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Cost of Areola Reduction In Riyadh

Areola Reduction cost

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Everyone has the right to look good. Some people are apprehensive to increase their body parts like the areola, breast, and other intimate and gynecological organs because they want to lift their facial features and improve the appearance of every organ. For individuals who are dissatisfied with the size of their areolas, Enfield Royal Clinic offers the best cost of areola reduction in Riyadh.

Treatment of Areola Reduction

Reducing the size of the areola is a cosmetic operation carried out for personal satisfaction in an effort to improve one’s physical appearance or to impress a spouse. For one areola, the treatment is pleasant and doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. The patient is first given general anesthesia before the surgery begins. When the anesthetic completely takes effect, the surgical procedure begins:

  • The outer portion of the areola will be cut off and set aside by the cosmetic surgeon as the initial procedure.
  • In order to make the areola region smaller than before, the surgeon will then stretch the side skin of the break to get it closer to the peak point.
  • After that, absorbable stitches are used to adhere the areola to the skin so that the procedure is undetectable.
  • Finally, a suitable bandage is applied to stop the spread of bacteria into the breast.

Factors affecting the cost

It is also important to consider evaluating what you are paying for and why as a variety of factors affect how much the therapy will cost. Among the key elements are:

Level and Reputation of the Clinic: 

The level of the clinic, which is made up of its standards, qualifications, and level of expertise of its doctors, quality of the equipment used there, international certification, and many other regular things, speaks about the cost provided by the clinic, whereas the reputation defines its success rate against its failure in all the treatments they provide. Therefore, if a facility has a good reputation and level, its treatments will be more expensive.

Expertise and Availability of the Specialist: 

A cosmetic surgeon’s level of skill in performing this particular treatment has a significant impact on how much it will cost because highly skilled cosmetic surgeons typically have superior ways to handle a single surgery. Additionally, they are scarcely available. 

Patient’s Condition:

 The patient’s condition, or what medical professionals refer to as the size of the areola to be treated, is also very important since it indicates the amount of effort that will be required to produce the precise outcomes.

Is the areola reduction surgery worth the cost?

Areola reduction surgery presently has an 86% Worth It rating from RealSelf members who believe the outcomes were worthwhile.

Results vary and everyone has different expectations. However, you might find reduction surgery to be well worth your money if you’re self-conscious about asymmetry or the size and form of your areolas.

Maintaining a constant weight is one approach to make sure your outcomes are worthwhile. Future weight changes, especially major weight gain, may cause your areolas and breast tissue to enlarge beyond what you are comfortable with. You might want to wait at least six months if your weight has recently changed to make sure it has stabilized.

Estimated cost

According to estimates, the cost of an Areola Reduction in Riyadh can range from SAR 14,000 to SAR 19,000 based on all the parameters listed above as well as the clinic’s location. By free consulting with our clinic, you may find out the actual price based on your condition.


What concerns does areola reduction surgery treat?

Nipple Shape & Size:

 Alterations to appearance and location are possible by selectively removing skin from the area around and within the areola.

Mommy Makeover:

 Areola changes brought on by pregnancy and breastfeeding might result in an unattractive appearance that can be fixed with a reduction operation.

Who is an ideal candidate for areola reduction?

A person who wants to correct the areola’s look for cosmetic reasons is a good candidate for an areola reduction. Women who are expecting, nursing, or looking to rectify big nipples or nipple inversion should not undergo an areola reduction.

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