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Facial Scar Revision cost in Riyadh

Facial Scar Revision Cost in Riyadh

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Have you ever wondered whether scars could be transformed? What if you could change that permanently? Is it possible to genuinely heal scars and find confidence again? Come along with us as we explore the secrets of facial scar revision in Riyadh. Learn More about it.

Quick Facts:

Risks: None

Downtime: 1 week

Cost: 999 SAR to 6999 SAR

Type of treatment: Invasive and noninvasive

Outcomes: Long-lasting 

Back to work: within one week or two

Facial Scar Revision!

A medical technique called facial scar correction aims to restore smoother, more aesthetically pleasing skin by minimizing the exposure of scars on the face. This method seeks to improve the overall texture and skin tone treatment, regardless of whether the scars are the consequence of prior surgeries, acne, or injuries. The procedure takes a customized approach, taking into account the distinctive qualities of every scar and adjusting the course of therapy accordingly.

Facial Scar Revision cost in Riyadh

Upon your in-person appointment at our facility, we will provide you with a breakdown of all the exact costs associated with the Facial Scar Revision. The price often falls between 700 SAR to 1499 SAR

During your consultation, we will thoroughly assess your unique demands and provide customized solutions that are in line with your needs. Beyond attaining exceptional outcomes, our main objective is to tailor the costs to your particular requirements, guaranteeing an economical strategy.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

The following are main factors affecting the price 


Scar Level:

The scar’s complexity and severity have a big influence on the total cost. Large or complex scars might need more involved care, which would take time and money.


Technology Applied:

The selection of technology utilized in the process is quite important. While more expensive, sophisticated and advanced technologies frequently yield more accurate and efficient outcomes.


Clinic Expertise and Reputation:

Well-known clinics with knowledgeable staff may charge more because of their track record of success and experience in reaching goals. The guarantee of expertise and quality may have an impact on price.



The expense is also influenced by the clinic’s location. The cost of medical operations, such as facial scar revision, may be more expensive in larger cities like Riyadh due to the greater cost of living.


The required number of sessions:

The specific scar and how it reacts to the first few sessions determine how much therapy is required. For best results, several sessions might be required, which would increase the entire cost.

Book us Now!

When you’re prepared to proceed, we highly suggest scheduling a consultation with one of our devoted and experienced staff members. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more details regarding the Facial Scar Revision cost in Riyadh. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available to provide you with the information you require.


The length of time varies based on how complicated the scar is to treat. The process can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour on average.

Individual outcomes may differ, but it can considerably lessen the sight of scars. It may be suggested to have maintenance sessions for the best and most durable outcomes.

Redness or swelling are examples of modest side effects, yet overall the surgery is safe. These are typically temporary and disappear soon after the procedure.

Each person experiences apparent benefits at a different timeframe. While some people may get the best outcomes after a few sessions, others may notice changes soon after the operation.

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