Lipo Chest Surgery In Riyadh

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Oversized fat can damage your looks. Don’t be worried we will completely guide you on this treatment. Get ready to say goodbye to unwanted chest fat and say hello to the new you! Lipo Chest surgery in Riyadh will help you to remove extra loose fat on the chest. This procedure gives you a new impression.

Procedure Time

1-3 hours


5-7 days

Back to Work

within two days



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Quick Facts

  • Purpose: To reduce unwanted chest fat.
  • Duration: 1-3 hours
  • Cost: SAR 7,999 to SAR 8,999.

Lipo Chest Surgery:

Lipo chest surgery is a cosmetic surgery. It is the easiest way to reduce unwanted fatty tissues and reshape your figure. Lipo chest surgery can also be used for men to lessen their chest. Breast lipo surgery can remove the extra fat and tissues in the breast area. The procedure of the surgery varies according to the quantity of fatty tissues. Extra tissues are removed with ultrasonic or laser radiation. This process is used to reshape the body.


Lipo chest surgery is long-lasting if you keep an eye on yourself. Once the fatty tissues are removed they will never grow back. After some months of surgery the treated area looks trim and results of liposuction skin even more tightens.


Benefits of the lipo chest include:

  • Results are enduring
  • Reduce, swelling and pain
  • Fewer complications
  • No risks 
  • Enhances self-confidence 
  • Boost health
  • Improve physical  appearance 
  • Reduce the risk of chronic health diseases
  • Short recovery time

Who can get this?

Following are the people who can get this treatment: 

  • Good health
  • Enough skin flexibility
  • People avoid smoking 
  • Good muscle tone
  • Positive outlook 
  • Exercise and diet haven’t worked

Pre-care Instructions:

  • Healthy diet
  • Drink enough water
  • Lab testing
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Stop herbal medications
  • Try not to take any vitamins.
  • Avoid aspirin products 
  • Do not use lotion, perfumes, or any other cosmetic products.   

Steps of the Procedure:

Some steps are included in the procedure of the Lipo chest surgery.

  • Anesthesia: the procedure will initiate with the anesthetics. Our doctor will inject the anesthesia to numb the pain of the patient 
  • Incision: After the anesthesia, the doctor will make an incision to perform the process. The doctor will remove the specific area to eliminate the extra fat
  • Insertion of the cannula: the doctor will insert the cannula to put the liquid inside the body 
  • Closing of the incision: the doctor will close the incision by making the sutures. It is recommended to get this procedure done by the professional and the expert doctors to prevent the other complications.

Aftercare Instructions:

  • Take A short walk after 1 hour 
  • Avoid intake of caffeine
  • Take a Balanced meal
  • Wait for a week before going to daily life
  • Take prescribed medicines to reduce pain
  • Avoid heavy exercises
  • Wear Compression garments
  • Do not take medicines without consultation with surgeons.
  • Avoid touching the wounded area
  • Avoid driving
  • Drink water and eat fresh fruits

Recuperation period:

After the process, the patient should continue their daily activities after one week of the surgery. But you should wait for about 3 -4 weeks till you are fully recovered. 

Cost of Lipo Chest Surgery

Lipo Chest Surgery

SAR 7,999

The cost can vary from SAR 7,999 to SAR 8,999. The cost varies on many factors such as the targeted area, number of fat, and the experience of the doctor. Get the exact cost by consulting us. 

Factors impacting the price:

The factors involved in impacting the price are:

  • Technique used: The different techniques used in the treatment fluctuates the rate of the treatment.
  • Facility fee: Price of the treatment varies upon the  location of the clinic, experience of the surgeons and surgical center.
  • Surgeons proficiency: Surgeon proficiency fluctuates the cost of the treatment as it plays a pivotal role in the outcomes of the treatment. 
  • Additional services: If a patient desires to have additional services along with the surgery, then it will affect the price of the treatment. 
  • Preoperative test: The tests carried prior to the surgery impacts the final cost of the treatment. 
  • Lab fees: Additional charges of lab fee are applicable upon the cost of the surgery.

Best Clinic:

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Choose Us:

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Is treatment painful?

Yes, it may cause some pain but anesthesia will alleviate it. 

How long does it stay?

It will last for about one to two year

Does it leave scars?

No, it does not leave scars

Can I get the fat tissue back after liposuction?

It depends on you the more you gain weight the unaffected their results will be.

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