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Hair Plugs Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Hair Plugs Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Reveal the secret to a confident and stylish look with our services, we offer you the latest and most affordable Hair Plugs Cost in Riyadh. Let’s goodbye to the thinness of hair and welcome to the latest and bold new appearance that gives you confidence. Discover the unstoppable value and changing outcomes of our specialist’s methods. Now, is the perfect period to take some time for yourself and unleash your complete potential with this treatment that explains your looks and enhances your confidence. Step into the world of rejuvenating and revitalizing your self-confidence with our clinic.

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: as low as 7000 SAR.
  • Results: 6 to 9 months.
  • Full recovery: a month.
  • Downtime: 10 to 14 days.
  • Back to work: after 10 days.
  • Duration of Treatment: 4 to 7 hours.
  • Type of Procedure: surgical process.

Hair Plugs!

Hair plugs are an invasive method that moves the hair from one part of the body to another place this can be performed in various ways. This is the major and most well-known method of grafting. These transplantations are done earlier than the normal time and it takes a lot of time. The grafting of hairs can contain multiple hairs and are huge, resulting in a pluggy look when transplanted. Many methods are used to plug the hair from one part to another, including FUT, and FUE. This will result in a more realistic look of hair growth and quit the unnatural appearance linked with traditional workings of treatment.

Hair Plugs Cost in Riyadh

The Hair Plugs Cost in Riyadh ranges as low as 7000 SAR. The actual cost will be determined after meeting the doctor or your consultant. The price levels of the therapy vary from person to person as every individual has various complexities and medical conditions that may affect the cost.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

Several factors may affect the cost, these factors include:

  • Several grafts: The price often depends on the multiple grafts required to accomplish the desired hair thickness and range. More long procedures with higher grafts will typically increase the cost.
  • Usage of method: Various ways of transplantation such as FUE, and FUT. However, the cost of FUE is higher than other therapies. Every therapy technique is much different from one another so, every technique has variation in cost.
  • Service quality: Centers with the latest services and advanced types of equipment may charge increasing prices to cover the expenses.
  • Pre and post-care: The instructions provided by the doctor influence the results whether it is post or pre-care you must have to follow them. The tests or other medical dealing after or before the therapy may lead to higher costs.
  • Additional facilities: A few centers may refer to the additional facilities like PRP treatment or any specific aftercare process, that will higher the cost.

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Come to our Enfiled Royal Clinic to get the cheapest and most advanced Hair Plug Cost in Riyadh. Our experts provide you with the most effective transplantation through an operative method. We will provide you with the restoration of the hair that boosts your confidence level and gives you a better appearance. You may give the chance to our professionals to get you the most admiring looks. Hurry up! Grab your phones and register for an appointment with us!


Enhancement in making new hair limits and regenerating the hairs in the thinning places also support making a realistic look.

No, you can not wash or rinse your head for at least 2 days. This can cause inflammation on your treated skin.

No, the doctor will inject anesthesia to numb your skin areas. It will discomfort you during the treatment but will not cause pain.

It affects hair growth by about 70 to 80 percent at 3 months at least. The more you take care of it according to the guidelines the more you will get effective results.

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