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Hiko Nose Lift in Riyadh

Hiko Nose Lift in Riyadh

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There’s a fantastic new non-surgical method for changing the contour of your nose. The Hiko Nose Lift is what it’s called, and it’s rapidly gaining popularity. Imagine having a nose job done without any wounds or a protracted healing period. We’ll describe the Hiko Nose Lift in Riyadh in this post, along with its benefits.

Quick facts:

Cost: 600 SAR to 2000 SAR.

Outcomes: Long Long-lasting

Type of Procedure: Non-invasive

Back to Work: After sometime

Hiko Nose Lift in Riyadh!

A non-invasive cosmetic technique called the Hiko Nose Lift, sometimes known as the “lunchtime nose job,” is intended to contour and improve the look of your nose without the need for invasive surgery. The word “Hiko” is an English translation of the Korean word “Hikosa,” which means “nose.” This method first appeared in South Korea and has since quickly expanded to many locations throughout the world, including Riyadh.

Specialized threads comprised of biocompatible materials are strategically put into the nose during the surgery to raise and shape it.


Consultation: Our skilled cosmetic professionals will conduct a thorough consultation to kick off your trip. They will talk to you about your objectives, look at your nose, and make sure you are a good candidate for the Hiko Nose Lift.

Local anesthesia: It is used to numb the treatment region in order to assure your comfort throughout the process.

Thread Insertion: Specific locations on your nose are cut with very little, practically undetectable incisions. Biocompatible threads are skilfully implanted beneath your skin through these incisions.

Thread Manipulation: Your specialist carefully manipulates the threads to produce the required lift and shape once they have been inserted.

Fast and painless: For individuals with hectic schedules, the complete operation usually takes less than an hour. 

Recovery: The Hiko Nose Lift’s low downtime is one of its key advantages. You could notice a small amount of swelling or bruising, but these side effects are transient and normally go away within a few days.


Following are some of the advantages

  • No Surgery: You don’t need to cut your skin or undergo surgery to modify your nose.
  • Quick Results: Your nose will immediately appear improved.
  • Less Pain: It hurts less than surgery.
  • Return to Regular Life Quickly: You can quickly resume your normal life.
  • Looks Natural: Your nose will appear to be as it has always been.
  • Long-Lasting: The new appearance lasts for a very long period.
  • Less Risks: There aren’t many potential pitfalls.

Choose our Hiko Nose Lift Clinic in Riyadh:

If you’re seeking for Hiko Nose Lift in Riyadh, you may speak with the knowledgeable Doctor at Enfield Royal Clinic. Our doctors offer a special blend of in-depth understanding, significant expertise, and a track record of satisfied patients. Because of its years of experience, Enfield Royal Clinic is one of the greatest clinics. Learn more about Hiko Nose Lift in Riyadh.


Are Hiko Nose Lift procedures?

Surgery is not included with Hiko Nose Lift. Your nose can be altered without any incisions using a non-surgical treatment.

Is it painful?

Although there may be some discomfort, the pain is not severe. The majority of folks find it tolerable.

How long does it take to perform it?

Typically, it takes a little under an hour. Even during your lunch break, you may work on it!

Is there any downtime?

There is Litlle any downtime. You might experience some bruising or swelling, but it will go gone in a few days.

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