Six Pack Abs Surgery in Riyadh

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Have you ever considered getting a six-pack to be as easy as having surgery? Can you get the abs of your dreams without doing crunches and sweating all the time? Welcome to the world of Six Pack Abs Surgery in Riyadh, where revolutionary methods provide answers to concerns about a toned core. With just one question in mind, are you prepared to investigate the possibilities and reinvent your body: Is the ideal six-pack surgically attainable? Learn More about Six Pack Abs Surgery in Riyadh.

Procedure Time

2 to 3 Hour


1 week

Back to Work

within a week or two



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Quick Facts:

Risks: None

Downtime: 1 week

Cost: 6,999 SAR to 9,999 SAR.

Type of treatment: Minimally invasive

Outcomes: Long-lasting

Six-pack Abs Surgery!

Known by other names like liposculpture or abdominal etching, this cutting-edge cosmetic surgery aims to sculpt the abdomen area and give the appearance of well-defined six-pack muscles. In contrast to conventional exercise regimens, this procedure provides a quick way to get a sculpted, toned body. Expert surgeons carefully remove extra fat using liposuction procedures, exposing the underlying muscles’ natural outlines. Essentially it offers a revolutionary way for people who want a more defined abdominal profile without having to commit to strenuous exercise.


The outcomes are quite amazing, giving rise to a confidently defined and sculpted abdominal area. After the procedure, patients should anticipate a discernible change in their physical appearance as the abdominal fat is carefully sculpted and contoured to reveal the underlying muscle structure. The result is more than just aesthetic; it raises one’s self-esteem and enables people to proudly display their hard-won six-pack.

Before And After Results:

Six Pack Abs Surgery Before & After Result in Riyadh
Six Pack Abs Surgery in Riyadh Before & After
Six Pack Abs Surgery in Riyadh Before and After

Ideal Candidates:

  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight and Lifestyle: Applicants should lead a generally healthy lifestyle and keep a constant weight.
  • Near the Goal Weight: People who struggle with stubborn belly fat that hasn’t responded to typical approaches should be nearing their desired weight.
  • Sculpted Appearance Desire: The goal of the procedure should be a sincere desire for a more defined abdomen appearance.
  • Reasonable anticipations: They are open to discussing their objectives and worries with the surgeon and are aware of the reasonable expectations for the treatment.


  • Increased Self-Assurance: When this procedure results in a sculpted core, patients frequently experience a notable increase in self-confidence, which empowers them in a variety of areas of their lives.
  • The fit of Clothing: Embrace the days of large shirts. People can comfortably wear clothes that showcase their chiseled physique when they have a well-defined six-pack.
  • Inspiration for Health and Fitness: The outcome of the procedure serves as a strong incentive to continue living a healthier lifestyle. Many patients experience a renewed passion for their general health and fitness.
  • Individualized Styles: A natural and harmonious result is ensured by the surgeon customizing the operation to each patient’s body, allowing for a personalized approach to aesthetics.

Pre Care:

  • Talking with: Arrange a comprehensive consultation with a knowledgeable surgeon. Talk about your expectations, your goals, and any worries you may have regarding the procedure.
  • Assessment of Health: Get a thorough physical examination to make sure you are in good physical condition for the treatment. The surgeon will take into account both your current state of health and any past medical issues.
  • Reasonable anticipations: Have reasonable expectations going into the procedure. During the appointment, be clear about what is actually achievable and ask your surgeon any questions or voice any worries you may have.
  • Disclosure of Medical History: Give a thorough medical history, mentioning any prescription drugs, dietary restrictions, and prior surgeries. For the surgeon to properly arrange the procedure, this information is essential.


  • Administration of Anaesthesia: The induction of anesthesia marks the start of the procedure. To guarantee a pain-free procedure, the surgeon may choose between local or general anesthesia, depending on the intricacy of the procedure and the patient’s wishes.
  • Cuts: The abdomen area is incised in small, deliberate places. The surgical instruments and liposuction equipment enter through these incisions.
  • Techniques for Liposuction: He carefully targets and removes extra fat deposits around the abdomen using sophisticated liposuction procedures. In order to uncover the natural muscle structure underneath and create the correct outlines, this phase is essential.
  • Definition of Muscle: The surgeon refines the sculpted areas to improve muscle definition after removing the fat. This creative touch guarantees a six-pack appearance that blends in naturally with the person’s body.


  • Rest and Convalescence: Give your body the time it requires to recover. In order to reduce swelling and encourage appropriate healing, rest is crucial in the early postoperative days.
  • Observe Medical Advice Follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions to the letter. This could include instructions on how to take medication, change clothes, and avoid certain activities while recovering.
  • Gradual Restart of Operations: Rest is essential, but so is easing back into mild activity bit by bit. When it’s safe to return to your regular activities and workout regimen will be determined by your surgeon.

Six Pack Abs Surgery Cost in Riyadh

Six Pack Abs Surgery Cost

SAR 6,999

Six Pack Abs Surgery Cost

SAR 9,999

Usually, the cost ranges from 6,999 SAR to 9,999 SAR. Remember that the exact amount may vary depending on how much modification is required for your specific therapy.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

  • Location
  • Surgeons expertise
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Additional procedures

Unveil Your Sculpted Core with Six Pack Abs Surgery!"

Enfield Royal Clinic team consists of highly qualified medical professionals who work together with state-of-the-art technology to deliver optimal care to our patients and assist them in achieving their health goals.

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Is surgery permanent?

Indeed, the effects last for a long time, but long-term success depends on leading a healthy lifestyle

Does the operation come with any risks?

While there are always dangers associated with surgery, our highly qualified surgeons put patient safety first to reduce the likelihood of problems.

How soon after surgery can I get back to my regular activities?

Although recovery rates vary, most patients can gradually return to their regular activities in a matter of weeks.

Is it possible to combine it with other procedures?

Yes, depending on personal tastes and goals, it can be coupled with other cosmetic operations.

Do the outcomes appear natural?

The effects when carried out by skilled surgeons, can look natural, improving muscle definition without appearing unduly sculpted or unnatural.

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