Effective Treatments for Low Testosterone in Riyadh

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What is Low Testosterone?

A type of syndrome in which your sexual organs fail or produce a little amount of testosterone. People are born with sexual organs during birth and these organs play a major role in reproduction. The major cell that makes male testosterone is Leydig.

This syndrome can become the cause of various health problems in different aspects of your life

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The results of the treatment become visible after a days of the treatment process and can last for a long time.

What role testosterone plays?

Testosterone is a major sex hormone that helps in evolving your male aspects and helps in the production of spermatogenesis. People assigned male at birth(AMAB) naturally have high levels of testosterone present in them whereas the people assigned female at birth(AFAB) don’t have that high levels as compared to AMAB.
Testosterone helps to sustain and build up the following things:

  • Muscle Mass.
  • Sex organs.
  • Bone density.
  • The testosterone levels are controlled by your body, whereas the level increases in the morning and starts to decline by the end of the day.

The quantity of testosterone released from your body is managed by your pituitary gland and hypothalamus. A hormone known as gonadotropin-releasing hormone(GnRH) is produced by your hypothalamus that activates your pituitary gland so that it can discharge a hormone known as luteinizing hormone(LH). This hormone boosts up its production of testosterone as it travels into your sexual organs. Another type of hormone is released in order to encourage sperm production this is known as follicle-stimulating hormone(FSH). If there is an issue in your sexual organ or any of the hormones discussed above then this will become a cause of low testosterone level.

Symptoms of low testosterone

The symptoms of low testosterone have an influence on your daily life and may become irritating to you. Some of these symptoms are:

  • You’ll start losing your hair.
  • You’ll observe a decrease in your muscle mass.
  • The desire to become sexually active will start to decrease.
  • Erectile dysfunction.

If you are having more than one of these symptoms then it is best to take proper consultation regarding this disease to get a better overview of your situation.

How is low testosterone diagnosed?

To learn about the low-T, the expert in the therapy will mostly perform a series of evaluations, such as:

Medical history & physical evaluation

The healthcare expert will ask about the symptoms and medical history and carry out a physical evaluation to look for any indication of low-T.

Blood Test

Your blood will be tested to determine and examine the amount of testosterone you have low-T.

Total testosterone level

This is mostly done early in the morning when the levels of testosterone are at their peak.

LH- Luteinizing hormone

This is done to assist to decide if the reason of low-T is a problem with the pituitary gland or not.


Raised levels of prolactin may be an indication of a pituitary problem or tumors.

What is Low Testosterone Treatment?

Testosterone replacement treatment is an effective treatment that is used to treat low testosterone levels. Some of these treatments are:

Testosterone Skin Gels

They have become a common treatment amongst many men nowadays. A gel is provided to you that is to be applied to clean and dry skin. It is advised not to transmit your gel to another person through physical contact as this may be harmful to your health.

Testosterone Patches

Patches will be provided to you that are to be applied to your skin on a daily basis as per the instructions. It is best to keep rotating their locations to avoid reactions that could occur on your skin.

Buccal Testosterone Tablets

These are the kind of tablets that you apply two times a day on your gums and are also sticky in nature. Your gums help in the absorption of testosterone into your bloodstream.

Testosterone Pellets

Pellets are more consistent in providing testosterone dosage for a longer time span. These are implants that are placed beneath your skin every 3-6 months.
Buccal testosterone tablets:
These are the kind of tablets that you apply two times a day on your gums and are also sticky in nature. Your gums help in the absorption of testosterone into your bloodstream.

Effects of testosterone replacement therapy

The side effects of the treatment depend upon various factors like age and gender, Some of these side effects are:

  • Acne.
  • Mild irritation.
  • Mood swings.

How can low testosterone be prevented?

Low testosterone levels can be prevented by following the instructions given below:

  • Maintaining a healthy diet.
  • Exercise.
  • Weight control.
  • Reducing the consumption of harmful drugs like alcohol and nicotine.


It is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a balanced diet in order to achieve promising results it is advised to lower your consumption of harmful drugs. Your hormone levels have to be checked to ensure that your treatment is effective for this, you have to become punctual in attending your appointments.
If you feel any discomfort or irritation it is best advised to take a consultation to get a better overview of your situation. Different people have different responses to hormone levels so it is necessary to adjust your dosage accordingly.


The cost of Low testosterone enhancement treatment in Riyadh varies on the type of treatment and number of sessions you take. At first, a consultation is done with our expert specialist to analyze what kind of treatment will suit you best after that an exact estimate of the price is given to you.


Low testosterone is a syndrome that can cause serious health problems. It can be diagnosed through physical exams and blood tests and treated with testosterone replacement therapy. Low testosterone treatment involves a healthy lifestyle. Aftercare and consultation with a specialist are essential for success.
If you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, it is important to take action and seek a consultation to get a better understanding of your situation. Don’t hesitate to consult with an expert to find the best low testosterone treatment for you.

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What are the common causes of low testosterone levels?

Some of the causes of low testosterone levels are:

  • Medicinal side effects.
  • Having an injury on your testicles.
  • When glands in your brain that control your hormone function don’t work.

Can lifestyle changes reverse low testosterone levels?

Your testosterone levels naturally start to decrease as you get old but there are some activities that help in slowing down the process. This includes maintaining your sleep cycle, Consuming good and healthy food, and reducing the use of drugs.

Is testosterone therapy lifelong?

They are not forever but they can last for a very long period of your life.

How long does it take for testosterone therapy to work?

Maximum benefits may be achieved after a longer time period, but your desire for sexual intimacy will return after a few days.

Does testosterone therapy affect fertility?

If your testosterone levels get too high then this will have an effect on your fertility.

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