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DNA Test Cost in Riyadh

DNA test cost in Riyadh

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Are you looking for the best and most trustworthy treatment? Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery? Dive deep into your DNA and reveal the mysteries of the past!” Unlock the hidden clues in your genes and explore your genetic heritage like never before. Let’s visit our clinic and a new way through DNA tests in Riyadh.

Quick Facts:

Cost: 2,659 SAR to 23,998 SAR.

Results: long-term 

Back to work: After the test 

Duration of Treatment: 2 hour

Type of Procedure: surgery


It is the genetic material that carries out unique traits and information. DNA itself doesn’t require any specific treatment, as it’s a fundamental part of our biology. Various tests and analyses can be done on DNA, DNA sequencing, or genetic testing, to gain insight into our ancestry, health traits, and more. 

It contains the instructions that determine our genetic makeup and influence some aspects like who we are where belong to our traits of sensitivity of who is directly affected to our health.DNA doesn’t need any kind of procedures or advancements in genetic purposes. The new advancements in technologies allowed us to use DNA for many purposes like tracing our ancestors, genetic health screening, and personalized medicine.

The Average Cost of DNA Test:

The cost of this procedure at  Enfield Royal Clinic ranges from  2,659 SAR to 23,998 SAR. Feel free to contact us and get some of the finest deals on treatments. The total fee will be determined after a treatment and thorough evaluation of your situation.

Factors of cost:

Type of test:

Cost relies upon which kind of test like which type of test you want it. every test has a different price paternity tests are usually less expensive than other types of tests. Ancestor tests are more informative and they give information about our ancestors that’s why it’s more expensive than paternity tests. Health-related tests deliver our genetic information which is why is more costly than all other types of tests.

Testing laboratory:

The status and recognition of the laboratory that is conducting your test can affect the cost. According to their reputation, they assess more increased costs.

Testing Method:

The cost of a DNA test can vary on the test method like the method such as Polymerase chain reaction(PCR), microarray-based testing, and next-generation sequencing(NGS), the prices of the test are directly associated with them.

SNPs Analyzed:

in a paternity test, the number of genetical markers analyzed can impact the expense of the procedure. More additional makers use it for authentic results but they can also increase the cost.

Complexity of Analysis:

for the sake of more analysis, we need more tests like whole-genome sequencing, this test may be more expensive than the simple DNA test. It can analyze the specific region of the genome that’s why.

Turnaround Time:

If you need quick results of DNA tests then it may increase the cost of DNA tests as compared to the normal processing times are generally less expensive than the quick method.

Additional services:

If you want some extra services like a detailed report or interpretation of the outcome. This type of service can expand the fee of the test.

Geographical Location:

It can change based on your graphical background and the best availability of testing services provided in your Area.

Book an Appointment:

Ready to raise your spirit? Reserve your appointment for a DNA test Reserve your appointment for a DNA test in Riyadh today and let us guide you about our most reasonable and discount deals. visit our clinic now and have the perks.


It can be conducted to define the relationship between a father and a child and assess the probability of a biological connection between them.

The companies prioritize the solitude and security of patient hereditary data. is important to ensure the company's privacy to understand how your data will be handled.

You have to search about their testing services and the reputation of the company, cost factors, privacy policy, and past customer reviews when you choose a DNA testing service in any company.

Yes, it can provide information about our genetic predisposition for some diseases but not diagnostic.

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