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Treatment Of Alopecia Aereata WITH PRP Therapy

Treatment of Alopecia Aereata WITH PRP Therapy

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Could PRP therapy be the option you’ve been searching for to conquer Alopecia Areata? Are you interested in unlocking the secret to hair regrowth and newfound confidence in Riyadh? Join us on a journey of Treatment of Alopecia Aereata WITH PRP Therapy.

Quick Facts:

Risks: None

Cost: 450 SAR to 1200 SAR.

type of treatment: NonInvasive

Results: Long-lasting

Men and women can be affected by this, a disorder that causes rapid, small-round patches of hair loss. Hair follicles are wrongly attacked by the body’s immune system in this autoimmune condition, which causes hair loss. This illness can have a negative emotional impact on a person’s self-worth and general quality of life.

Discussion and Evaluation

A consultation at our clinic in Riyadh is the first step towards fixing your hair. Our skilled and committed team of medical experts will evaluate your situation, go over your medical background, and comprehend your hair loss patterns. Deciding to see if therapy is the appropriate course of action for you depends on this first step.

Gathering Blood

The next step is to get your blood drawn if it is determined to be a good fit for you. You will usually have a tiny amount of blood taken from your arm.

Dissociation of PRP

After the blood is drawn, it is divided from other blood elements using a centrifuge. The key ingredient that will initiate the renewal of hair follicles is this plasma.


Now that it is ready, the magic can begin. The platelet-rich plasma will be injected straight into your scalp by our qualified medical personnel. You’re safe since local anaesthetic makes sure you feel comfortable during the process.

Care Following Treatment

You will receive instructions for post-treatment care following the injection. Usually, you can get back to your regular activities right away following the treatment. Although you won’t see effects right away, your hair will eventually grow back healthier and thicker.

Schedule Follow-Up Visits

You will have follow-up sessions at our clinic Enfield Royal Clinic so that we may assess your progress and make any required modifications. These make sure you’re on the right path to getting the hair regrowth you want.

Book us Now!

Don’t hesitate any longer; schedule an appointment with us without delay. When you’re prepared to move forward, we highly advise setting up a consultation with our devoted and well-informed team. Feel free to contact us if you need further information regarding Treatment of Alopecia Aereata WITH PRP Therapy.


Why does it occur?

Although the precise origin is unknown, genetics and an overreactive immune system are thought to play a part. The disease may also be brought on by stress and other influences.

Who is affected by it?

People of various ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds can be impacted by it. This illness is not exclusive to any particular group; anyone can get it.

What are the symptoms?

Hair loss in tiny, circular patches is the main sign of it. failing all hair on the scalp, and alopecia universalis, or losing hair on the entire body, are two more severe forms of hair loss that may develop in certain situations.

Does it never go away?

Some persons may undergo spontaneous hair growth and not need therapy. But it can also be a long-term illness that causes recurrent loss.

How can someone know he has it?

The diagnosis is typically made based on how the hair loss appears, and it can be verified by a skin biopsy or physical examination. To rule out other illnesses, doctors may also request blood testing.

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