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How much does 5000 grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Riyadh?

5000 grafts hair transplant in riyadh

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It is disturbing to see your hair fall. Hair loss is caused by many reasons it is not entirely your fault. Don’t feel disturbed due to your Hair Loss as it is a curable disorder.  But choosing a proper clinic and treatment can be difficult. In this blog, you are going to acquire information on our Hair Transplant in Riyadh. Our clinic has the most professional surgeons, they will cure your hair fall safely and with effective results.

Regain your Hair!

Hair transplants are a relatively safe and effective procedure, with high graft survival chances. Hair transplant surgery is carried out to regain the lost hair. There are several categories of hair graft treatment surgery. Generally, these include hair relocation and hair replacement. The hair transplant cost in Riyadh is relatively lower than in other cities in Saudi Arabia.

How do Hair Grafts work?

A hair graft is a follicular component that typically has 2-4 hair follicles. The amount of hair follicles in an individual hair graft limits the value and depth of the hair. Throughout hair transplant surgery, hair grafts are removed from a healthy donor area and transplanted into the disturbed area to cover up the bald patch. A hair graft guarantees and accomplishes hair graft surgery.

Categories of Hair Loss Treatment:

Basically, there are two categories of hair graft transplant treatment:

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation):

FUT, also known as Follicular Unit Transplantation, is an outstanding hair repair process. It includes removing a thin strip of your own hair-bearing skin, almost like a tiny living cloth, from the donor area. This strip is then precisely divided into separate follicular units, the tiniest building blocks of your usual hair growth.

The surgeons neatly create tiny notches on the receiver area, wisely designing a work of art that perfectly complements your unique facial features. The extracted follicular units are then attractively placed into these tiny openings, guaranteeing maximum naturalness and harmonious hair growth patterns.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction):

FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, is the revolutionary practice that redefines hair transplantation as we know it. Surgeons use precision instruments to pluck individual follicular units from your donor area like tiny, precious gems. This innovative method offers an accurately tailored method to hair restoration, correcting each follicular unit and optimizing its placement in the recipient area.

Symptoms of Hair Loss:

  • Thinning Hair:
    A gradual thinning of the hair may occur, especially around the top of the head. 
  • Disappearing Hairline:
    In some cases, hair fall can result in a disappearing hairline, where the hairline moves backward, creating a more distinguished forehead.
  • Irregular Hair Loss:
    Hair fall may occur in patches, causing irregular bald spots on the scalp.
  • Breakable and Weak Hair:
    Affected hair can become stiff, dry, and prone to breakage, making it more difficult to grow long and healthy hair.
  • Excessive Hair on Pillows and Clothing:
    You may find more hair than usual on your pillows, bedsheet, or clothing.

What are some drawbacks of Hair Transplants?

Here are some of the drawbacks of getting a hair transplant:

  • Hair transplants can be expensive.
  • You may feel minor dizziness or headache in the starting days.
  • Candidates may feel itching and a little swelling in some areas.

What is the cost of 5000 Hair Grafts in Riyadh?

The cost of hair transplants in Riyadh in our clinic is very affordable and relatively low compared to other clinics in Riyadh. The initial cost for 5000 hair grafts is SAR 8999, this price may be affected by other factors like hair type, candidates condition, and qualifications and skills of the surgeon.

Why choose our clinic?

We offer you the best price for 5000 grafts in Hair Transplant in Riyadh. Our experienced surgeon will treat you with proper safety and resilience. You will get effective treatment with appealing results. When you choose us for your hair transplant you will get proper guidance and our surgeons use the most advanced devices and tools that are more precise and effective for the treatment.

Book an appointment now!

Now you are well educated about 5000 grafts Hair Transplant in Riyadh? Book us now to achieve your goals regarding the regrowth of your hair!

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