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10 Interesting Facts About Gastric Balloon Placement In Riyadh

gastric balloon placement how it works

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  1. For obese people who want to lower their risk of acquiring additional major conditions such as diabetes, ischemic heart disease, paralysis, and colon cancer, a gastric balloon is an alternative.
  1. Endoscopy is used to introduce the gastric balloon, which is then filled with 400–500 cc of the methylene blue liquid.
  1. You can feel sick to your stomach, throw up, or belch during the first week following the implantation.
  1. For a year, the balloon can stay within the stomach. But if you are happy with your weight loss, you can get it removed before the year is out.
  1. You will eat less since the balloon makes you feel full.
  1. You may often lose up to 24 kg with a gastric balloon in a year.
  1. Pregnant women, those with esophageal and gastric abnormalities, and people with serious diseases including ischemic heart disease shouldn’t get a gastric balloon.
  1. Within a year of being implanted, a gastric balloon’s size can be changed. 
  1. More successful than diet pills, it is a non-invasive, non-surgical weight loss method. Your doctor performs an endoscopy while you are under local anesthesia to view the interior of your stomach using a flexible tube and a camera.

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