Pectoral Implants in Riyadh

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Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to have that toned chest without spending countless hours in the gym? There is a game-changing solution? Get ready to go on a journey where confidence takes the stage and questions meet answers. Are pectoral implants the secret weapon you’ve been looking for to boost your self-esteem? 

Procedure Time

About 2 Hours


1 to 2 weeks

Back to Work

1 week



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Quick Facts

  • Risks: None
  • Cost: 12,000 SAR to 15,000 SAR.
  • Type of procedure: Minimally invasive

Pectoral Implants!

A cosmetic enhancement option is intended to give people a well-defined and sculpted chest. These silicone implants are surgically placed under the muscles in a specific area. The intention is to construct a more substantial and visually good shape by affecting the look and feel of properly developed chest muscles.

In contrast to conventional muscle-building techniques that necessitate intense exercises and lengthy regimens, They provide immediate improvement.


People who get the treatment see an instant improvement in the way their chest looks, with a more specified and sculptured impression. The implants replicate the look of mature chest muscles by being properly positioned beneath the pectoral muscles. 

People may now encounter the ideal chest appearance without having to put in the time and work connected with traditional muscle-building methods thanks to this rapid transformation.


  • Increased Self-Assure: They give people an instant increase in self-assurance by giving them a well-defined, sculpted chest, which makes them feel more confident in many facets of their lives.
  • Time-Efficient benefits: they provide immediate benefits, sparing people the time and effort that traditional muscle-building techniques demand months or even years of committed effort.
  • Versatility in outcomes: It can be customized to meet individual tastes, offering versatile and individualized outcomes, whether someone is looking for a slight enhancement or a more dramatic alteration.

Perfect Candidate:

  • Reasonable Health: People in good general health make excellent candidates.
  • Reasonable Anticipations: They are reasonable in their expectations regarding the technique results.
  • Genuine Desire for Enhancement: The nominees genuinely want to have a more contoured and defined breast.
  • Stable Well-Being: The patient’s mental and emotional state is steady and supportive of the surgical procedure.

Pre-care Instructions:

  • Comprehensive Consultation: Start by having a thorough talk with the surgeon. Now is the time to talk about your objectives, your anticipations, and any concerns you may have regarding the procedure.
  • Open Communication: Provide truthful information about your health history, including any allergies, pre-existing diseases, and current prescriptions. Effective communication is essential to the procedure’s effectiveness and safety.
  • Examination: Verify your general well-being. To decide whether you are surgically fit, make all pre-operative medical appointments as directed by the surgical team.

Before After Results

Pectoral Implants before after in Riyadh

How is the Procedure done?

The procedure is done in many ways:

  • Arrival and Getting Ready: You will be welcomed into our state-of-the-art facility on the day of the treatment. Our welcoming team will make sure you’re at ease and ready for the life-changing experience that lies ahead.
  • Administration of Anaesthesia: After you’re comfortable, our skilled anesthesiologist will give you anesthesia to make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable during the procedure. Throughout the entire process, your comfort is our priority.
  • Inserting Implants: Our expert surgeon at Enfield Royal Clinic will minimize apparent scars by making tiny, discrete incisions in the realistic folds of your chest. After that, the implants are carefully placed beneath the muscles to guarantee a naturalistic impression and feel.
  • Closing Cuts: After the placement the wounds are carefully closed with surgical tape or sutures.
  • Following Surgery: Our committed staff will attentively monitor your early recovery following the surgery. This entails monitoring your vital signs and making sure you’re comfortable while you start the process of getting a more defined chest.

Aftercare Instructions:

  • Rest and Recovery: After pectoral implant surgery, give your body enough time to recover.
  • Observe Doctor’s Instructions: For the best chance of recovery, abide by the post-operative instructions given by your surgeon.
  • Avoid Intense Activities: To avoid putting stress on the implants, avoid heavy lifting and intense exercise during the first few weeks.
  • Pain Management: To help you cope with any discomfort, take prescribed painkillers as suggested by your surgeon.

Pectoral Implants Cost in Riyadh

Pectoral Implants

Starting From
SAR 12,000

Pectoral Implants

SAR 15,000

The Pectoral Implants Cost typically ranges from 12,000 SAR to 15,000 SAR. It’s crucial to remember that the exact amount could vary depending on how much customization is required for your specific therapy

Factors Affecting the Cost

The factors that can cause fluctuation in the cost are mentioned below: 

  • Implant type
    Surgeons expertise
  • Location

Sculpt Confidence, Define Strength:

We work together as a cohesive group of committed, highly qualified medical professionals, leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide our patients with the best care possible and assist them in reaching their health objectives. 

Book an Appointment!

When you’re ready, take the next step and make an appointment for a consultation with our knowledgeable and committed staff. Please get in touch if you would like more details on Pectoral Implants in Riyadh Get in touch with us to start your path.


Does it hurt?

You should feel little to no discomfort during the surgery because of anesthesia. Any pain following surgery is usually controlled with prescription drugs.

What is the duration of the effects?

Outcomes are long-lasting. You can benefit from your increased body for many years to come with proper care and upkeep.

Is it feasible to clear them if necessary?

can be taken out if requested, even though they are meant to be permanent. Removal is uncommon, though, as the majority of people are quite happy with their outcomes.

Are they different in texture?

They are designed to feel and look natural. After they have healed, they usually disappear to the touch and become perfectly blended in with the surrounding tissues.

Is it possible to alter the size?

implants can be made to order in terms of size and shape to meet personal preferences and design objectives. This makes it possible to have a customized, realistic-looking outcome.

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