Regenera Activa in Riyadh

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What is a Regenera Activa?

Are you tired from a hair fall problem? Dare to be distinct with your hair? Regenera Activa in Riyadh is an innovative method to regrow the hair and promote your new hair to grow. It is a technique that applies to both men and women. Growth of the hair and thickening of the hair promoted by the therapy also reduces the loss of hair. Reserve an appointment to schedule your time.

Procedure Time

two weeks.



Back to Work

After 1 week


Long Lasting

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Quick Facts!

  • Cost: 4700 SAR to 6000 SAR.
  • Duration of Treatment: 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Type of Procedure: not invasive.

Regenera Activa!

Regenera Activa is the method that utilizes the cells from your body to promote the hair strands in your scalp and encourages hair growth. This is the most advanced approach to growing new hair that gathers stem cells and progenitor cells from thicker hair on your scalp and then injects them into your scalp places where the hair strands are weak. The physician will take a few hairs to examine the good hair to assemble serums for injection into the place that leads help.

Causes of hair fall:

Here are some causes explained:

  • Medical situation: Diseases like cancer, and diabetes, lead to the severe loss of hair. There is a disorder called trichotillomania that can also cause hair loss.
  • Anxiety: Most individuals younger or adults are facing stress nowadays, and this anxiety might be the explanation for extreme hair loss.
  • Deficiency of vitamins: Lack of vitamins, minerals, and others can cause hair loss. It can influence men and women at every age.
  • Genetic attributes: The background of the family matters the most. This does not indicate well for your hair strands as you age.

Before After Results:

Regenera Actica Before After Results


The following are the benefits of the hair loss treatment:

  • It is the safest method and limits the use of resources coming from outside because it treats the person by using his/her cells from the body.
  • The individual passes through a single painless process. Do not visit different physicians.
  • As there is no downtime for the treatment required, people can get back to their normal routine right away.
  • Immediate processing of tissue and breaking dowing of natural tissue may lead to an effective and fast method.

Perfect Candidate:

The listed individuals are the perfect candidates (whether men or women). 

  • The people who are having severe hair loss.
  • Having Androgenetic alopecia.
  • Generic lessen hair growth.

Pre-care Instructions:

You should do the following things before having the therapy:

  • Avoid consumption of alcohol.
  • Avoid Smoking.
  • Avoid medicines.
  • Maintain hydration.

Quit Hair Failure:

Regenera Activa is the therapy used to stop hair loss and give rise to new hair. The growth of hair is promoted by injecting cells taken from your body. The roots of the hair shrink and the hair starts to become thin. In the beginning, it is feasible to stop hair fall and regenerate the new hair so, the hair becomes more thicker. In order, to get ongoing and best outcomes the doctor will examine the reason for hair loss first.

How Does it Work?

There are three stages in the therapy:

Removal of Tissue

Firstly, the doctor gives you anesthesia. The cell of healthier hair is taken from behind your ear. Before the removal of cells, anesthesia cream is used for painless treatment. The cell splits off the follicles this process takes a few minutes and the mixture is ready to inject instantly.

Injecting the Suspension of the Cell

By using a sterilized injection needle, the cell mixture is injected into the right area. For better results, planning and the right implications are essential.

Initiates Hair Growth

 It takes a few weeks after therapy, the impact will be visible but sometimes it takes 2 months to see the effective and complete outcomes.


Frequency of Results:

The results depend upon the reasons for hair loss, it can be because of genetic problems. You can notice the hair quality, hair growth, and high density of hairs within a few weeks or in a month.


Following are the aftercare instructions:

  • Avoid swimming.
  • Sleep on your back for 3 days.
  • Washing hair and scalp.
  • Avoid excessive sunlight.
  • Do not take stress.
  • Do not go to the gym.


The recovery will take at least 3 days. The procedure is not painful but the patient should avoid some of the activities of the routine. You will see the results within 1 to 2 days.

Regenera Activa Cost in Riyadh:

The cost of the Regenera Activa in Riyadh is 4700 SAR to 6000 SAR.

Regenera Activa

Starting From
SAR 4700

Regenera Activa

SAR 6000

Factors Affecting the Cost:

  • The hair wanted density.
  • Nature of the hair.
  • Size of the affected place.
  • Session.

Schedule your Appointment!

Most of the people are looking for solutions to promote hair growth. We offer you the natural solution to hair fall, Regenera Activa in Riyadh, Enfield Royal Clinic. It increases your hair growth as well as stimulates your follicles. For cunning graceful hair, set your schedule through appointments.


Is there any downtime required?

There is no downtime required.

Does it hurt?

It is an uncomfortable treatment but not painful.

What should I avoid?

Avoid swimming, extreme sunlight, and exercise.

Is this method safe?

It is a quite safe methodology.

How much time is taken to separate cells?

It takes 30 minutes to separate stem cells from blood.

How much session should required for a complete result?

It depends upon the requirement of the patient’s hair.

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