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Front Line Hair Fixing Cost in Riyadh

Front Line hair fixing cost in Riyadh

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Say goodbye to hair fall! Whether you are fighting in your teens or dealing with geriatric problems. In the world of modern solutions, a variety of options awaits and Enfield Royal Clinic is here to make it budget-pleasant for you and introduce the most reasonable Front Line Hair Fixing Cost in Riyadh. Let’s analyze the world where every asset is a step towards a more confident you!

Quick Facts:

Cost: 6,950 SAR-18,950 SAR

Results: enduring

Back to work: 3-6 days

Duration of Treatment: 5-8 hours

Type of Procedure:non-surgical

Understanding of Front -Line hair Fixing

A cutting-edge hair repair method is known as front-line hair fixing. It gives a ground-breaking choice for people who are struggling with hair loss, thinning hair, baldness, and reducing hair.

This process is non-invasive which generates quick and realistic-looking outcomes. The implanted hair mixes with your natural hair to give you a natural look. The methods work naturally and nourish the desired outcomes just after the treatment.

Cost of the Treatment:

The cost varies from patient to patient and the method of the procedure. There are a lot of factors that affect the cost but the average cost varies from 6,950 SAR to 18,950 SAR. The exact and final price will be decided after the initial session.

Factors Affecting the Expense:

Factors responsible for the clash in cost:


The cost ranges on the geographical region of the clinic. The prominent area charges a higher cost.

Method of the Treatment:

There are different methods to get rid of hair loss. The type of process and strategy used in the treatment directly impacts the expense.

Quality of the Clinic: 

The Quality of the clinic where you are assuming the treatment impacts the cost. Qualities may include the geographical location of the clinic, the reputation of the establishment, and the type of equipment used in the clinic. If you choose a well-known clinic then you have to pay more increased bills.

  • The expertise of the doctor: The expertise of the doctor also influences the price of the treatment. A doctor with an excellent track record and highly qualified demands more than other doctors. They demand increased costs due to their expertise in their field
  • Follow-up sessions: In severe conditions, different sessions are needed to eliminate the problem. These appointments take the time of the doctor so they count toward the final expense. The expense of additional sessions will be included in the total bills.
  • Additional services: Some patients require extra supervision after the treatment which also impacts the cost. If someone demands additional services like ointments, oils, or supplements these factors also influence the price.
  • The extremity of the hair loss: The extremity and acuteness of the hair loss affect the cost of the treatment. The more critical patient with massive hair fall may need several sessions for better outcomes which influences the absolute expense.
  • Anesthesia : The type of anesthesia used during the procedure also affects the price of treatment.

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If you are searching for the best clinic with highly experienced doctors, stop wasting your time Enfield Royal Clinic offers the highest-notch cures at incredibly manageable prices.We assure you that we will treat you best and you will be satisfied with our best services.

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Minimal side effects can be seen after treatment like swelling, pain, and discomfort.

No, it can cause bearable pain for some time after implant.

Mostly doctors suggest the age group exceeding 18.

No, it is a safe and protected treatment.

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