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Scaling And Polishing Cost in Riyadh

Scaling And Polishing Cost in Riyadh

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Do you think your teeth could be cleaner? Ever find yourself wondering why your grin isn’t shining as brightly as it could? Scaling and polishing is the answer but how much do you know about this dental procedure Learn more about Scaling And Polishing Cost in Riyadh

Quick Facts:

Risks: None

Cost: 300SAR to 500SAR

type of treatment: Non Invasive 

Results: Long-lasting

Scaling and Polishing!

The two-step dental procedure known as “scaling and polishing” is essential to preserving good oral health and producing a radiant, appealing smile. This non-invasive procedure, which is frequently carried out in conjunction with regular dental examinations, entails two separate but connected steps:

Scaling: During the initial procedure, referred to as “scaling,” a dentist uses specialized tools to carefully remove plaque and tartar buildup from the surface of your teeth. On teeth, plaque a soft, sticky film made of bacteria forms continuously. It becomes tartar if it is not removed completely, which can cause gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental problems. A vital step in avoiding these issues and maintaining the condition of your teeth is scaling.

Polishing: After scaling, the dentist moves on to the second procedure, or “polishing.” Your teeth are polished in this phase to remove stains and leave them looking glossy and smooth. This serves the dual functional purposes of lowering the likelihood of further plaque accumulation and improving the aesthetic attractiveness of your teeth by making them appear whiter and cleaner.

Scaling And Polishing Cost in Riyadh:

The exact price will be determined when you visit our clinic. Generally, the cost is between 699 and 999 SAR for each session. When you come to see us, we will assess your unique needs and present you with the most economical choices. We kindly ask that you make an appointment with us so that we can go over all the specifics of the pricing with you in person.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

Dental Clinic Reputation: A dental clinic’s standing and level of experience can have a big influence on how much it costs. Dentists with extensive knowledge and a long history of practice may charge extra for their services.

Geographical Location: Due to different parts of the city may have different dental care prices. Prices for clinics in affluent neighborhoods could be greater than those in less affluent areas.

Type of Scaling and Polishing: Different methods and supplies are employed in this process. Certain clinics provide cutting-edge therapies that may come with a higher price tag but produce better outcomes.

Your Dental Health: The price may vary depending on the state of your gums and teeth. If you have a lot of plaque or tartar accumulation, you may need more comprehensive scaling.

other Services: As part of the package, certain clinics could include other services like fluoride treatments or teeth whitening. The total cost may increase due to these additions.

Book us Now:

We highly advise making an appointment with one of our knowledgeable and committed staff members if you’re prepared to start your journey. Please contact us to find out more about the most affordable Scaling And Polishing Prices in Riyadh


Do they hurt?

They usually don’t hurt. The majority of patients feel little to nothing uncomfortable during the process. Your dentist may apply a local anesthetic to guarantee a pain-free procedure if you have sensitive gums.

How frequently should I get it done?

As part of your routine dental checkup, they should ideally be performed every six months. However, according to your unique dental needs, the frequency may change.

Does it help me get whiter teeth?

Although it can help get rid of surface stains on your teeth, it is not a method for whitening teeth. Its main objectives are dental problem prevention and good oral hygiene.

What is the duration of the session?

Usually, the process takes between thirty and forty-five minutes. It is a simple, fast procedure that can be completed at your routine dental examination.

Are there any negative effects?

Although there aren’t many side effects, some people could temporarily get sensitive teeth or sore gums. Usually, these side effects go away quickly after the surgery.

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