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Kybella Treatment Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Kybella Treatment Cost in Riyadh

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Get ready to transform yourself into the latest version. Say goodbye to the double chin and welcome to a perfect profile! Step into the secret spear against the dreaded double chin with the affordable Kybella Treatment Cost in Riyadh. Discover the attraction of this treatment, where affordability satisfies quality. Unveil the beauty that lies within, with a therapy mointered to welcome your essence. Step into an era where empowerment and grace consolidate. Let us work together to get you the modification according to your requirements without any scars on your face. Get the chance to eliminate your cells to improve to shape of your face. Read more, for more details.

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: depends upon the consultation.
  • Results: Ongoing.
  • Full recovery: 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Downtime: a few weeks.
  • Back to work: right after the treatment.
  • Duration of Treatment: 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Type of Procedure: injectables.

Kybella Treatment!

Kybella Treatment is an injectable process that reduces the extra fats in your skin below the chin. These injections contain deoxycholic acid that targets the cells to eliminate the fats. This is the approach to breaking down the fat cells, these injectables are the best choice for lipomas, non-cancerous tumors made of fat cells. This approach is well-known by the name of lipolysis, as it breaks the cell through the shot on injections. Most dermatologists, take 15 to 20 minutes to inject the injections into the treatment area. It is not a painful method.

Kybella Treatment Cost in Riyadh

The Kybella Treatment Cost in Riyadh depends upon the consultation of the doctor. The doctor will tell you what the cost is and what will be the procedural step of the treatment. The more the person requires the sessions the more they will charge you. The price varies according to size, textures, and the method that is used.

Factors of cost:

There are the following factors that impact the cost of the treatment:

  • Number of sessions:
  • Treatment area:
  • Technique used:
  • Pre and post-care treatment:
  • Additional services:
  • Location and reputation:

Book us Right Away! 

Enfield Royal Clinic offers you the best and most advanced Kybella Treatment Cost in Riyadh. Our clinic professionals will guide you about the best therapy that suits you to enhance your beauty in the facial areas of the body. It will help you to get an impressive look and radiant skin. Get ready to change your appearance by removing fat from your chin without having any scars on it. Give us the chance to modify your features with our best therapy by Registering for a consultation with Us!


No, it just seems like the needle pinching in your skin.

The results of these injections are 80 % satisfactory with the looks of the treated area.  

These injections are useful to boost your looks and remove fat cells after 3 to 4 sessions of the treatment.

No, not after the therapy. You can take a shower after at least 48 hours or more.

The injections work permanently you can have the therapy after 18 years.

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