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Heavy Metal Detox Cost in Riyadh

Heavy Metal Detox Cost in Riyadh

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Say goodbye to all the worries of the advanced living standard with our best and most affordable Heavy Metal Detox Cost in Riyadh. Discover the power of transformation as we direct you through a way of sanctification and rejuvenation. It is the time to recycle your stamina and release your original potential. Dive into a brighter, more delicate future. Be prepared to reduce your internal rockstar and be ready to try a toxin-free life through our clinic. Read more information from the below page.

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: 399 SAR to 8999 SAR.
  • Results: enduring.
  • Downtime: no time required.
  • Back to work: instantly.
  • Duration of Treatment: 35 to 45 minutes.
  • Type of Procedure: non-operative.

Heavy Metal Detox!

Heavy Metal Detox’s goal is to reduce the excessive metal from the body. The material that wraps these metals is called a chelator, and the procedure that fascinates them out of the body. The individual also knows this methodology as chelation treatment. The doctors use some specific supplements to cure the poisoning of these metals. Some common foods can very essential to extracting these from the body. Higher levels of metals in the body will release energy levels and change the combination of blood. Long-term disclosure of this metallic substance can be the reason for the signs noticed in degenerative situations even the cancer can be caused by this. 

Heavy Metal Detox Cost in Riyadh

The Heavy Metal Detox Cost in Riyadh ranges from 399 SAR to 8999 SAR. It is imperative to research properly and discuss the cost factors. Every person may have different symptoms the doctor will decide on the problem according to the signs that might cause the problem. Moreover, in the first meeting, you must inquire about the plans of insurance or payments that might be available to control the expenses.

Factors Impacting the Cost

It is good to get information about the accurate cost figure from the professionals in the clinic. Every factor must describe its cost differently. The more you get the services more your cost factor will increase. Here are some factors explained below:

  • Kind of detox: There are different forms of detox, varying from normal dietary transformation to more intensive clinical innovations. The seriousness of the problem can especially affect the price. Chelation therapy is effective in removing metallic substances from the body through dietary changes and medication.
  • Clinic maintenance: The level of supervision needed during the detox procedure can also impact the overall cost. The maintenance of the clinic is more important as the most preferable place will be hygiene.
  • Diagnosing tests: These are tests that involve blood tests, urine tests, and many other tests that will help to identify the problems of the patient. Every test will be charged differently and this may estimated in the cost.
  • Duration: The duration of the procedure can vary according to the situation of the case. Longer duration will be charged higher and smaller processes will require less time to work on. The time decides the exact cost of the treatment.
  • Facilities: if someone selects to experience a technique at the clinic or any healthcare center, the reputation of the service, and the environment of the surroundings must be preferred hygienic, and luxurious. So, for that, the customer has to pay the higher charges as he desires to get the therapy.
  • Specialist charges: The charges by the professionals who administer the detox process will increase the cost according to their skills, experience, and qualifications. It also includes the first consultation charges, procedural charges, and other facilities.

Why Choose our Clinic?

Visit Enfield Royal Clinic to improve your health condition. Our experts will check what are the signs, and then tell you what the issue you are suffering from. They will guide you through the procedural-steps, and also guide you about the cost of the treatment. You might visit once in the clinic to get the identification of your symptoms. If you have any other thing to discuss you can avail the opportunity to get the services. 

Your Health Requires an Appointment!

Our clinic will deliver you the most effective and wallet-friendly Heavy Metal Detox Cost in Riyadh. Take your health on a priority list and get an appointment to consult with our doctor.


Sometimes, it is very complicated to find out the results because the signs are similar to other situations.

This will tell the doctor whether you have to use the medications regularly or not.

Some metals are not poisoning so, they won’t harm your health but few of them can be toxic.

These supplements attach to the metallic material this procedure is called chelation. Your doctor will do some tests to diagnose the toxicity of the metal.

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