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Ear Piercing Cost in Riyadh

Best Ear Piercing Cost in Riyadh

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Get ready to jump into a sparkling realm of style and self-expression. In this exciting content, we will unveil everything you need about ear piercing, from types of piercing to the cost of the services. Hurry up & grab your favorite earrings to embark on this fashionable journey at manageable prices. Ear Piercing contributes to enhancing your aesthetics. Swab the earlobe to be pierced before it’s too late. If you are interested to know more about  Ear Piercing Cost in Riyadh give a brief reading to the content.

Quick facts

Cost: 100-400 SAR

Results: long-lasting

Duration of Treatment: 3 -4  minutes 

Downtime: immediately 

What is Ear Piercing?

Ear piercing is the practice of making a hole in the earlobe or another part of the ear to place jewelry. It is a form of body moderation and has been carried out for centuries in different cultures around the world. Ear piercing can be done for cultural, religious, aesthetic, or personal reasons. This commonly involves the use of a disinfectant needle or piercing gun to make the hole, followed by the placing of an earring or other piece of jewelry into the pierced area. For Ear piercing, there are two different methods, gun or needle. It contributes to enhancing your self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Varieties of Ear Piercing Fluctuating the Cost: 

Several types of ear piercing include:

  • Earlobe:  This is the most common type of ear piercing and is placed on the earlobe.
  • Daith : This piercing is located in the innermost fold of the ear cartilage, near the ear canal.
  • Industrial :  The method of industrial piercing involves piercing two holes in the upper ear cartilage and connecting them with a single piece of jewelry.
  • Helix : This piercing is placed on the upper rim of the cartilage.
  • Conch :  This Conch piercing is placed in the center of ear cartilage.
  • Tragus: This piercing is located on the small, oval-shaped cartilage that sticks out from the ear canal.

Cost of Ear piercing:

The price of Ear piercing starts from 100 SAR to 400 SAR. The exact cost will be decided by our experts and professionals.

Ear Piercing Cost
Adult 250 SAR
Baby’s up to 1 year 200 SAR
all prices including studs

Factors Affecting the Price: 

  • Location:  Prices may vary on the geographical location and establishment offering the service. The location of the facility fluctuates the cost. 
  • Type of jewelry: The price depends on the quality and material of the jewelry. The earrings that you choose for ear piercing add to the cost.
  • Experience and expertise:  The price will be highly influenced by the expertise & reputation of the piercers. Highly skilled piercers may charge more for their services. It plays an important role in fluctuating the cost. 
  • Type of piercing : Different types of piercing such as cartilage and lobe have different cost points.

 Get in Touch!

To get more style, pleasure, and beauty get in touch with our expert piercers at Enfield Royal Clinic. We offer you to get your dreamy look at manageable prices. We have professionals to enhance your aesthetic look. To enhance your appearance, boost self-confidence, and give you a trendy look. Book your consultation session to learn more about  Ear Piercing Cost in Riyadh at an affordable cost.


 The procedure takes some seconds.

You can change jewelry after  5 to 6 weeks.

The healing process takes 6 weeks approximately.

Piercing with the needle is generally the best method.

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