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8 Interesting Facts About Under Eye Fillers In Riyadh

under eye fillers how they work

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What are Under Eye Fillers?

Dermal fillers like Juvederm or Restylane are frequently used for under-eye fillers. The under-eye area, also known as the tear trough, is filled with filler to fill in the depression and lessen the shadowing that gives off the appearance of exhaustion.


Filler is probably not going to help much if you have deep under-eye bags or darker skin owing to melasma, a natural pigmentation of the skin. Only those who have dark circles because of a localized hollowing or lack of volume in the area can benefit from under-eye filler.


How do they work?

Hyaluronic acid, a component of dermal fillers, encourages the creation of collagen naturally, giving the area under the eyes a natural-looking fullness.

For the actual procedure, we use a numbing cream containing drugs akin to those employed in “local freezing” at the dentist or while stitching cuts. The place has been sanitized and cleaned. Usually, a port-needle is put close to the cheek to enable the use of a safer cannula. 


These soft-tipped insertion tools do not cut; as a result, they lessen bruising and improve safety by shielding crucial facial features. Finally, your cosmetic nurse will smooth out that hollowing by injecting her preferred Restylane dermal fillers into the treatment area! As a result of the lidocaine, you may notice that your face starts to feel a little numb at this time.

Who is eligible to get Under Eye Fillers?

Under-eye filler is an excellent alternative if you have hollow tear troughs and dark circles under your eyes. Due to your genetics and bone structure, you might naturally have a hollow eye area, or it might be an effect of age. Our faces naturally lose volume as we age, and one of the most typical places for fat loss is the area between our cheeks and eyes.

How much do they cost?

Under-eye fillers might cost a variety of things, depending on where you go. You pay extra for higher-quality treatments because they use superior dermal filler material and require a skilled specialist to perform the procedure.

Cost of Under Eye Fillers in Riyadh is 1,200 SAR per 1ml of filler. 

How long does it take for eye fillers to soften?

It may take the filler a few weeks to soften and integrate into your skin. This implies that patients won’t experience the full effects of their treatment right away. Although every person’s outcomes will differ, many people get the full benefit two weeks following their injections.

Are under eye fillers safe?

Tear trough fillers are generally risk-free, however no cosmetic surgery is completely risk-free. Under-eye fillers may, in extremely rare circumstances, result in blindness (this happens when a filler blocks the blood vessel that supplies blood to the eye).

How long do under eye fillers last?

The typical person can anticipate that the effects of their under-eye filler treatment will last between nine months and a year. Even three years after their treatment session, some individuals still see effects.

What are their cons?

Bruising, swelling, nodules, and lumps under the eye are typical adverse effects. She explains the need of using a skilled injector: “Blindness is a rare adverse effect if the filler reaches a blood vessel of the eye and occludes it.

What helps fillers heal faster?

Remain hydrated. Getting enough water will aid in your body’s recovery. Consume plenty of hydrating fruits and vegetables, and try to limit your sodium intake to prevent edema from getting worse. For 48 hours following treatment, stay away from hot environments including steam rooms, saunas, and heated fitness sessions.

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