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Ever wondered how personalized oncology is revolutionizing for improving individual cures? From surgery to targeted therapy, find hope and healing on your journey with an Oncologist in Riyadh. Consult with a healthcare professional for personalized care. the goal is to provide effective treatment and support. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the best approach for your specific situation. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Stay positive and keep fighting!

Procedure Time

3 to 4 hours


7 to 10 Days

Back to Work

1 to 2 months



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Quick Facts

  • Downtime: 7 to 10 Days
  • Cost: 6,00 SAR to 12,998 SAR
  • Type of procedure: Surgical


Liver and pancreas Cancer cure stands out as a more frugal choice. The malignant disorder known as stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer, forms in the stomach. This awful sickness may extend to neighboring lymph nodes and other organs and may injure any part of the stomach. It is notorious for its cunning action and repeatedly reaching concealed in the early stages. As a result, it is typically detected at an advanced stage, making effective treatment both necessary and difficult.

Oncology options for each of these cancers can vary depending on the stage and other factors. For liver, Pancreatic, and stomach cancer, treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy,or immunotherapy as well. It’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the most suitable treatment plan. It’s important to remember that treatment plans are personalized based on the individual’s specific condition.


The procedure boasts a speedy recovery, but personal experiences can vary. Most people bounce back within a day or two. You will face some kind of fatigue, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, changes in appetite, pain, neuropathy, and immunosuppression. These momentary side effects usually appear within it, though a few periods. To smoothen the process, some of the recovery needs to be managed with supportive medicines and interventions.


  • Enhance the survival rates
  • Improve and manage symptoms
  • Increase the pain, discomfort, and digestive issues 
  • Assess every individual’s medical history, type of cancer, stage, and other mandatory factors
  • Reduce potential risks and side effects
  • Improving the access of cancer detection, prevention, and access of its care 

Perfect Candidate:

  • Individuals who have early-stage cancer 
  • Who needs curative procedures 
  • Good overall health condition
  • Body organs like the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys work properly and tolerate the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Persons who have breast and melanoma cancer are best for targeted biomarker therapies.

Pre-care Instructions:

  • Discuss everything about your previous history
  • Assemble a healthy diet plan
  • Physicians create a procedure plan
  • Bypass smoking 
  • Dodge intake of drugs
  • Avoid taking painkiller pills
  • don’t eat herbal medicines
  • No need to take medicine for blood-thinning purposes
  • Wear loose clothes 

How is the Procedure done?

We used a various medical treatment such as diagnosis, procedures, and the prevention of cancer in the field of oncology.

Here we discussed some common cures.


To obtain tissues under the microscope for examination of specific areas. then we disclose the cancer and determine the types, stages, and extent.

Imaging studies:

These tests are such as X-rays, Magnetic resonance imaging(MRI), Positron Emission Tomography (PET)scans, and ultrasound used to see and evaluate the extent of cancer in an individual’s body.


to remove a cancerous tumor and surrounding tissue from an individual’s body through surgery. Still, it depends on the location and stage of cancer in a body through,

  • Lumpectomy: Subtraction of cancer and small margin or other tissues
  • Mastectomy: Reduction of the entire breast.
  • Prostatectomy: Removal of the prostate gland.
  • Colectomy: Remove part or all of the colon.
  • Hysterectomy:  Removal of the uterus.
  • Nephrectomy:  Removal of a kidney.
  • Lobectomy:  Removal of a lobe of the lung.

Radiation Therapy: 

It uses high-energy beams to destroy cancer cells. It can be given externally using a device external beam radiation therapy or internally through radioactive implants (brachytherapy).


They use the help of pills to extinguish cancer cells or prevent them from developing. It is often distributed intravenously and may be utilized independently or in a blend with other remedies.

Targeted Therapy: 

The prescriptions target distinctive molecules or pathways entangled in cancer development and advancement. They are prepared to meddle with the maturation and reach of cancer cells while misjudging harm to fit cells.


Harnesses the body’s invulnerable system to identify and kill cancer cells. It contains diverse strategies such as unsusceptible checkpoint inhibitors, monoclonal antibodies, cancer vaccines, and adoptive cell transfer restorative.

Hormone Therapy: 

They are utilized to regale hormone-susceptible cancers, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. It involves intercepting or hampering the display or activity of certain hormones that stimulate cancer ripening.

Bone Marrow Transplantation: 

The branch cell transplantation, procedure concerns returning injured bone marrow with healthy stem cells to repair the body’s capacity to make blood cells.

Post-care Instructions:

  • Avoid showering immediately 
  • Wear elongated underwear 
  • avoid strenuous activity for a month 
  • Avoid doing sauna
  • Prevent intake of caffeine 
  • Do not smoke 
  • Avoid drinking alcohol 
  • Take medicine and vitamin

Which approach is good for me?

It relies on your tastes, needs, and doctor’s assessment of which approach will suit you more.

The number of sessions required to get prominent results?

Depends on various factors like your type and stage of cancer, the efficacy of the technology used, and the targeted site.

Oncologist Cost:


Starting From
SAR 6,00


SAR 12,998

Oncologist in Riyadh starts from  6,00 SAR to 12,998 SAR. The price counters according to the prospect’s requirements, the amount of work required after the doctor’s examination, and especially the area that is to be treated. The conclusive price will be evaluated after a meeting.

But the general breakdown of prices for included cures is as under:



Stomach cancer

600 SAR to 12,998 SAR

Liver cancer

6,599 SAR to 10,998 SAR


5,00 SAR-7,998 SAR

Aspects Affecting the Price:

The cost of the procedure may differ depending upon different factors like

  • Type of procedure.
  • The duration of the session.
  • Additional favors like healing ointments.
  • Quality of tools.
  • Skill level of the practitioner.
  • Number of sessions needed.
  • Type of anesthesia

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What is survivorship care?

It gives you long-term cancer survivor methods at the end of the procedure.

How can it be diagnosed?

It can be diagnosed through imaging tests, laboratory tests, and tissue biopsy for pathological examination. 

Are clinical trials available for this?

Yes, they can evaluate new cancer cures, diagnose methods, and preventive measures.

What are the common signs and symptoms of cancers?

Their manifestation is weight loss, fatigue, constant pain, changes in habits, blessings, and abnormal growth in the body.

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