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Lingual Braces Price in Riyadh

Lingual Braces Price in Riyadh

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Are you looking for an inconspicuous and effective way to straighten your teeth? Explore the world of Lingual Braces in Riyadh, where we will tell you how it will help you out.

Quick Facts:

Cost: 7999 SAR TO 14999 SAR

Results: Temporary

Type of Procedure: non-invasive

Back to Work: After sometime

Lingual Braces!

This is an orthodontic technique that is designed to correct your teeth quietly and effectively. The placement of Lingual Braces differs from typical braces in that they are affixed to the inside surface of your teeth, making them almost invisible to the outside world. Unlike traditional braces, which attach metal brackets and wires to the front of your teeth.

Lingual Braces Cost in Riyadh

The cost of lingual braces in Riyadh might vary based on a number of factors. These aspects include the clinic you choose, the practitioner’s expertise, and other pertinent considerations. Typically, the cost of this surgery is between  7999 SAR TO 14999 SAR

Factors affecting the cost:

The severity of the misalignment

The complexity of your orthodontic difficulties greatly influences the cost.Treatment may be shorter and less expensive if you have minor misalignments. More severe instances, on the other hand, may necessitate a longer treatment period and, as a result, a greater expense.

Treatment Timeframe

The length of your treatment journey also determines the final cost. Longer treatment periods are often more expensive since they need more regular modifications and monitoring by your orthodontist.

Clinic Reputation and Knowledge

The orthodontic clinic in Riyadh that you choose might affect the cost. Clinics with a good reputation and experienced orthodontists may charge a higher fee for their competence and service quality. 

Additional Measures

Additional dental treatments, such as extractions or minor surgeries, may be required in some circumstances to prepare. Because these treatments might increase the overall cost, it’s critical to discuss all prospective costs with your orthodontist.

Geographical Area

Healthcare costs, including orthodontic procedures, might vary depending on the city or location. There may be price discrepancies across neighborhoods in Riyadh, so it’s worth looking into other choices.

Your Secret to a Stunning Smile

Enfield Royal Clinic is extremely proud of its vast praise and expertise in the field of Lingual Braces Price in Riyadh. Our distinct approach is what actually distinguishes us. Our team consists of incredibly competent professionals who are completely committed to creating customized solutions that are suited to your specific needs. When you pick us, you may learn more about it.


What distinguishes them from regular braces?

These unlike standard braces, are hidden from view since they are affixed to the inside surface of your teeth.

Are they painful?

While there may be some discomfort at first, most patients find them to be comfortable.

How long does it take to get them?

The period of therapy varies, but it normally runs from 18 months to 3 years, depending on your unique condition.

Can I eat normally while wearing them?

Yes, you may eat most things, but avoid hard or sticky items that could harm your braces.

Is it difficult to keep your teeth clean after getting them?

Good dental hygiene is essential, but your orthodontist will advise you and offer orthodontic-friendly oral care products.

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