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Regenera Activa Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Regenera Activa Cost in Riyadh

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Reveal the secret to revived vitality with Regenera Activa Cost in Riyadh, where each moment is a chance to figure out the vibrant energy of youthful looks. Let’s together discover the path that gives to long-lasting restoration of your hair. Step into the revamp where the price of treatment is wallet-friendly. Say goodbye to the hair problems and welcome the transformative journey to revitalize your life. Read more details from the below page.

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: 399  SAR  to 8,999 SAR.
  • Results: Ongoing.
  • Full recovery: a few weeks.
  • Downtime: no.
  • Back to work: right after the therapy.
  • Duration of Treatment: an hour or more.
  • Type of Procedure: non-operative.

Regenera Activa!

Regenera Activa is the approach that operates the cells from your body to stimulate the hair strands in your scalp and facilitate hair growth and development. This is the most progressive method to expanding new hair that collects stem cells and progenitor cells from thicker hair on your scalp and then insinuates them into your scalp spots where the hair strands are fragile. The doctor will take some hairs to inspect the good follicles to accumulate serums for injection into the area that guides to help.

It is mostly used to eliminate hair loss and transmit to new hair. The growth of hair is encouraged by injecting cells taken from your body. The roots of the hair shrink and the hair starts to become thin. In the start, we can stop hair fall and restore the new hair but after this, the hair evolves more thicker. To get the best results, firstly the doctor will examine the reason for hair loss.

Regenera Activa Cost in Riyadh

The Regenera Activa Cost in Riyadh ranges from 399 SAR to 8999 SAR. The exact cost of the therapy will be confirmed by the doctor at your first meet-up.  The price of the therapy varies from one person to another according to their severity. 

Factors Influencing the Cost:

Many factors can affect the cost but a few are written below:

  • Type of treatment: The type of treatment matters a lot if it is a surgical process you will charged more because it will take more time, to work rather than this the other therapies are more effective to pay less cost.
  • Number of sessions: One process will require many sessions to get effective and proper results. The more the sessions are required the more you have to pay the cost. The doctor or physicians will tell you in the first meeting about the session requirement and their charges.
  • Treatment area: The larger the treatment area is the more you have to pay but if the area is smaller then, you will be charged less. The therapy cost depends upon the factors but the main factor of price is the area you have to treat.
  • Equipment usage: The tools or devices used during the procedural steps will be charged. The charges for equipment depend upon the usage of electricity. The tools include syringes, devices, needles, and many others.
  • Reputation: The prestige of the clinic matters a lot because most people prefer the reputed clinic as they know the doctor will be experienced, skilled, and trained and they can easily fight the risks or complications.

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Enfield Royal Clinic refers you to the best and most affordable Regenera Activa Cost in Riyadh. Our team members will guide you to the most useful therapy that enhances your scalp texture and promotes its cells. So, it may be helpful to get the desired results. Let your dreams come true. We are here to provide you with all sorts of information and schedule your meeting with our consultants.


This therapy is much easier and useful especially to restore the hair.

Do not take a bath for at least 48 hours after the procedure of this therapy.

It will take at least 6 to 7 months to get noticeable results.

No, it is not a painful therapy.

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