Privacy Policy

At Enfield Royal Clinic, we employ the most advanced security system to safeguard your personal and legal needs. We are following the law and the Document Policy we have signed to protect all of your recorded information. This assurance is intended to raise your understanding of our privacy practices and policies in the context of providing you with outstanding services. 

The Role & Motive of the Privacy Statement:

Your health and well-being are our top priority at Enfield Royal Clinic. We recognize that your medical and personal information is important and requires the highest care and security. This is why we have established a detailed privacy statement that protects your data. In this part, we will look at the role and motivations of the privacy statement at Enfield Royal Clinic, so you can see why it is so important.

Developing Trust

Trust is the foundation of our medical practice. Patients put their health, history, and vulnerabilities in our hands. Our privacy statement is the first step towards establishing and sustaining trust. 

Legal Obligation

Like other healthcare institutions, Our Clinic is subject to many rules and regulations. Medical data is very delicate, and strong standards are in place to safeguard its security. Our privacy policy describes our legal responsibilities in relation to your data.

Personal Information:

 We obtain the following information:

Account creation.

Our website has been visited.

For assistance, please visit our website.

Automatically Details gathered:

Data was used since the candidate has accessed the site.

Details regarding the client’s location.

Details about the mobile device.

Your Data Protection Rights:

  • You have the legal right to withdraw from a contract at any time.
  •  You may get a hard copy of all the facts or information that you have provided to us. 
  • If we make a mistake, you have the right to request that the information be corrected. 
  • You also have the ability to request that any details you desire to change be deleted or updated. 
  • You will have access to and control over the portability of your data. Finally, if an unanticipated occurrence occurs, you have the right to object to our data processing.

How is collected data utilized?

  • To offer aid.
  • The use of mobile phones has been verified.
  • Making contact with the candidate.
  • To offer client service.
  • Introduce new features.
  • Preventing cheating and misapplication.
  • Maintenance and alteration of our website, as well as help.
  • Observing the Constitution.

How Information is Shared?

  • Legal Obligations
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Authorized personnel
  • To prevent harm.
  • Protection of authority & legislation.


The applicant is responsible for keeping their username and password private. Cosmo Health Wellness Clinic specialists highly urge customers to create a unique and personalised passwords. Any losses incurred as a result of the candidate’s inability to keep these credentials secret will not be our responsibility.

Registering for updates and offers:

When you sign up for updates and special offers, you’ll be the first to know about our new services, bundles, seasonal specials, and discounts. Our system will remember your selections and send you updates about all of the wonderful perks we have in store for you.

Contact Us!

If you are interested in gaining further insights into the details of our privacy policy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.