence of dark spots or patches once the condition has healed.
  • Pharmaceutical Compounds: Specific medications, such as antibiotics or chemotherapy agents can cause alterations in pigmentation as an incidental outcome.
  • Aggressive Skincare Products: Strong skincare routines or the utilization of rough exfoliating agents can lead to skin irritation and exacerbate pigmentation concerns.

How Laser Cures Skin Pigmentation? 

Laser pigmentation treatment is a cutting-edge solution that has gained popularity for its remarkable ability to effectively address various forms of skin pigmentation. This non-invasive procedure utilizes innovative laser technology to target and treat pigmented areas, restoring a more even and youthful complexion. Here’s how laser pigmentation treatment works to cure skin pigmentation:

  • Precise Targeting.
  • Breaking Down Pigmentation.
  • No potential damage to the skin.
  • Stimulating Collagen Production.
  • Suitable for Various Pigmentation Concerns.
  • The treatment provides long-lasting results.

Laser Pigmentation Treatment Cost in Riyadh 

At Enfield Royal Clinic, we maintain high-quality standards and the technology used for laser treatment is advanced and precise. Our specialists are well-trained and have years of experience. Besides the advanced technology used in laser treatments, our prices are relatively affordable and our clients get cost-effective treatment from our clinic. The price of laser pigmentation treatment at our clinic starts from 499 SAR. This price can also be impacted by other factors as well.

Various factors impacting cost:

  • Skin type and condition.
  • Amount of area being treated.
  • Laser technology used.
  • Sessions needed.
  • Skills of the Dermatologist.
  • Clinic Location.

Achieve a more Radiant Complexion

This blog sheds light on Laser Pigmentation Treatment Cost in Riyadh. If you want to achieve a fair complexion book an appointment now by filling out the form below.


Is there any danger of infection?

No, the procedure is harmless and the laser only targets the treatment area, leaving the remaining area untouched. 

When do the results start to appear?

Laser pigmentation treatment results are visible in the first sessions and candidates observe a massive improvement in their skin after various sessions.

Is traveling allowed after the treatment?

No, doctors don’t recommend traveling because direct sunlight or heat waves can cause infections and may hinder the outcomes.

Can you use cosmetic products after the treatment?

Using skincare products isn’t prohibited, but our specialists recommend using fewer cosmetic products and they may advise you to use some effective creams or products that can improve the healing process. 

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