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5 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Cheek Augmentation In Riyadh

Unfortunately, as we get older, our natural beauty fades, our cheekbones sink, our cheeks sag, and our facial features take on a harsh shape..
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Unfortunately, as we get older, our natural beauty fades, our cheekbones sink, our cheeks sag, and our facial features take on a harsh shape. If you utilize the cheekbone correction service at the Enfield Royal Clinic, you can get the ideal shape of the cheekbones, restore volume to the cheeks, and get rid of the asymmetry of the zygomatic lines. At the clinic, Cheap Cheek Augmentation Cost in Riyadh is the lowest.

What steps are involved in the procedure?

An operation to remove or reposition fatty tissue in the cheek region is known as cheek plastic surgery. Such an intervention causes the cheeks to lose volume and the face’s oval to develop more sculpted outlines. The procedure can be carried out using implantation procedures, micro liposuction, and lipofilling techniques. The approach taken is determined by the outcomes you hope to attain.

Benefits of Cheek Augmentation

 The following are some advantages of the treatment:

  • Depending on the procedure employed, both local and general anesthetics are used.
  • The procedure takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete.
  • The recuperation process is completely painless, and the rehabilitation duration is shorter.

Cost of Cheek Augmentation in Riyadh

During a personal consultation, the surgeon decides the precise cost of cheek plastic surgery while focusing on the complexity of the procedure. In Saudia, the price of cheek augmentation can only be given after initial consultation with the surgeon. The cost can range from 8-12K SAR. The anesthetic utilized, the desired outcomes, and the need to contour sunken cheeks, or slim down bigger cheeks all have an impact on the price.

Factors Affecting Cost

 A number of factors affect how much each treatment will cost.

Treatment Method

Several methods are available to change the shape of the cheeks, and the price of each method depends on the one you choose. Treatments involving fillers, fat injections, and liposuction have varied price tags.

Doctor’s Qualifications

The surgeon’s fee for his services will depend on his education, experience, training, and expertise. He will charge more the more experience he has.

Treatment Specific

Depending on their body type and locations of fat deposition, each person has a distinct ultimate goal in mind. Your desired outcomes will dictate the type of treatment you receive and how much it will cost.

Clinic’s Location

The location of the clinic—the nation, state, and city—affects the services and treatments available.

Clinic‘s level and standing

The clinic’s assets, including its facilities, personnel, and medical professionals, will define the clinic’s valuation, which has a big impact on expenses.


The majority of procedures involve anesthesia, which adds significantly to the entire cost due to the anesthesiologist and anesthetist’s fees.


What to expect after cheek augmentation?

After receiving cheek implants or fillers, the majority of people experience a strained, tight sensation; however, this normally goes away within a week. Most edema subsides and improvements can be seen after about six weeks.

How long does cheek augmentation last?

Cheek fillers can produce benefits that are visible for anywhere between 6 months and 2 years, depending on the type you select. Over time, the dermal filler material degrades and integrates into your skin tissue.

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